How To Propagate Sea Grapes

Sea Grapes Propagation Guide

How To Propagate Sea Grapes-a-sea-grape-tree
A sea grape tree

Get the best of both worlds by growing a plant that will complement your garden and landscapes while providing you with food, the sea grape tree is that plant. This evergreen is native to the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Bermuda, the Greater and the Lesser Antilles, South Florida, and the West Indies. These trees prefer a tropical climate where they will not only grow well but provide an abundance of sweet berries.

Sea grapes (Coccoloba uvifera) is a species of flowering plant in the buckwheat family, Polygonaceae, this evergreen plant makes a great hedge especially when planted in coastal areas because of their high salt tolerance.

When planted in coastal areas seagrapes help to support sand dunes, along with helping to protect upland structures from storm-induced erosion. The canopy of the sea grape provides a habitat for animals such as gopher tortoise, songbirds, beach mice, and lizards. A number of birds and mammals feed on the berries. In this article, we will be taking a look at how to successfully propagate sea grapes increasing their numbers in your garden along with some important health facts.

How to Take Sea grape Cuttings

The best time to take sea grape cuttings is at the beginning of spring.

1. Before taking your sea grape cuttings prepare the soil by mixing a 50/50 ratio of perlite and potting soil that has been sterilized in 6-inch pots or containers that are clean. 1-gallon containers can also be used,  The containers should have holes for water drainage.

2.  Chose a stem/ stems that’s healthy and with a sharp hand pruner that’s clean remove the stems. Each cutting can be 3 to 4 inches.

3. Remove all of the leaves from each stem allowing only the two leaves to remain at the top or at the tip.

4. Moisten the soil with water followed by adding your sea grape cuttings, or you can add root growth hormone (optional) if you prefer. Now as you keep each cutting erected firm the soil around it by gently pressing.

5. The cuttings should now be moved to a location that gets indirect bright light.

6. Don’t allow the soil to dry out, the soil should be kept moist at all times not waterlogged, the moist soil will help in promoting root growth. Germination should take place in about 30 days.

Sea garpes growth time

A sea grape tree can take anywhere from 2-3 years before they reach maturity, with a hand pruner and lopper shears you can keep sea grapes at the desired height and shape but if left unchecked can grow to be 25-30 ft.

How to harvest sea grapes

The time of year to harvest sea gapes is during the fall season, this is when sea grapes turn from lime green to a dark purple, the medium size dark purple ones are more preferred when harvesting although I have tasted some really sweet ones that were small and purple and others which had a little green in them. Ripe sea grapes will usually fall from the tree easily.

Sea grape facts

Some sea grape facts

  • Sea grapes are berries that are edible
  • Sea grapes can also be used for aesthetics
  • Sea grapes help to prevent goiter
  • Sea grapes strengthen bones and joints
  • Sea grapes help to prevent constipation
  • Promotes skin health
  • Promotes eye health
  • Promotes heart health
  • Aids in the prevention of diabetes
  • Helps to reduce depression
  • Helps to prevent hypertension

The final word on how to propagate sea grapes

I love sea grapes especially when they’re sweet, if your desire is to try these delicious berries then follow this guide for success. Propagation is the best way to grow sea grapes without having to break the Peggy. These tropical berries do not only taste great but are also filled with vitamins which I think is a win-win for you.


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  1. Hi Norman, this is a piece of good information for people like us who enjoy gardening. I will definitely try to propagate the sea grapes in my garden and taste the fruit. I have a question: How long does it take for the fruits from the sea grape to start coming out?

    Good article indeed!

    • Hello Aubin, thanks so much for stopping by, once your tree is mature you can look for sea grapes to appear around August through October, Hopes this helps. Happy Gardening.

  2. Thank you very much for helping me with this. I had been choosing stems that were healthy. That is obvious. But I had not been paying much attention to having my sharp hand pruner be completely clean to remove the stems. I will try cleaning when I do it again! It seems simple but this has helped me!

  3. My wide is always looking for new things to add in her garden so I think she will find your article interesting. To be honest I never have tried sea grapes so I am intrigued to try them out. Your guide is simple enough so I think she will have no problem following your instructions. I will surely update with the results. Thank you!

    • I am sure both you and your wife will love this tropical evergreen edible plant as a part of your garden and landscape. Thank you so much for keeping me updated, all the best to you, and Happy Gardening.

  4. What is the best time of year to propagate sea grapes. Can you take many 4 or 5 inch cuttings from the same branch? Any idea how long it will take to go from a cutting to 5 feet.high?
    Thank you
    Great article!!!


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