How To Use Oatmeal In The Garden

Using Oatmeal to Solve Garden Problems

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Oatmeal is a great breakfast cereal to start your day off,  oatmeal has so many benefits when it comes to our health which is so amazing but what stands out most about oats is this grain is great for our hearts. There was a time when I myself was not a fan of oatmeal but because of its health benefits, I will eat it to stay healthy and fit.

But what I find also interesting about oatmeal is that it can be used in the garden to help us with issues we may be facing. The method of using oatmeal in the garden is a natural and safe way to take care of certain problems, especially when there is the presence of children and pets.

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Oatmeal and the chickenpox

Before we go into the discussion of oatmeal in the garden  I want to share a personal story. My son a few years ago contracted the chickenpox. I mean he was literally covered from head to toe with sores so what my wife and mother-in-law did to bring him some relief was to cook some oatmeal let it cool and had him remove his cloth except for his underwear and they spread this cooked oatmeal all over him to bring him some comfort and it did work which I think is pretty amazing, the power of oatmeal is simply great just thought I might share that story with you and now it is on to our story of oatmeal in the garden.

Using oatmeal as fertilizers

The use of oatmeal as fertilizers can benefit your garden greatly, many garden experts say sprinkling oatmeal around your garden plants will add nutrients to the soil which will be taken up by your plant’s roots but a word of caution here too much oatmeal can encourage rodents and insects so remember to use it sparling.

The removal of sticky sap

It is so good to get on the great outdoors working in our gardens but one challenge which I face on many occasions is plant sap that can be so sticky. The use of rubbing oatmeal on the skin and hands will help to remove sap because of oatmeal’s coarseness.

To control snails and slugs

Garden plants can work wonders and bring much-needed change to our gardens and landscapes but what can be discouraging is to see uninvited guests such as snails and slugs making a meal out of our garden plants. What can help to bring these garden pests under control is the use of oatmeal.

Sprinkle oatmeal in areas where you have seen snails and slugs. When the snail and slugs eat the oatmeal it will swell in their stomach causing death.

Creating a compost pile

Creating a compost pile is not new but it has become so popular among gardeners because creating a compost pile will allow you to supply your garden plants with all-natural soil which is filled with nutrients that is so important to plant life.

The report has it that the use of oatmeal will help in building your compost because of its nutrient content so give it a try as you build your garden soil.

Sunburn, Poison Ivy and Poison Oak

It is so good to connect with nature in our gardens but what can be discouraging is those sunburns or coming in contact with poison ivy and poison oak. The good news is oatmeal is here again to the rescue to bring you relief.

To get some comfort from these unfortunate experiences simply place some oatmeal in the leg of a stocking, tie the stockings around your bathtub faucet and allow some warm water to come in contact with the stockings as you fill your bath with water. Soaking in this water for about 20-25 minutes is good, this mixture should bring some relief.

For soil erosion

Soil erosion is the removal of the topsoil which is influenced by tillage, water, and the wind but oats have been used in the prevention of soil erosion.

Soil improvement

At the heart of garden plants is the soil in which it is grown if the soil is of poor quality and does not meet the requirements of your garden plant problems will arise, it has been said that Oates added to the soil will encourage soil improvement.

Cover crops

Oats are also grown and used as a green cover crop, this process is done by growing the oats and then turning them in the soil which will provide organic matter.

Weed Control

Oats are said to act as weed control when grown with other crops.


Nitrogen is so important to a plant’s overall health well when it comes to oats the good news is oats can help to retain soil nitrogen.

Oatmeal fun facts

Here are 10 oatmeal fun facts that I know you will love.

1. Oatmeal is used as a feed for live stocks.

2. Oats are used in many beauty products

3. Oats originated in China.

4. Oats were once thought to be a nuisance weed.

5. It is said that January is the month where oats are celebrated.

6. Oats have been around for more than 2,000 years.

7. Oats help in the production of fossil fuels.

8. There are said to be hundreds of oat species.

9. Oatmeal is non-toxic that’s why it is used in and around the garden.

10. Oats are crushed into fine flour.

The final word

The use of oatmeal in the garden is so beneficial, this all-natural method will have your garden plants growing healthy. The benefits of oatmeal are so amazing so give it a try as you enhance your garden plants the natural way.


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