Doctoring your succulent plants


What I love about the plant kingdom is that they are so diverse. There are many species of plants on planet earth that is just mind-blowing. Have you ever given thought to how many species of plants that are there?

Well according to research there are more than 39,000 species of plants, now that is a lot of plants. Each species has its genetic makeup and plays an important part in our ecosystem.

For example, some plants give our food such delicious tastes with their sweet aroma these same plants also repels insects, 

Some plants eat insects, some plants attract insects, then there are those that attract birds and butterflies and so on. We use plants for food and medicine.

Also, plants purify the air and make it pure that we breathe.

The list can go on and on this is what makes landscape and gardening along with the plant kingdom so amazing. In this article, however, our focus will be on how to water our succulent plants.

Watering our succulents

Every plant no matter how diverse they need water to survive. The water requirements may be different but the rule is, all the same, your plants need to drink water in order to survive.

Succulents are very beautiful plants that are of various colors and can really add that WOW to your overall garden design. These plants, in my opinion, is very lush and should be treated with tender loving care.

But in order to enjoy these beauties, there are some know how that should be applied.

How to water succulents

How to water succulents in the ground

Soil Preference

Soil- Soil plays a very important part in the lives of succulent plants. Therefore it is good to know the soil preference of these plants. Succulents don’t like wet feet meaning that the soil should be a well-drained soil that doesn’t hold excess water.

Water should be allowed to drain through soil because the last thing that you want is for your plant to suffer from disease brought on by excess water.

Light preference of succulents outdoor

Outdoor succulents require 5-6 hours of sunlight.

Light preference of succulents indoor

Place your succulent plants near east or south window, in other words, they do well in bright light.

Using a pot with holes

Succulents in pot-how-to-water-succulent-plants

When using succulents as potted- plant it is also good to consider proper drainage.  Mistakes have been made too often by so many persons who have sort to have success with these plants. Always remember when using these plants as potted plants to use pots that have drain holes to avoid plants from sitting in water.

Using a pot without holes

The key to watering potted succulents without holes is knowing the watering requirements of your plants. Wet the soil enough to moisten it but not waterlogged. Every 2-3 days check soil moisture and wet soil again as needed.

Pest of succulent plants

Succulents do have their share of pest problems but the good news is there are pesticides that can help you to win the war on these insects pests. These insects include. spider mites, mealy bugs, scales, and gnats.

Using a systemic pesticide can also bring control to these insect pests.

Fertilizing your succulent plants

Feed your succulent plants with a balanced fertilizer once per month.

Final word

Succulent plants are really great to have as a part of your garden design. These plants are very amazing and can bring much color and style to your garden so whether using these plants as interior plants or planting directly into the ground remember

by giving this plant the right amount of water will ensure your succulents will last a long time as you enjoy their beauty.

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