How To Release Beneficial Insects In Your Fall Garden

Tips to Release Beneficial Insects In Your Fall Garden

How To Release Beneficial Insects In Your Fall Garden-a-hoverfly-beneficial-insect
Hoverfly beneficial insect

The presence of beneficial insects is a safe approach to controlling garden insect pests, this method which is also known as biological control has proven to safeguard against contamination especially when growing edible crops. The use of biological control is a natural ( nature’s way) occurrence, but history records that this method of biological control “first emerge in the 1870s”

It’s recorded that ” the US, Missouri State Entomologist C.V. Riley, and the Illinois State Entomologist W. LeBaron began within-state redistribution of parasitoids to control crop pests”.

From that date to the present biological control has become popular and is used not only on a commercial level for example farmlands, nurseries, and other plant growers but also in the homegardens as well. If you’ve ever thought of using this safe approach in your home garden then continue reading as we go more in-depth on how to release beneficial insects in your fall garden. This simple yet effective method has proven to give great results.

When to Release Beneficial Insects in Your  Fall Garden

Beneficial insects can be purchased from your plant nursery or garden center, or can be ordered through the mail, before purchasing however ensure that the insects are alive and healthy, the best time to release these insects is during the morning hours right before the sun rises or evening hours when the sun is about to set. Otherwise releasing them during the day hours may encourage them to fly in the neighbor’s garden or some other nearby garden. The low light will help them not to be so active as to fly away but cause them to settle down in their new home which is your garden  When releasing beneficial insects release an ample or generous amount as close as possible to areas that are infested.

Remember to follow directions on the package on how to release them. Ordering the eggs of many of these beneficial insects has proven to be effective, simply sprinkle some of the eggs on and around the infected plant/plants.

An effective method that has also helped to attract beneficial insects into gardens and landscapes is installing plants that attract them. For example, the use of plants such as Anise, Parsnips, Parsley, Dill, Coriander, Tansy Lemon gem, are just a few among hundreds that can be used to attract these insects.

The Advantages of Biological Control

  • Discourages food contamnation
  • Discourages air and water contamnation
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to implement
  • Safe to use around humans and pets
  • Safe to use around wildlife

The Disadvantages of Biological Control

  • It’s a slow process, and should only be considered if the insect pests population is at an acceptable level, otherwise, chemical control  such as organic pesticides may   be used if garden insect pests numbers are at an unacceptable level

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The final word on how to release beneficial insects in your fall garden

Beneficial insects have proven time and again that they can get the job done these insects, police our gardens and landscape areas protecting our plants, this guide will help you to bring garden insect pest control. Be good to your plant and the environment by using this method, you will be so happy with the results as garden insect pests are stopped in their tracks.


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2 thoughts on “How To Release Beneficial Insects In Your Fall Garden”

  1. Insects are such great natural helpers in the garden. From bees and butterflies to pollinate our fruit and veggies, to ladybirds that keep certain aphids at bay, nothing beats nature. 

    I had not thought about releasing beneficial insects into my garden, so find this idea very interesting. Which are the beneficial insects that you regard as the most important? Being able to buy the eggs of beneficial insects sounds like an amazing way to control pests n your garden. 

    Do you have a link that one can use to buy these eggs? Or do you have a recommended supplier or producer of eggs that you can suggest? Thank you. 

  2. Although this form of biological control seams slow but it is healthy and will create a balance in the cycle. Thank you for introducing this essential topic. I grow mangoes and we have a lot of insects destroying and contamination our water. Controlling it has been challenging. We will get some beneficial insects and see if we can control our environment biologically


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