How To Plant And Care For Marigolds

Learning How to Grow Marigolds Successfully

Butterfly resting on marigolds

A great way to bring life to your garden is by installing plants that have colorful blooms, Have you ever seen a garden with nothing but green what were your thoughts? there is just something about including flowering plants in a garden. The burst of colors is really awesome and puts you in a more peaceful and relaxed state of mind.

Garden flowering plants do have their place, I have worked on many garden projects apart from maintaining them and one plant which I have worked with on many designs was the marigold. These plants are a real beauty with their bright colors that can soften up a garden area giving that WOW.

In this article, we will be looking at the growth and care of marigolds along with the many benefits from a medical standpoint.

Wildlife Gardening

If you are deciding on installing a wildlife garden then one plant that you should consider is the marigold. These beauties will have your garden buzzing with butterflies. But how do I install and care for these garden beauties? I am so happy that you asked, below are instructions on having success with these plants.

Planting Location

When installing marigolds look for an area that gets lots of sunlight even though these plants can survive in partial shade.

Soil Type

The soil should be well-drained but can hold moisture also. Adding organics to the soil will help with this.

Watering Methods

The soil should be somewhat moist and not waterlogged.

Fertilizing Methods

The use of a diluted liquid feed or quick-release fertilizer will keep your marigold looking great. Just the other day I was at one of the local plant nurseries to collect a few plant species marigolds being one of them and the nursery owner suggested to me and give me a small bag of osmocote saying this will also keep your marigolds blooming.

Garden insect pests of the marigolds

Garden insect pests of the marigold include.

  • Aphids
  • Mites

The use of insecticidal soap or a strong spray of water will bring them under control. Before using insecticidal soap read and follow the manufacturer’s label because the label is the law.

Diseases of marigolds

Watch out for this disease.

  • Fungal Disease

Fungal disease is encouraged when marigolds are receiving too much water. To prevent this disease when watering don’t allow water to get on the leaves, ensure that the soil is well-drained for proper drainage, and keep the plant bed free of weeds.

Where to install marigolds

Here are just a few ideas on where to install marigolds.

1. Marigolds can be grouped and installed in a garden plant bed.

2. Can be planted in a group along a fenced area

3. Can be planted in a group along a walled area.

4. What about installing them in containers and placing the containers on either side of your front door entrance?

5. Plant them in containers and place the containers on your patio or porch area.

6. Install them alongside a garden walking pathway.

Container grown marigolds

Another great way to plant marigolds is with the use of containers when installing these garden beauties in containers ensure that the container is large enough to accommodate the amount of marigold which you are installing. Don’t crowd the container but allow some space for your marigold to grow and have proper air circulation.

The soil can be soil that drains well but holds sufficient water, adding organics or using an organic soil mix is a great way to go. Fill the container just about to the top allowing a space of a few inches free of soil. This 6-8 inches of free space will allow the soil to remain in the container and not to run out of the container as you are watering your plant.

Water your marigolds until the water comes out of the drain holes and don’t water again until the soil is somewhat dry to the touch, a great way to know if your marigold is in need of water is to stick your finger about 3 inches into the soil if the soil is dry then proceed in giving your plants water.

The container can as we discussed earlier be placed on a porch, patio, or some other area complimenting it. The container should be placed in an area that gets full to partial sun.

Deadheading Marigolds

To keep your marigold looking is best it is important to deadhead your marigolds, deadheading involves the removal of spent or dead flowers. This removal of these spent flowers will not only have your marigolds looking great but will help in encouraging beautiful new blooms. With your fingers, you can remove the spent flowers by pinching or with the use of a pruner.

Continue to work with your marigold by removing flowers that are spent or maybe wilting which means you must keep a constant watch over your marigold to keep them looking great.

Additional Information

1. Marigolds are said to repel mosquitoes.

2. Marigolds attract bees and butterflies.

3. Suppress weeds by spreading a layer or two of mulch around your marigolds.

4. When watering marigolds water from the base of the plant.

5. Marigolds are known to thrive in poor soils.

Medical use of marigolds

Marigolds are garden beauties which have an is also being used for medical purposes. Some of these purposes include.

