How To Prepare A Fall Garden

Tips for a Fall Garden Planner

How To Prepare A Fall Garden-butterfly-colecting-nectar-from-pentas
Butterfly collecting nectar from pentas

As the temperature begins to dip it’s a sign from nature that the winter months are fast approaching, but despite this time of the year for those who haven’t started as yet there is still time to work in your gardens. Yes even during the fall months we can get busy in our gardens, just a few days ago I was busy in my yard and garden doing my fall cleanup.

Once finished everything looked great, during the fall and winter months we should continue to work in our gardens to ensure that everything is not only organized but to create and maintain a clean look that will not only enhance our property’s value but help to maintain our plant’s health. A clean environment contributes to a healthy garden that will yield good results as we reap the benefits.

Below we will be discussing some simple yet effective steps that can be taken to extend the season while ensuring that we not only extend the season but grow beautiful healthy plants. With that said let’s take a closer look at how to prepare a fall garden.

How to Plan for Fall and the Winter Months

Besides the regular fall clean up here is what to consider when preparing for the fall and winter months.

Spruce up your lawn- Look for patches or empty areas in your lawn, if any areas are discovered then sow seed grass in these areas. Make sure to carry out this procedure before the first hard frost. Apply fertilizers at this time also, before fertilizing read and follow the manufacturer’s directions for the best results.

Be generous with mulch- Mulching serves so many purposes, this time of the year is a great time to use mulch because the roots of plants need to be protected from the winter frost. Mulches act as insulators protecting the plant’s roots, mulches can be added to plant beds and around the trunk of trees.

Extend the Life of your Annuals- Don’t dispose of your annuals as yet, if annuals are a bit leggy but still look healthy then deadhead spent or faded flowers along with trimming back if they are leggy.

Install Trees and Shrubs- Because of the coolness of the weather, the fall months are a great time to plant new trees and shrubs. Make sure to water plants and shrub well before the winter months sets in. This thorough watering will ensure the establishment of the roots.

Install Spring Bulbs-The fall months are a great time to get blubs in the ground for the arrival of spring, some spring blooming bulbs that can be installed at this time are Hyacinth, daffodil, and tulip.

Install Cool-Weather Annuals- Cool-weather annuals are great to install at this time, annuals such as dusty miller, pansy, dianthus, mums, petunia, and geranium will add color to your fall garden.

Preparing Plant Beds- Before installing new plants ensure that your existing plant bed is clear and free of debris, weeds, and dead plants if any are present.

Adding Soil Amendments- Adding amendments is a great way to build your soil, these natural organics will do wonders by not only providing nutrients but this move of soil improvement will allow your garden soil to absorb the right amount of water while allowing excess water to drain. Some examples of soil amendments are sawdust, compost, straw, manure, disease-free grass clippings, wood ash, wood chip, and sphagnum peat.

Start a Compost Bin- With the number of fallen leaves during the fall months, it’s good to start composting if you have not done so as yet. Composting is a great way to have natural organics at your fingertips that will ensure healthy soil and healthy plants.

Aerate your Lawn- Our lawns can go through a lot during the spring and the summer months so we can’t forget our lawns, show them some tender loving care that can help greatly. Prepare them for the warmer months that are just ahead. Aerating our lawns during this time of year can yield many benefits.

What else can we do- There is so much more we can do besides what we have discussed here are other fall tasks that will spruce up your garden and landscape.

Cool Weather Vegetables

For edible plants during the fall and winter months, these veggies will do well in your fall garden, these herbs can also be planted and harvested to spruce up your food recipes.

The final word on how to prepare a fall garden

The fall and the winter months are not the end of working in our gardens, there is still much that can be done as you prepare for the warmer months. Planting now (fall) will give you a jump or headstart on the season so why not consider if you have not done so as yet get busy working in your garden before the winter months sets in. You will be happy with the results as you reap the benefits and a good harvest. With that said let’s get started.


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