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Wildflower Seeds-how-to-plant-a-meadow
Wildflower Seeds

When you envision a meadow what is the first thing that comes to mind? As for me many years ago when I thought about a meadow what came to mind was a huge piece of land somewhere out there in the open country with lots of different species of flowering plants and grasses that stretch for miles also rolling hills that go as far as the eyes could see.

This thought or visual picture has such charm and peacefulness that can really excite one’s imagination of a garden of this sort. The good news is we don’t need acres of land to create such a garden wonder but a piece of land that is in an open area that gets lots of sunlight.

The space you may be working with may not be that huge but creating a miniature size meadow is the thing for you. Just think of the endless possibilities of constructing a garden such as this.

The advantages of creating a meadow

There are many reasons why meadows are created but here are a few reasons why I believe creating a meadow is so cool.

  • A meadow can be created to beautify an area
  • Creates a home for wildlife, Helping to bring balance to the eco-system
  • Meadows can increase a properties value
  • Can be a getaway that provides peace and serenity
  • Meadows can be low maintained which means less labor cost
  • A meadow provides opportunities for pollinators such as bees to collect pollen increasing the production of honey which has so many benefits including medical uses.
  • Plants have the awesome ability to filter or pull toxins out of the air making the air more fit to breathe for humans and animals.

I believe this list gives more than enough reason to consider creating a meadow.

Constructing your meadow

Proper planning is always the key in order to have success, once you have the acquired space it is all a matter of knowing what you want.

1. Clearing the area of debris is a must however you may want to leave a few stones and pieces of aged logs and other tree parts to give that natural look like it was designed by nature.

2. Weeds should be removed at this time also. Make sure when removing weeds that the entire weed is removed including the roots because if the roots of weeds are allowed to remain then you will have a weed war on your hands. For more on weed and weed control navigate to the category section of this website.

3. Depending on the type of plants that are chosen will determine the soil which is used.

4. A light tilling the of soil will break up, or open the soil for better water absorption and air circulation which will contribute to your plant’s health.

Choosing your plant material

Choice of plant material may include

1. Seed mixture which will contribute to your meadow’s look once they reach maturity are

Wildflower Seeds-how-to-plant-a-meadow
Wildflower Seeds
  • Native South-west wildflower seed mix
  • Daisies
  • Perennial Sunflowers
  • Purple Cornflowers
  • Pacific Northwest wildflower seeds
  • Perennial wildflower seeds
  • California wildflower seeds

2. Some ornamental grasses include

White fountain grass-how-to-plant-a-meadow
White Fountain Grass
  • Purple fountain grass
  • White fountain grass
  • Needlegrass
  • Silvergrass
  • Cogongrass
  • Pampas Grass
  • Purple Millet
  • Maiden Grass
  • Zebra Grass
  • Mexcian feather grass
  • Shenandoah red switchgrass

When to install a garden meadow?

The ideal time to plant a meadow is in the spring. With the coming of all, that rain after a long winter break will get your seeds and ornamental grasses of to a great start.

How to sow seeds/Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses can be installed in such a way that looks natural, spread the grasses throughout the planting area some grasses may be placed in the back, middle and front for a more natural look. Wildflower seeds for your meadow can be broadcast evenly throughout the planting area around and your grasses. It is a matter of scooping up a handful of your wildflower seeds and distributing them in such a way that as the seeds leave your hands they will be scattered onto the soil’s surface. Move-in one direction first and after you have completed that direction continue in the other direction as you make passes using a crisscrossing method.

The gold here is to cover every inch of space that allows your garden area to be filled and well-balanced. Some persons may prefer to add a thin layer of soil over the seeds to protect them from birds making a meal out of them.

Watering methods

When it comes to watering your meadow garden care should be taken as to how to water it. Strong drops of water will cause seeds to shift and if you have added topsoil to your seeds that strong spray of water will wash the soil away. When watering your seeds the water should flow gently, the use of a hose attachment which can be gauged to control the speed at which the water is distributed is a good tool for this job. Remember the water must be dispensed gently like water coming out of a showerhead.

Maintenance of your garden meadow

What I love about meadows is that they are so easy to maintain. Because of the nature of these gardens weed invasion is kept at an all-time low even though you may have a few popping up here and there the labor of weeding is kept at a minimum by hand pulling.

Raking debris and the removal of dead or dying plant parts is a must. Mow your meadow in late fall at a height of 6 inches. The benefit of mowing is it will make the area more manicured while causing the seed heads to drop allowing the area to be reseeded.

Gardening -Guru

My Friend Stephen.

Stephen is a friend of mine who lives in Vietnam
He, like me, is crazy about gardening and I strongly recommend you check out his website. Here is something he has written about great garden ideas. And he has a lot of other blogs as well. Take the time and look at his website today. I promise you it is worth the time and effort.

For great tips on great garden ideas please check it out here. ” Great garden ideas


The final word

Creating a garden meadow can bring such delight as you transform that naked or drabbed area into a thing of beauty with ornamental grasses and flowering plants which are so inviting in their array of colors as you lighten up your garden area creating an oasis where both you and your family and maybe some friends can connect with nature in such an awesome way as you watch many of the wildlife in their natural habitat. What a way to relax as you get away to your garden paradise that eases the mind and soothes the soul which says home sweet home. So what are you waiting on let’s get started on our meadow garden because nature is calling you, can you hear it I know I can.


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7 thoughts on “How To Plant A Meadow”

  1. I really love nature , whenever I see any post,article or review of any thing of nature I do take my time to go through it.Luckily for me i just got a garden and I’m planning to feel it up with beautiful flowers this coming new year and I think I’ve seen the first step I will take on the garden by planting a meadow.

    • Connecting with nature is really amazing. It is so good to see that you also spend some time in the great outdoors. So happy that I could help. Have a good day and all the best of success.

  2. Hello, Norman! I have been reading a lot on your website and this is another amazing article. I really like the idea of a meadow for its low maintenance. That’s especially attractive to someone like me who hasn’t had much luck with plants as of yet. It’s also great that by mowing, you can re-seed the area for the next year as I was never very fond of the idea of having to start over again with annuals. Thanks!

    • Hello and thanks so much for your kind words which is so encourageing and thanks also for your support. Constructing a meadow is pretty amazing as you connect with nature in the great outdoors. I wish you great success with your garden projects and please let me know how it goes. Have a wonderful day.

  3. I really like the idea of this, and I currently live in rural South Wales, with plenty of garden space that needs filling up! 

    To me, the thought of attracting new wildlife to my garden is great – there’s nothing better than sitting out in the brisk wind with a coffee every morning, watching the local wildlife at work. 

    You do mention that a meadow can add to the value of your property – what percentage is this (ball park figure)?

    • Hello so happy to see you again. Having a meadow is prety amazing and do work wonders. It is a know fact that any property with not only a gaden but a well mantain one increases its vaule. The vaule or price all depends on the style, size and how will that garden is maintained. Hope this help, have a good day.

  4. Good evening Norman,
    This is my first time seeing your post and I am so glad. I need to know what your opinion would be for a neighborhood pond. I’ve been given approval to plant around the perimeter of the pond. It has fish, a snapper and sometimes a crane flies in. Oh, also have ducks, ducklings and Canadian Geese It’s about 150 feet long, about 25 feet wide. I’d like to put meadow flowers throughout around the pond as well as in a circle where a tree fell and its just a dead tree stump. I think meadow flowers would look especially great there.


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