The power of Sugar and VinegarColourful rose arrangement-how-to-use-sugar-and-vinegar-to-preserve-cut-flowers

As a child growing up at Christmas there was always excitement in our home because of the Christmas tree that my parents brought, we all got to decorate the tree and most of all watched as those gifts filled the entire area under the Christmas tree.

But what my Mom did was always added some sugar to the water that the Christmas tree stood in because I was told that this would preserve the tree and caused it to last longer meaning the aroma of wonderful pine would be around a lot longer filling our home.

Vinegar and Sugar

What we will be looking at however is the science of vinegar and sugar in relation to preserving flower cuttings.

The  POWER  Of Sugar and Vinegar

What is the science behind sugar and vinegar and how does this help to preserve flower cuttings?

 Vinegar helps to lower the Ph level that is in the water, this allows your cuttings to take up the water easier. Vinegar also helps to eliminate microbes that have an adverse effect on flower cuttings.

Sugar is a great source of carbohydrates, this is very important to plants because plants convert carbohydrates to sugar by the process that is known as photosynthesis along with water and the energy that come from the sunlight. So by feeding your flower cuttings with sugar is a great way to help give them that added boost.Orchid and rose arrangement-how-to-use-sugar-and-vinegar-to-preserve-cut-flowers

Steps in preparing this powerful mixture

1. Keep flower cuttings wrapped in a cloth that is soaked with water to prevent water loss.

2. Use a clean vase or if the vase is not clean with a solution of warm water and soap liquid clean vase thoroughly.

3. In a quart of warm water mix 2 tbsp of sugar along with 2 tbsp of vinegar. White vinegar is the best choice.

4. Remove lower leaves from cuttings so they don’t rest in the water, vinegar, and sugar mixture this will ensure lest bacteria activity, also the removal of these lower levels will help cuttings to use less energy.

5. Cut stems at the desired height for the arrangement with a sharp pruner or scissors.

6. Place vase with the arrangement in a cool place away from direct sunlight light because direct sunlight will have an adverse effect on your flower cuttings.

7. Change water every other day or every 2 days and repeat steps 2 and 3.

Final word

The power of sugar and vinegar is so amazing when it comes to flower cuttings. Giving this mixture a try will ensure that your flower cuttings last much longer as you enjoy the beauty they bring.

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