How To Start A Lawnmower When It Run Out Of Gas

Tips for Starting a Lawnmower that Runs Out of Gas

How-To -Start -A -lawn-Mower-When-It-Run-Out-OF-Gas
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A part of proper lawn maintenance is keeping your grass well-manicured by the proper cutting height which requires the help of a lawnmower that’s working properly. In some cases, our lawnmower may have run out of gas just when we were about to complete our grass-cutting task. This has been my experience before and I am sure that for some this may have happened before.

Restarting a lawnmower when it runs out of gas in some instances may become a challenge but in this guide, we will be looking at steps on how to start a lawnmower when it runs out of gas.

How To Start A Lawnmower When It Run Out Of Gas

Step 1: Refilling Your Lawnmower’s Gas Tank

Before refueling your lawnmower ensure that you’re using the right type of fuel, your owner’s manual should have the right fuel type to use so refer there. In most cases, lawnmowers run on unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of about 87 or higher.

Step 2: Check for any Clogging

Although you refuel your lawnmower it may still have trouble restarting, check for any debris or clogs in the fuel lines, carburetor, and fuel filter may be preventing fuel from reaching the engine that may be causing this issue. Remove any debris that’s found.

Step 3: Prime the Engine

Now it’s time to prime the lawnmower’s engines, the instruction for this can be found in your owner’s manual, priming the engine will force the fuel to flow into the carburetor that will help to start the engine.

Step 4: Ensure that the Choke is Adjusted

The choke is responsible to help the engine start when it’s cold, the choke regulates the amount of air that flows into the engine, once the engine warms up open the choke to allow more air to flow into the engine. The choke should be adjusted as needed for the engine to start, however, refer to the owner’s manual for directions.

Step 5: Engage the Engine by Pulling the Power Cord

Now that You’ve primed the engine and adjusted the choke next proceed to start the engine, Keep pulling the power cord gently until the engine starts.

Step 6: Warming Up the Engine

Once the engine starts allow the engine to run for a few minutes before proceeding to cut, waiting for a few minutes before cutting will allow the oil to circulate throughout the engine preventing any damage.

How To Start A Lawnmower When It Run Out Of Gas

Your Guide on how to Start a Lawnmower when it Runs Out of Gas

How To Sharpen A LawnMower Blad-a-lawn-mower
A lawnmower 

1. Refule your mower

2. Check for any debirs or clogs

3. Prime your lawnmower’s engine

4. Now adjust the choke

5. Next pull the started cord

6. Let the engine warm-up


Bonus Points

1. Old gas that’s been sitting in a lawnmower from last season, especially during the winter months can cause engine problems, gas stays fresh only for about a month after that it begins to degrade so before turning on your lawnmower with gas that has been sitting for a month or more replace with fresh gas.

2. If you discover that you use more gas than needed then add a gas stabilizer to your fuel, these stabilizers can keep your fuel fresh for up to 2 years-24 months.

3. The ideal place to store your lawnmower is in your shed or garage, if you must store your mower outdoors then ensure that it’s elevated above the ground and covered with a tarp that’s durable or strong to protect from the outside elements.

4. When storing your mower always keep it level and not tilted which can cause the oil to flow into the wrong parts causing flooding.

5. If a foreign object gets caught in the blade before removing the object ensure that the mower is complete of by removing the spark plug wire. Don’t turn the mower on its side but rather prop up the front of the mower with a strong piece of wood, truning the mower on its side, especially for a long time can cause the oil to flood the lawnmower or cause the mower to be difficult to start. Once the object is removed place the mower back on level ground and reattach the spark plug wire and proceed to start.

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The final word on how to start a lawnmower when it runs out of gas

Starting a lawnmower that runs out of gas doesn’t have to be a problem, this guide will give you insights on how to restart your lawnmower. We should do all that we can as far as proper maintenance is concerned to ensure that our lawnmower is performing its best. A lawnmower that running properly will not only give a nice clean cut but will help to encourage a healthy lawn so before you start your lawn cutting ensure it’s in good repair. At least once or twice a year give your lawn mower a tune-up or service and see for yourself how perfect your lawnmower runs.


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