How To Protect Potted Plants From Squirrels

Squirrel Proof Your Potted Plants

How To Protect Potted Plants From Squirrels-a-squirrel-in-container
A squirrel in a container

Squirrels may be cute and cuddly but they can present problems with garden plants including container-grown plants, these frisky little critters seem to always be on the look for their next meal. It does not matter how beautiful your potted plants are growing squirrels will cause many issues by wracking havoc in search of or burying their food even in the soil of plants that are container grown.

Keeping squirrels out of potted plants can be a real challenge especially if you’re using the wrong methods, the good news is you can squirrel-proof your potted plants with these methods that have proven to bring much success so you can continue to grow healthy plants that are thriving.

Protecting your Potted Plants

1. Motion Sprinkler Detector: This method may not be so popular but why not consider installing motion detector sprinklers around your potted plants in areas nearby? These sprinklers will give squirrels a wet scare.

2. Cage: Using a cage around your potted plants that are constructed from hardware cloth, chicken wire or plastic bird netting can offer much help.

3. Mulch: Consider a thick layer of mulch, this should discourage squirrels from digging in the soil.

4. Shiny Objects: Shinning objects especially if they’re moving can keep squirrels at bay, try hanging either CDs, aluminum pie pants, or pinwheels that are colorful near potted plants.

5. Rocks: A layer of rocks on top of the soil may discourage the presence of squirrels, be mindful however that during hot weather rocks can cause damage to plants.

6. Natural Repellents: Mixing crushed red pepper, cayenne pepper garlic, peppermint, or vinegar in the soil is very distasteful to squirrels and will keep them from digging in the soil.

7. A Dog: Getting a dog can help to chase away squirrels.

How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Potted Plants-a-squirrel
A squirrel

8. Human or dog hair: It’s said that “scattering a small amount human or dog hair around your potted plants will deter squirrels”

9. Blood Meal: Blood meal is used to add nutrients to the soil for plant use, squirrels hate the smell. Adding blood meal will keep these little critters away.

10. Distract Squirrels with food: This sounds a bit crazy but providing a feed spot far from potted plants will keep them away.

Squirrel Plant Damage

  • Squirrels eat the leaves, flowers, and shoots of plants
  • Squirrels will dig up plant roots to hide their food in the soft soil or to look for insects.
  • Roots that are dug up may be damaged and will also dry out and die because of air and sunlight exposure which can greatly affect a tree

Additional information

  • Ensure that no food scarps are left outside your home
  • Make sure that your garbage area is kept clean at all times and that garbage bins have a lid that can be tightly sealed
  • No container that can collect water should be allowed to remain right side up, turn them over so they don’t collect water which may not only encourage squirrels on your property in search of water but can encourage the presence of mosquitos as well.

The final word on how to protect potted plants from squirrels

As said earlier the presence of squirrels shows that they are interested in what they see but we can do our part by making our potted plants uninterested by following one or several of these methods that have proven to be effective. Don’t let your beautiful potted plants suffer at the hands of squirrels when you can strike back, the control of these frisky critters is possible so you can continue to grow healthy potted plants that you can be proud of.


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