1. Marigolds are said to be able to relieve minor burns

2. These flowers are said to help detoxify the body.

3. Have been used in bringing relief to insect bites.

4. Marigolds are said to be used in the medical field because of their antioxidant content.

5. Has been medically used to fight fungal infections.

6. These plants are said to be used for cancer treatment.

7. Marigold is used in soothing the digestive tract.

There are so many more that can be added to this list but from what we have discussed marigolds are worth the investment.

The final word

Marigolds are amazing annuals that are worth having as a part of your garden plant design. These plants can really lighten up your garden area with their colorful bloom. I have seen firsthand what they bring to the table and so can you, why not spice up your spring and summer garden with these beauties and reap the rewards of a garden that is fit for a king?


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  1. Thanks a lot for the very thorough and comprehensive post.I was doing some research online about how to plant when I’m at my free time 😀 and you know very well. I came across your post and got helpful insights. I’m supprise that so many options I need to take note when I’m trying to plant. A walk-through on what I see in this website is very helpful for me. 

    Best regards, Jennifer 🙂

    • Hello, Jennifer so happy to see you. Plants are in some ways like people if I can use that example. It is best to get to know all you can about that plant so it can survive. It is just so wonderful to connect with nature in this way. I cannot imagine a world without plants, can you? Wishing you all the best of success and have a good day.

  2. A great article on marigolds and lots of information that I never knew, specially that they can repel mosquitoes. We have a big problem with mosquitoes during the summer months, and I will certainly put some in containers that I can then move them around to where we are sitting outside. Insecticidal soap is also new for me as I often just put dish washing soap in a bottle and spray that on greenfly, so I will be looking to get insecticidal soap.

    • Hello, LineCowley so happy to see you. Marigolds are pretty amazing and so beneficial, Wishing you all the best by bringing that mosquito issue under control, please let me know how it goes and thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Norman!

    Unfortunately, I am not the right person to talk about gardening and all kind of plants. Especially not about the practices related to this topic. I like your articles because of the presentation is great with a lovely design. Although I don’t know much about the things mentioned earlier, I love flowers, gardens, and nature in general as well. Having nice designed gardens, with a lot of flowers of all kind is a holiday for the eyes and the soul!

    Thanks for sharing your tips! 

    Best regards,Igor

    • Igor thanks a million for those kind words. Plants are pretty amazing and can do so much to bring change. Gardening is simple it is all a matter of acquiring the knowledge just like in any other field. I am so happy to help just browse my website for what you need and before you know it you will be on your way to creating beautiful gardens. Have a good day.

  4. Wow! This is a very awesome content for me. I have seen this marigolds first hand only once in my uncle’s garden and ever since, I’ve made various attempts to plant them in my garden too but I always end up failing. I never knew its because my garden is in an enclosed area with no or very limited sunlight. I’m very glad I came across this post. I have learnt a lot on how to plant and maintain them. Also, I like the fact that one really need to give them so much attention as their beauty even in pictures is amazing. Thanks

    • Hello, RoDarrick so happy to see you. Marigolds are pretty amazing and can really bring flavor into your garden. These plants are great for attracting wildlife like butterflies. Thanks for sharing and I am so happy that I could help. All the best to you and have a good day.

  5. what a beautiful flower, it comes in two different colors right? didn’t know that marigold flowers have plenty of benefit for the body, especially for cancer patients or they attract butterfly either thanks for sharing this useful information. where can I get the seeds? and can I use soil from the supermarket?

    • Hello, Evelyn so happy to meet you. Marigolds are amazing, I have worked with them over the years and just a few days ago I planted a few of them. These plants are great for attrcating wildlife like butterflies. The seeds can be purchased from your garden center or plant nursery. You can also purchase the soil from the supermarket your plant nursery. Just read the label to ensure that it is good quality. All the beat to you and your garden project. Have a good day.


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