Beautiful rose arrangement-how-to-preserve-cut-flowersThe World of Flowers

Sending flowers is a tradition that has passed down from generation to generation. Giving flowers is a way to express our feelings for that special one.

Whether it’s a get well gift that says I am hoping you get better soon or a bouquet that is saying you are the only one for me and I love you, flowers have been used on these occasions and so much more to show our true feelings.

Can you imagine a church wedding without flowers or a banquet hall without a centerpiece at each table that is so inviting and makes you feel right at home?

The world of flowers is so fascinating and diverse that it is just mind-blowing. But how do we preserve these beauties to last a lot longer to remind us of the ones we love.

Tips for preserving cut flowers

Beautiful flower-arrangement-how-to-preserve-cut-flowers

Preserving cut flowers is not hard at all, all it takes is some know how and you will be able to enjoy and cherish this beauty of nature a lot longer.

When preserving cut flowers

1. Change the water if not every day, every two days will help.

2. Rinse vase with warm water and soap liquid, this will kill any bacteria because warm water will sanitize your vase.

3. Placing cut flowers in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours will preserve them.

4. Use a large vase. Overcrowding will not allow cuttings to last as long.

5. Keep cuttings in a location that does not get direct sunlight.

6. Remove any leaves that come in contact with water, this will encourage bacteria.

7. Keep cut flowers far away as possible from ripening fruits because ripening fruit releases chemicals that have an adverse effect on cutting.

8. Cutting flowers early in the morning will preserve them for a longer time.

9. Feed cutting with plant food from the plant florist can also help.

1o. Chose healthy flowers that is disease and insect free.

Final word

The world of flowers is so amazing and can really brighten our world with all of their beauty so remember these simple steps and you will be able to preserve your cut flowers a lot longer as you enjoy the beauty they bring from that special someone that you cherish so much.

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