How To Organize And Declutter A Bathroom

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10 Tips to Organize and Declutter a Bathroom

How To Organize And Declutter A Bathroom-a-bathroom
A bathroom

I believe that at some point and time, we have all been there when it came to making our bathroom feel free and inviting, no matter the shape or the size the bathroom is one of those areas of our homes where we come to after a long hard day to catch that cold or warm shower or laying back and soaking in bubble bath that’s both relaxing and refreshing.

However, it’s interesting how our bathrooms can become disorganized and cluttered especially if we’re not the only one that spends time in this area, whether it’s just you or if you’re sharing the bathroom here are a few tips to help you to declutter and organize your bathroom.

How to Organize and Declutter a Bathroom

1. Install a Shelf: To make your bathroom more spacious with room to move about freely why not include a shelf along the wall to place shampoo, soap, etc…

2. Organize the Drawers: Store what you need and only what you need in a drawer, the use of a drawer will help to keep items organized which in turn will make these items easy to find.

3. Clear your Medicine Cabinet: I am all too aware of this one and for the most part, I think that a lot of us are, that’s getting rid of medicines that have exceeded their expiration date. These expired medicines not only take up space but make it hard to find those medications that have not expired as yet and besides you don’t what to make the mistake of taking medicines that have expired.

4. Hang Cleaning Products on a Tension Rod: The installation of a tension rod is a great accessory for your bathroom, the tension rod can be installed or hung underneath your bathroom sink for products that are used to clean the bathroom.

5. Install a Shower Shelf: A shower shelf can come in pretty handy, a shower shelf can be used for your shower gel, shaving cream, and shampoo, the installation of this shelf includes silicone caulk, a flat-back corner shelf unit, and double-face foam tape.Once the shelf is set up proceed to clean it followed by test-fitting it before you seal it with the caulk and the tape.

6. A Spice Rack: A spice rack will spice up things a bit, this rack can be installed from our bathroom wall on the side of your bathroom mirror, the rack can be used to place your scrubs, sprays, creams, gels, etc…

7. Countertop Cosmetic Container: A Countertop container is a great way to keep your cosmetics nice and neatly on your countertop. Your liners, makeup brushes, etc… will be organized and clutter-free.

8. Toothbrush and toothpaste wall mount: A toothbrush and toothpaste wall mount is a great way to keep your toothbrush and toothpaste from the countertop. This device can be mounted easily to your bathroom wall.

9. A Hairdryer Holder: Why keep your hairdryer on the countertop when it can be mounted from the wall with a hairdryer holder helping to keep your countertop well organized?

10. A Bath Towel Hanger: Keep your towels well-organized with a bath towel hanger, these hangers will keep your bath towels nicely stored saving a lot of space. These hangers can help to triple the number of bath towels.

The final word on how to organize and declutter a bathroom

Organizing and decluttering your bathroom is that simple, all it takes is following this guide and in no time your bathroom will be transformed into an area that’s functional allowing you to move around with not just ease but being able to find what you are looking for. I believe that our bathrooms should be well organized and clutter-free making our bathroom visits easy.


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