How To Prune Poinsettias

The Right Way to Prune Poinsettias

How To Prune Poinsettias-poinsettias-plants
Poinsettias Plants

One of the key components to growing healthy poinsettias is carrying out pruning procedures, for the beginner garden however this may seem to be a bit of a daunting task of fear of damaging or killing the plant. However, there is no need to fear because the knowledge we’re about to share will give you the confidence to prune your poinsettias to ensure that they stay healthy and vibrant.

4 Steps on How to Prune Poinsettias

Before pruning procedures make sure that your hand pruner is sterilized especially if your pruner was used on other plants, this cleaning will discourage the spread of disease. To sanitize your pruner soak a piece of a paper towel or washcloth in rubbing alcohol, once this is done begin to clean the blade but be very careful not to cut your hand while engaging in this process.

1. Cleaning Debire: Clean up any debris from the plant pot such as leaves that have fallen from your poinsettias.

2. The Removal of Stems: During late winter or early spring remove the old stem by pruning or cutting old stems back to about 4-6 inches in height. Make sure while performing this pruning operation to leave 3 leaves on each stem. Pruning this way will encourage or force new growth to emerge at the leaf axis which will cause a fuller or fluffy plant.

3. Cutting Back the Growing Tips: Cutting back or pinching the growing tips will encourage branching, ensure that only 3 or 4 stems are left on each stem. This procedure will encourage your poinsettias to bloom. During the summer months, every 4-6 weeks continue to pinch or prune the top 2 or 3 leaves, once early spring arrives discontinue pruning.

4. Maintaining your Poinsettia’s Natural Form: Maintenance is so important to ensure that your poinsettias are growing continually healthy, to accomplish this trim lightly as needed.

Poinsettias Pruning Benefits

  • Pruning will remove diseased plant parts
  • Will control the direction of poinsettia growth
  • Pruning will remove heavy insect infestations
  • Will cause poinsettias to get fuller or fluffy
  • Removes broken branches and limbs
  • Increases a plant’s beauty
  • Reduces the plant size
  • Maintains a plant’s natural form
  • Can stimulate suppress growth

The final word on how to prune poinsettias

Carrying out pruning procedures to ensure that your poinsettias are growing healthy is that simple, this practice will cause your poinsettias to be rejuvenated bouncing back to their former days.  Don’t trash your poinsettias just because Christmas has passed continue to care for them, you will be so happy that you did as you reap the rewards of pruning the right way.


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  1. Hi Norman – Another helpful article! Although I don’t keep poinsettias, I did learn something new today. I didn’t know the importance of sterilizing the pruner. I just never thought about the spread of disease before. You have a lot of great info on your website. The info is well-organized which makes finding things a whole lot easier! 


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