How To Service A Gas Powered Lawn Mower

Basic Tips for Servicing a Lawn Mower

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Part of maintaining a lawn that’s growing beautiful and healthy requires a lawn mower that is in good repair, a mower can have so much wear and tear because of continual use, especially during the growing season. Therefore it’s our duty to ensure that our lawn mower is giving us peak performance at all times. A mower that’s neglected or needs to be serviced will perform poorly and can affect the health of your lawn, a well-maintained lawn mower will not only contribute to the health of your lawn but will help your mower to last as long as possible.

In this guide, we will show you how to DIY or service your very own mower that will contribute to the health of your lawn, if your desire is to have a lawn mower that operates at peak performance at all times then continue reading as we discuss how to service a gas powered lawn mower.

How to Service a Gas Powered Lawn Mower

1. The Owner’s manual: Before attempting to service your lawn mower its best to get familiar with the owner’s manual, in fact before using your mower for the first time it’s required that you read and understand your owners manual to know how to operate and care for your mower to avoid any issues.

2. Remove the spark plug: Removing the old spark plug is not only a part of the maintenance service but will safeguard against a lawn mower accidentally starting which can lead to injury from the mower’s blade. Here are a few signs that your spark plug needs to change, sometimes the engine will keep cutting off while mowing. Trying to restart your machine again may take a while, remove the spark plug, the center electrode should have a flat top if it’s rounded the spark plug needs to be replaced. Cracks in the spark plug’s porcelain sheath as well as pitting on its firing electrode are signs to change the mower’s spark plug. A spark plug that is wet with gasoline or black with carbon may still be functional, clean this area with a wire brush, and adjusting the gap between the electrodes can help to restore power to your lawn mower.

3. Removal of the gasoline: The gasoline should be drained especially during the end of the growing season as the colder months approach, the gasoline can either be drained manually or run the mower until all of the gas is used up. Old gasoline that is left sitting in your mower during the winter can cause your mower not to start when the following growing season or the warmer months arrives.

4. Clean or replace your air filter: An air filter that’s clean will help your lawn mower to run at peak performance if your air filter just needs cleaning depending on the type. Foam filters can be tapped onto a hard surface to remove the dust or the air filter can be washed in a little joy and water, rinse and allow to dry before reinstalling in your lawn mower. Once your foam filter is dry work  1-1/2 tablespoon of clean motor oil evenly across the filter to lightly coat it. If the filter is paper then it needs to be replaced. It’s important to read the owner’s manual to understand the servicing of your air filter.

5. Replacing the oil: When it comes to oil replacement it’s best to consult your owner’s manual on how to change and the right type of oil for your mower. Oil that’s contaminated or old should be changed and disposed of in a proper way. The old oil can be placed in the container that the new oil came in and taken to your local recycling center to be disposed of. Many service stations, quick lube, and repair facilities will accept used oil as well as used air filters.

6. Engine fogging: During the colder months with your lawn mower sitting for a long time (not being used) the lubricants in your mower can drain away. The water in the air can cause damage or corrosion to occur. Oil fogging can discourage this from taking place, ensure to check your owner’s manual to see if your machine needs the engine to be fogged and follow as directed.

7. Sharpening your lawn mower blade: A sharp blade will give a clean beautiful cut that will encourage a healthy lawn, Here is how to sharpen your lawn mowers blade the correct way.

8. Cleaning your lawn mower: Use this time to give your mower a good cleaning if you have not done so as yet, all dirt such as grass clippings and mud that have built up on the undercarriage should be removed. It’s best however to clean your lawn mower every time it has been used, don’t wait for dirt and debris to build up which will not only make a lawn mower look old and worn but may affect the way in which your mower runs.

The final word on how to service a gas powered land mower

Servicing a gas powered mower is that simple just follow this guide to keep your lawn mower in tip-top shape, always remember that in order for your lawn mower to give us the peak or best performance ever we must keep well maintained.


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