How To Make Wind Chimes

Making Garden Wind Chimes with Kids

How To Make Wind Chimes-heart shape-wind-chimes
Heart shape wind chimes

The sounds of wind chimes can be so comforting as the breeze blows gently, this sweet melodious sound can relieve stress as you relax and unwind. My wife loves wind chimes, these are one of her favorite garden pieces, what I love about wind chimes is that soft distance sound, I believe that nature even stops for a while and gives a bright smile at the wonderful sounds of chimes.

Wind chimes can be found in many home gardens from store brought to homemade ones, if the sounds of wind chimes bring that blow-away experience or music to your ears and you would love to include one or more of these in your garden then contiune reading as we take a closer look at how to make wind chimes.

7 Amazing Wind Chime Ideas

1. Making Wind Chime from Keys

A great idea for making wind chimes is with keys, if you have several old keys that are not in use let’s say about 7-8, paint each key a different color followed by tying each key to a piece of string or cord that’s about 8 inches or a bit longer. Tie the other end of each cord to a tree branch that’s about a foot long, you can also color the branch to inspire a more color theme. On either side of the branch attach an 8-inch cord, each end of the branch that has the cord can now be attached to a tree in the garden or mounted up on your porch or anywhere where they can take advantage of the breeze.

2. Using Forks and Spoons

Forks and spoons can make great wind chimes as well, how this is done is to get about 5-6 spoons or forks or you can mix it up a bit. Tie a few long pieces of fishing line to each spoon or fork. (Optional) you can paint each spoon or fork or leave them as is. Now hang each spoon or fork from a tree branch or from your porch, patio, or balcony area, and wait for the sweet sound as the breeze blows gently.

3. Using Old Tools

How To Make Wind Chimes-wind-chimes
Wind chimes

Old tools such as wrenches, and other small metal tools make the perfect wind chimes, tie pieces of cords according to your desire on the loop or circular end of the tools, and with the other end, of the cord hang each tool from a tree branch near to your home so you can hear them chime as the wind blows or hang them from your porch, balcony or patio.

4. Sea Shells Make the Perfect Chimes

We all love going to the beach or at least most of us, on your next visit to the beach go shell hunting, look for large shells. Once you’ve collected the desired amount attach long pieces of string to one end of each shell followed by gluing to hold the string in place. You are all set to go. So simple and easy and it did not cost you a thing except taking a trip to the beach and collecting some sea shells.

5. Making a Tune or Two with Old CDs

I know you’ve been there before, in fact I believe most of us have been there once or maybe twice that’s having to discard CDs that were scraped or broken and yes I know some of those CDs carried your favorite movies or song. Well, guess what although you may not be able to enjoy that favorite movie or song because of a broken or scrapped CDS you can still make good use of them.

Leave the CDs as is or paint them different colors to accomplish a rainbow theme next glue a string on each CD according to your desired length and hang them where you believe you can make the most out of them as the wind passes causing them to make a tune. The hanging of CDs was once used to scare birds or keep them away from food crops. This inexpensive way is a great idea, who says” One man’s junk can’t be another man’s treasures”

6. Recycling Old Bicycle Parts

If you have old rusted bicycle parts simply remove the gears and the chain, and spray them to give a neat clean polished look, next use one of the gears as the base. Add some metal rings and some lines. You have just created a beautiful wind chime from recycled parts you can be proud of. Now hang your chime from your garden, patio, porch, or where you believe they will make the most tune.

7. A Xylophone Wind Chime

Do you remember the xylophone, yeah way back in the day or growing up they were every child’s dream toy, and although I did not have one personally I played with the neighbor kids’ xylophone. Xylophones make the perfect wind chime especially because of their metal plates that were constructed to make musical tunes. The colorful metal pieces can be used to make the chime. Attach each chime plate with a beaded chain from a base that should also be metallic and begin to hear sounds that are music to your ear.

The final word on making wind chimes

Creating wind chimes is that simple, these are just a few of the many ways to make wind chimes, you can use your imagination and have so much fun. Why miss out on the many wonderful sounds wind chimes make, these homemade ideas for making wind chimes are inexpensive and do not require much time. The little time that’s invested in making homemade wind chimes is worth the effort and will pay off in big ways bringing relaxation. You will be happy with the results, join the many homeowners who are taking advantage of wind chimes and see for yourself as the melodious sounds of wind chimes work wonders for you.


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