How To Use Aspirin In The Garden

Keeping your plants healthy with aspirins

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Plants are like humans which is pretty amazing. In this article, we will be discussing a very exciting and interesting topic that I believe you will also find interesting and that is using aspirins to keep your garden plants healthy and vibrant.

Who would have ever thought we would be using aspirins to promote our garden plant’s health, when I first heard of this I was blown away, and am sure that if this is your first time hearing about this topic you may be surprised too.

The use of aspirins has become so popular that many weekend warriors (Gardeners) are taking full advantage of this method which has proven to give good results in the garden.

The science of aspirins

What is the scientific evidence behind this bold claim? I am so happy that you asked. The important component that is found in aspirins is called salicylic acid. This active ingredient eliminates pain and swelling in humans but when given to garden plants it helps by promoting or boosting the plant’s immune system. When the plant’s immune system gets boosts it’s protected from insect and microbial attacks.

How To Use Aspirin In The Garden

I know you are excited to try this method in your garden but first a word of caution. Using aspirins in the wrong way or too many of them can cause your garden plants to develop brown spots that appear as plant burn.

How do I apply aspirins to my garden area?

The right methods involve crushing a tablet until it turns to powder and adding this tablet to a liter of water, So for every liter of water, there should be one crushed tablet.

This solution should be added to a spray bottle and as the solution is released it should come out fine and misty. Make sure and get total coverage of the plant’s leaves. Heavy drops are ineffective and will not do.

The early morning hours are the best time to spray because this will give your plant’s leaves time to dry before evening sets in. Spraying during the early morning hours will also help to protect beneficial insects and other garden pollinators from coming into contact with this solution.

The effectiveness of aspirins on garden plants

How will aspirins help my garden plants?

1. As was mentioned earlier aspirins will boost the plant’s immune system which will protect your garden plants from insect and microbial attacks.

2. A study was done many years ago and it was discovered that spraying a solution of water and aspirins on your tomatoes and other garden vegetables will increase their quality.

3. Want a better yield of basil and other garden herbs then a mixture of this solution will work wonders.

4. Using aspirins as a rooting hormone works great. The part of the cutting that is to plant in the soil should be coated with this solution. Let it sit for a while and then plant.

5. Adding an aspirin dissolved in water to a vase of water will allow flower cuttings to remain fresh longer.

6. I read a story of someone that sprayed aspirins on their plant’s seed helped in the healthy germination of their seeds.

Tips for Healthy Plants

Besides, the use of aspirins here is other tips to keep your garden plants healthy and happy.

1. For healthy plants ensure that you are giving your garden plants a sufficient amount of water because it is so important to a plant’s development.

2. Applying fertilizers in the right amount is an added bonus to your plant’s health. Organics such as cow and chicken manure will work wonders.

3. Using insecticidal soaps, organic sprays and natural predators will keep the insect pests population low giving you a good harvest.

4. The use of  mulch is also great for weed control, conserving water, keeping the soil temperature cool, and adding nutrients to the soil

5. Organics can also help in adjusting the soil’s ph.

6. Have a monthly to-do checklist so that you can make sure your plants are growing healthy and there are no unseen issues that may be a problem if not detected early.

7. Use the right pruning methods and always sterilize your pruner when using either healthy or infected plants.

8. The use of compost or organic soils will help to build your soil and give you a better harvest.

The tips that we have mentioned can be found in the category section of this website just take a few minutes and browse for what you need in order to have a successful garden.

The final word

What I love about using aspirins is they are inexpensive. What a big difference a low price makes in purchasing and applying aspirins to your garden plants. I know this may or may not be new to you but if you have not as yet tried aspirins in your garden then I encourage y0u to give it a try and get the full benefits. Aspirins another wonder to keep garden plants healthy.


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8 thoughts on “How To Use Aspirin In The Garden”

  1. Well it’s certainly true what they say – you learn something new every day!

    I had no idea that aspirin could be used for plant health and can even be used for a a better yield of plant-life. I wonder who first came up with this idea, and what inspired him/her to give it a try?

    Really interesting article!

    • Hello Chris this is really amazing. But because of on going research new things are being discovered every day . Have a good evening and glad I could help.

  2. Thanks Norman, this is very new to me. I never ever heard of aspirin in seed, soil or plants. For me it is mind blowing! I understand aspirin helps the germination of the seed and The quality of the fruit. In a world where so much is said about organic food, will food from aspirin treated plants still be counted as organic? 

    • Hello Juliet this is really amazing. Yes in my opinion foods that aspirins are used on will still  be organic. Remember it is just a small amount that is used and this will not have and adverse effect on plants in anyway. Hope this helps. Have a good day.

  3. Yuo I’m very surprised by this topic. I haven’t heard about Aspirin before now. This article is sort of educational and has exposed me to some things that were unknown to me. I know taking anything in excess is bad and this is similar to abusing this powerful Aspirin.

    Thanks for the guide to applying Aspirin in the garden and the tips for healthy plants to keep my plants heavy. 🙂

    • Yes Barry I was blown away by this also but it is great to know that a cheap bottle of aspirins can make such a big difference in our gardens. So happy that I could help and have a good day.

  4. Hi Norman!!

    Thank you for your Blog!!

    Question: What type of Aspirin – coated vs. uncoated and the MG.

    Thanks a Bunch!!

  5. Hi Norman, What is the dosage and the MG. If the dosage is more, the plant gets dried. So please tell us what is the dosage and MG per liter of water to dilute.


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