How To Use Goat Manure

Goat Manure a Natural Organic

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Organic fertilizers are a great way to feed our garden plants especially if we are growing an edible garden, going organic is a great way to avoid food contamination. Goat manure which is a natural organic is broken down by soil microbes once broken down in a nutrient form is taken up by the plant’s root system. This natural organic is rich in levels of nitrogen that conditions the soil structure which improves soil’s absorption or moisture.

What makes goat manure also a good choice is improving soil aeration that helps with air circulation that’s beneficial to plant roots and soil microbes along with helping to eliminate soil compaction. There are so many reasons why we should consider using goat manure we will be looking at how not only to use goat manure but the many advantages of this natural organic.

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How To Use Goat Manure

Are you considering using goat (waste or excrement) manure instead of synthetic or man-man fertilizers but want more insight on how goat manure works, one reason why goat manure is a must is that it’s easy to collect and not messy. Goat excrement comes out as pellets as the goat passes, once collected the pellets can be carried off in preparation to be used.

To use goat manure as a fertilizer spread this organic material evenly over the garden or the soil’s surface and till it into the soil. It’s best to apply goat manure to the soil before plant installation. Goat manure can be applied in the fall in the field before planting this move will give the manure time to decompose providing nutrients for the following year’s crop.

How to Apply Goat Manure to the Soil

As a rule of thumb goat manure should be applied 1/2 pound per square foot of garden area,

The Advantages of Using Goat Manure

Plant Burn: Unlike cow and horse manure that needs to dry out before application goat manure will not burn plants.

Attract Insects: You may be wondering if using goat manure will attract insects because insects can become a real nuisance, there are many diseases carrying insects including flies. The good news is goat manure does not attract insects.

Garden Plants: Goat manure is great to apply to plant beds especially edible gardens.

Goat manure vs Cow Manure: Goat manure is easier to work with, has fewer odors, and is drier than cow manure.

Nitrogen Content: The nitrogen content is higher than that of cow and horse manure.

Water Holding Capacity: Soil can dry out pretty quickly especially if is sandy or during the hotter months, goat manure has the ability to condition garden soil to retain moisture for plant uptake.

Recycling Goat manure: Using goat manure is a great way to recycle waste as fertilizer.

Soil Microbes: Goat manure contains beneficial soil microbes that help break down organic matter that improves plants’ health.

Sandy Soils: Incorporating goat manure into sandy soils will help to improve the water-holding capacity, more manure may need to be incorporated, however.

The Disadvantages of Using Goat Manure

Weed Seeds: The disadvantage of using goat manure is it may contain more weed seeds, the majority of weed seeds are destroyed when goat manure is thoroughly composted. But a hand full of weeds may still germinate.

How to Compost Goat Manure

  • In your Compost bin mix organic materials such as kitchen scraps like leftover vegetables, fruits and fruit peels, eggshells, and coffee ground, along with leaves, grass clippings, and straws
  • Keep the compost moist and stir it occasionally to ensure that it’s thoroughly mixed together, this mixing will encourage airflow along with speeding up decomposition.
  • The smaller the pile the faster the decomposition, the larger the pile will take longer to breakdown which can take several weeks or months
  • Another reason to use manure in your compost bin is that pellets from this organic material will allow more airflow that will speed up decomposition

How to Make Goat Manure Fertilizer

  • 1 part fresh goat manure
  • 1 part water
  • 1 part compost

Mix these ingredients thoroughly together and apply them to your garden beds, for the best results apply when plants are actively growing during the spring and summer months.

The final word on how to use goat manure

Goat manure is a natural organic that has been used by farmers and growers for many years, this natural organic has proven to work wonders as it conditions the soil along with promoting and encouraging the healthy growth of plants. Now that we have discussed the use and the benefits of goat manure you are now in a better position to decide if this natural organic is for you.


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