How To Propagate Nemesia

Nemesia Propagating Methods

How To Propagate Nemesia-nemesia-flower
Nemesia flowers

Nemesia flowering plants are grown mostly as annuals and look great as a bedding plant or a ground cover, these garden beauties come in a variety of colors and can give your garden and landscape that color pop. What I love about nemesia is their’ re low maintenance with no main disease or pest problems and once established little care is needed except to monitor the amount of moisture there are receiving.

The great thing about these garden beauties is increasing their numbers or populating your garden with them through propagation, in this guide we will be discussing the right way to propagate the nemesia plant to ensure that you are successful. In case you missed it we have also written a guide for you on how to care for nemesia flowering plants.

How to Propagate Nemesia from Cuttings

A propagation technique that’s popular is the use of plant cuttings, when choosing this method it’s best to take cuttings in the spring when plants are actively growing.  When taking cuttings ensure that the cuttings are taken in the morning when it’s cool to avoid moisture loss, the cuttings should be taken from newly fresh growth. Each cutting should be at least about 4 inches, cut above a bud.

Remove the lower leaves by trimming, now dip the end of each cutting in root tone which is a root hormone growth stimulator, rooting hormone can be purchased from your plant nursery or garden center.

Gently press and place at least two cuttings per pot, each end of the cuttings that have the root tone place in prepared 6-inch plastic containers with rich potting soil or a soilless mix that’s moist with water. Take your cuttings and place them in a warm bright area out of direct sunlight, keep the cuttings moist to ensure proper growth, and don’t allow the soil to dry out nor allow the soil to become waterlogged or saturated which can lead to rot.

Your cuttings should produce roots in about four to six weeks, once new leaves emerge transplant cuttings in their permanent location or transplant in larger containers. If you’re planning on taking cuttings later in the year the ideal time is during the fall months before winter sets in.

How to Propagate Nemesia from Seeds

Propagating nemesia from seeds is an easy way to ensure success, to propagate nemesia from seeds allow your plants to produce or develop brownish or white flat seed capsules.

Once this has been accomplished the seeds should be collected in the fall, the seeds that are collected can be sowed or planted the following spring. The seeds can be started indoors six weeks before the last frost but if you prefer to start seeds outdoors start once the temperature reaches 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 Celsius).

Deadheading Nemesia Flowering Plants

Deadheading is the process of removing spent or dead flowers with a hand pruner or removing the flowers by pinching with your fingers, this move will produce a full plant ( foliage) leaves with an abundance of beautiful flower blooms.

The final word on how to propagate nemesia

The Propagation of plants is a proven method that will help you to grow as many plants as you want from the parent plant, this method has been around for some time and is enjoyed by many. Why not give this method a try and see for yourself, propagation can help you to save money by not having to go out and purchase the seem plant which I think is pretty cool.


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