How To Sharpen A Lawn mower Blade

 3 Easy way to Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade

How To Sharpen A LawnMower Blad-a-lawn-mower
A lawn mower blade

Maintaining a beautiful lawn involves many components which include the proper mowing height, the right water and fertilizer methods, diseases, and lawn pests management but a very important practice that is overlooked is ensuring that the lawn mower blade is sharp at all times. A dull blade will not only tear the grasses contributing to a lawn that looks sickly but will weaken grass causing it to be more susceptible to weeds and lawn pests. A lawn that’s mowed with a dull blade will also turn brown.

It’s important to make sure that your lawn mower blade is sharp to encourage a healthy lawn. If you have faced this issue of a dull lawn mowers blade then continue reading as we discuss how to sharpen a lawnmower blade.

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Signs that your Lawn mower Blade is Dull

  • The grass blades look chewed, ripped, or torn
  • The mower’s blades have nicks or dents
  • The edges of the grass look brown or frayed
  • After cutting at the proper height the grass appears uneven
  • On Inspection parts of the lawn mower’s blade looks broken
  • Having to make passes on the same area multiple times
  • Frequent stalling
  • It takes longer to mow
  • Chunks of grass get pulled up by the lawn mower’s blade
  • Pushing the lawn mower harder to get the proper cutting

 Remove the Blade from the Mower

Disconnect the spark plug or the battery the reason for this is that you don’t want the mower to accidentally start which can lead to injury, be very careful in how to tip your lawn mower to get to the blade. Tilting your lawn mower at the wrong angle can cause the oil to accidentally flow into and saturate the air filter which can cause your mower not to run properly or not all.

Tipping your lawn mower at the wrong angle can also cause fuel to flood  (it’s best to set your lawn mower on blocks) the mower’s engine, the spark plug should always be in the upright position or tilted towards the sky. To hold or block the blade in place use a piece of 3-inch pipe or a piece of 2×4 wood, push the pipe or the 2×4 through the side discharge and over the blade. Next, loosen the bolt with a wrench that holds the lawn’s mower blade in place.

Method 1: Use a Bench Grinder

For this method, you will need eye goggles, earplugs, and strong work gloves (a bench grinder is most effective on blades that have been badly damaged), place the blade against the spinning wheel. The mower’s blade should be held firmly as its been grind by the bench grinder. While the blade is grinding you will hear a loud noise and also see sparks in a few minutes however your blade will be sharpened.

Method 2: Use a Drill and Blade Sharpening Stone

A blade sharpening drill bit does the same as a  bench grinder the bit’s stone is constructed to hug the edge of the lawn mower’s blade. This method is very easy and also effective. Once both sides of the blade have been sharpened, check the balance of the blade by hanging it on a nail through both the hole, if the blade hangs horizontally it’s complete and can be reinstalled to the lawn mower, if one end of the blade hangs lower than the other, file a bit from that side of blade end’s edge until the blade balances on the nail. This will ensure that your mower is running smoothly.

Method 3: The Use of a Clamp and a File

Place or secure your lawn mowers blade in a vice, next with a little pressure run the file along the blade’s edge perpendicularly or at an angle of 90° to grind down any nicks or dents and smooth the shape of the existing edge. Once one side has been completed reposition the blade in the vice to remove nicks and dents from the other side as well.

Before Mowing your Lawn

Hidden objects in the lawn can also damage the lawn mowers blades, it’s best to walk your lawn area first and remove any objects for example cans, bottles, metals, boards, large stones, etc…

How to Sharpen a Lawn mowers Blade

A lawn mowers blade should be sharpened 2-4 times per year.

How to Extend your Lawn mower’s Blade Life

After each use it is best to wash your lawn mowers blades to extend its life, the action will also remove pathogens and weed seeds. Once the blade is washed off and cleaned with a strong jet spray of water from a garden hose nozzle dry the blade thoroughly to avoid rust followed by oiling or lubrication with WD-40.

When to Change my Lawn mowers Blade

As rule to go by a lawn mowers blade should be changed every 2-3 years depending on the number of times the mower is used.

The final word on how to sharpen  lawn mowers blade

Don’t allow a dull blade to destroy your beautiful lawn, sharpening your lawn mower’s blade will ensure that your lawn will always have that perfect cut encouraging a healthy and beautiful lawn. The time invested in sharpening your lawn mowers blade is worth worth the effort so go for it you will be so happy with the results because the grass is greener on the other side of the fence why not let it be you?


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