How To Remove Snow From Your Yard

Snow Saftey Removal Tips

How To Remove Snow From Your Yard-shovelling-the-snow
Shoveling the snow

The colder months have finally arrived which means that much of our garden chores have basically come to a standstill even though there may be a few tasks that can still be carried out. However one of the challenges that we have to deal with is the removal of snow which can become a daunting and challenging task, many homeowners prefer to call a professional company but for the homeowner who may be thinking of DIY your yard ( do it yourself) here are a few helpful tips that will guarantee success on how to remove snow from your yard.

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7 Methods to Remove Snow from Your Yard

1. Shovelling the Snow: A popular method for snow removal is the use of a shovel, there are several types on the market from which to choose.

2. Kitty Litter: If your lawn is covered with snow avoid the use of rock salt, it has been advised: “not to use salt because excess salt will hinder your lawn roots from absorbing the right amount of water and nutrients and will leave a white residue on the soil”. Instead, use kitty litter that is safe.

3. A Snow Blower: A snow blower will make it easy when it comes to the removal of snow from your driveway, the right way to use your snow blower correctly on your driveway is to start in the middle and throw the snow towards one edge of the driveway. Next, make a U-turn and come back down the other side and continue in this pattern or repeat until you are completed.

4. Spreading Sand: Spread a little sand, this practice will help to build (rough texture)  traction on areas that are slippery so you won’t fall when shoveling the snow.

5. A Leaf Blower: If the snow is fluffy and light a powerful leaf blower will be able to remove the snow for you effectively, as the snow continues to fall repeat the process.

6. Snow Melt Mats: The use of snow melt mats can also go to work for you, installing these mats above the surface of entryways and steps will keep slippery ice away.

7. Homemade Ice Melt: A great way to get rid of that unwanted snow so is to combine 1/2 gallon of water in a bucket, 1 teaspoon of dish liquid, and 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol. Once these solutions are combined mix thoroughly and pour where the snow needs to be removed.

Safety First when Removing Snow

Before working outdoors in the snow it’s best to wear the proper safety gare along with these other helpful tips because remember Safety is always First.

  • Dress in layers, your attire should consist of light clothing that’s water-repellent, well-ventilated, and insulated. Dressing in this type of clothing will keep you warm and dry making it easy for you to move around
  • Ware water proofshoes with traction
  • Wear a nice warm head tam  one that will come down or cover your ears
  • Any gloves will not do, wearing the right kind of winter gloves will protect your hands
  • Eat a good breakfast before you go outdoors.
  • Wait for at least 45 minutes to an hour and then do some stretches to warm up your muscle which can help to avoid injuries
  • If you have health issues then, by all means, avoid going outdoors to shovel snow, you should stay indoors and rest comfortably
  • The best time to remove snow is during the morning hours because waiting too late will encourage a build-up of snow that will work you much harder
  • Take breaks in between and go at a steady paste that is comfortable, don’t rush which will cause exhaustion and possibly injury
  • Whiles shoveling snow if you feel pain Stop, what you don’t want is to aggravate the injury that will do more harm than good
  • If the pain does persist then its best to seek medical help immediately
  • The correct way to remove snow is to squat with your legs apart and your knees bent, keep your back straight and lift with your legs without bending your waist. Shovel small bits of snow at a time this will help to avoid injury vs trying to scoop up large amounts
  • If you need help by all means ask for it, don’t take on too much

The final word on how to remove snow from your yard

Although a little snow can bring the delight of the winter months too much of it can become a humbug, knowing how to manage snow effectively during the colder months will keep you ahead of the game as you keep your driveways and other areas clear. Following these steps will ensure that you are successful when it comes to the removal of snow during this winter season. Let’s use one or several of these proven methods that will work wonders for you.


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  1. Hey what a great and helpful post you have here, thanks!

    I absolutely love snow whereas some people around here aren’t a fan, this also means I don’t usually clear the snow off the path but since are neighbours are elderly we clean theirs. If it gets too much we’ll do ours too as it can get slippery later on.

    I’m definitely going to try out these methods, I weren’t aware snow can be removed easily with cat litter, going to try that out!

    Have a great day! Thanks again!

    • Hello, I am so happy to help, and thanks for stopping by. It is so good to hear about the help that you give your neighbors, especially how they’re elderly. You will be blessed for that, these methods of removing snow can make life easier, keep up the good work, and all the best to you.


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