How To Prune Ixora Plants

Tips For Ixora Plant Bloom

How To Prune Ixora Plant-butterfly-on-ixora-plant
Butterfly On Ixora

The ixora coccinea plant commonly known as scarlet jungle flame is an evergreen shrub that is native to Bangladesh, Thailand, Sir Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, and India. This garden beauty is a tropical-subtropical plant and is used widely in many landscapes and garden designs. Ixora’s are a genus of flowering plants in the family Rubiaceae.

There are said to be 562 species of Ixora that produce an abundance of flowers in an array of colors, ixoras produce glossy dark green leaves that are 4″ inches long and clusters of star-shaped flowers that range from colors of white, yellow, bright red, pink and orange. Larger cultivars such as the Super King and the Nora Grant have some of the brightest flower blooms.

Ixora’s are great for wildlife gardens and will attract butterflies and bees the flowers that are sweet and fragrant also attract numerous birds and is deer resistant. The ixora plant will make an excellent choice for your summer and spring garden, with that said we will be discussing how to prune the ixora plant.

How to Keep Ixoras Blooming

Nothing adds more beauty to a garden setting than its flower bloom, but to keep your garden painted with colorful flowers means knowing how to maintain your plants so they can continue to bloom for you. Besides the regular care of ixoras they need annual pruning to encourage an abundance of healthy flower bloom.

Reasons for Pruning

  • To control a plants growth
  • To control plants spread
  • To encourage flower Bloom
  • To remove diseased and insect-infested plant parts
  • To maintain its natural form

Ixoras can be selectively pruned any time of the year once they are grown at the right temperature however the optimal time to give ixora a heavy pruning is late winter and early spring. Before pruning procedure ensure that your hand pruner is sharp and disease-free by sterilizing.

To sterilize your pruner whip the blades with a clean cloth that was dipped in a solution of water and bleach, before pruning or making the cut stand back to get a proper visual of your plant because what you want is to ensure that your plant maintains its natural form.

The key when pruning ixoras is to cut out one branch everywhere you see three at a joint, this technique will allow more light into the middle of the plant that will encourage new growth along with causing the plant to branch out more. When this happens the ixora plant will become fuller and bushy giving you a beautiful healthy-looking plant.

Pruning Container Grown Ixora

Ixora can also be grown from a container, the container that’s chosen should be large enough for the plant to sit comfortably, for example, if the plant’s root ball is a foot across or in width then the container should be a foot wider also with the seem in-depth. This will help in accommodating your ixora plant as it grows.

The container should have drain holes for water drainage, fill the container halfway with good garden soil. Next, take your ixora out of the grower’s pot and place it in the container. Ensure that the plant is sitting in an erected or upright position in the container, now backfill or begin to add more soil to the container.

The soil should come slightly above the top of the plant’s root ball, once that’s done pack or firm the soil around the plant by gently pressing. Now add water to your plant. Give it a good soaking until the water starts to come out of the container’s drain hole, cover the soil with about an inch of mulch.

This mulch will not only serve as decoration but will help to hold moisture, as this mulch begins to break down over time will add nutrients to the soil.

Because ixoras are tropical-sub tropical plants place the container in an area that gets full sunlight although they may tolerate partial shade the full sun is still ideal which will encourage more flower bloom. The pruning procedure is the same as when growing ixoras directly in the ground.

The final word on how to prune ixora plants

The ixora plant is a tropical beauty that is easy to maintain, if your ixora is not producing the right amount of flower bloom chances are your ixora may just need a manicure although there may be other reasons why your plant is not performing its best. Once you have done your homework and discover that your ixora needs annual pruning then go ahead because this practice will help your ixora plant to go to work for you by giving lots of healthy flower blooms.


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4 thoughts on “How To Prune Ixora Plants”

  1. Hi Norman,

    I recently moved into a new house, and plan on doing a flower garden in the spring and summer.  I am looking to add some colourful blooms that are also easy to care for.  I really love the look of Ixora plants, and that they are fairly easy to care for.  I also like that they will attract bees, butterflies and birds to my garden.

    I appreciate the tips you have given here on how to prune the Ixora plant, and I will follow your advice.


    • Hello Jenny, these plants are amazing and will bring that much-needed flavor into you garden and landscape area. So happy that I could help and all the best of success.

  2. Hey thanks for this information packed post!

    I absolutely love flowers, I would love to start gardening if I get the time but for the time being, I’ll just admire my neighbours garden. She has so many colourful flowers blooming especially in the summer, and it’s amazing to see how many beautiful creatures such as bees and butterflies depend on it!

    I never knew how important pruning is, it’s vital for the gardens! By the way do you think if I gift my neighbour a Ixora plant, she’d love it? I’ll have to look for a species which can thrive the UK weather too.

    • Hello, Sariyah you are welcome, the presence of flowers can do so much for a garden setting, absolutely your neighbor will love it seeing she loves flowers. All the best to you and have a good day.


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