How To Start An Indoor Organic Garden In And Apartment

A Guide to Indoor Organic Gardening

How To Start An Indoor Organic Garden In And Apartment-basil-herb
Basil herb

More and more people are seeking ways to promote good health this is the reason why many backyard gardens are either been created or transformed in such ways to grow food crops in a healthy way. Even if you live in an apartment and desire to grow your food crops organically you are not alone and the good news is that limited space can also be turned into an organic garden.

But to have success a well-thought-out plan must be put in place that’s why we are here to guide you along the way to help you think outside of the box as you accomplish your goals of growing your very own indoor organic garden.

What is an organic garden?

Simply put an organic garden is a garden where food crops are grown naturally or without the use of synthetics (man-made chemicals). With these types of gardens, everything from the soil to the food crop is organic.

How is this done, let’s find out as we continue.

Start with a plan

Starting with a plan is a step in the right direction here is what you will have to consider.

How To Start An Indoor Organic Garden In An Apartment-thyme-herb
Thyme herb
  • The space that’s available
  • Lighting condition
  • The soil
  • Choice of containers
  • Watering methods
  • Fertilizing methods
  • Garden insect pest
  • Disease control
  • Harvesting

Utilizing that limited space

Whichever plants you intend to grow along with the containers should complement each other. In other words, the container should be able to fit comfortably into that chosen spot without having to be forced or squeezed into place.

Also, the plant that’s chosen should be able to sit comfortably at maturity in the container, this method of planting will ensure that your indoor organic garden is thriving and growing healthy giving you a good harvest.

Lighting for your indoor garden

The correct amount of lighting is so important for your indoor garden, your indoor container should be placed near a window that gets bright light or what you can do is purchase grow lights and install them. Grows light will provide sufficient lighting.

The soil

The soil is an important component in the success of growing healthy plants, the soil that’s chosen should be free of chemicals. When purchasing this type of soil your garden nurseryman or garden center sales rep can help you with this

Your choice of container

There are so many containers to choose from this process should not be difficult, once you know the size of your plant at maturity the first step is choosing the right size container, also ensure that the container has adequate holes for water drainage other than that it is all a matter of choosing your design preference.

Watering methods

Research has should that most container-grown plants die either because of a lack of or overwatering plants. Know your plants watering needs giving them that amount no more no less.

Fertilizing your indoor organic garden

Remember, your goal is to grow an organic garden which means when providing nutrients for your plant it should be all-natural without the use of chemicals. Dry chicken or cow manure etc.. are just two natural organics that can be used.

Indoor garden pest control

Even indoor insect pests can become an issue but it’s an issue that you have full control over. Once the insect has been identified it’s all a matter of choosing the correct insect control along with applying it at the proper rate.

Because you’re growing food crops the only insecticides that should be used are organic. Before applying read and follow the manufactures label.

Disease control

When it comes to container-grown plants, in most cases disease issues arise because of overwatering. Again to minimize disease issues ensure that containers have drain holes for water drainage along with giving your indoor garden the right amount of water because as discussed earlier overwatering will lead to root rot.

Harvest time

This is the fun part I know you would agree, why else would you grow indoor edible crops? Whichever food crops you’re growing it is good to get information on harvest time so you can know when it’s the right time to start harvesting. If you are planting from seeds the package should have this information otherwise consult your garden nurseryman.

Edible crops that can be grown in an apartment

Grow these herbs from your kitchen countertops or patio.

Garden herbs

How To Start An Indoor Organic Garden In An Apartment-garlic-herb
Garlic herb
  • Thyme
  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Chives
  • Mint
  • Garlic
  • Parsely
  • Oregano
  • French tarragon
  • Hot peppers
  • Bay leaves
  • Sage
  • Cilantro
  • Winter savory
  • Aloe vera

Garden vegetables

Garden vegetables can be grown in larger containers which can be placed on your patio or a well lite area in your apartment.

How To Start An Indoor Organic In An Apartment-vegetables
Vegetable crops
  • Tomatoes
  • Radishes
  • Leafy salad greens
  • Green onions/Scallions
  • Microgreens
  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • Spinach
  • Potatoes
  • Spinach
  • Bell peppers
  • Kale mustard greens

Additional information

Setting up a cool-mist humidifier near your indoor garden will help in preventing your indoor garden plants from drying out.

The final word on how to grow an indoor organic garden in an Apartment

Though an apartment has limited space does not mean that you cannot grow edible food crops it’s all a matter of utilizing that small space to your advantage by thinking outside of the box. Following the steps laid out will help you to reap a good harvest so go ahead and give it a try you will be so happy you did as you have much success growing an indoor organic garden.


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  3. The plan is so helpful for me Norman! I love your website and the plan you made. I will use it. I think I was on your website once before and found many helpful tips for growing herbs. I used these tips and made a herb garden outside. It worked very well. I planted pearl onions, Thyme, Basil, Green cabbage , Parsley, Mint, Now winter is coming and I still want to eat fresh herbs. I might even try to grow some vegetables too.I signed up to your newsletter to get more tips.

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