Indoor Fall Gardening In South Florida

Extending the Season with Your Indoor Edible Garden

Indoor Fall Gardening In south Florida-aerogarden-harvest
Areogarden Harvest

Although we’re in the fall months now is not the time to stop gardening as the winter months approach, there is much more that can be done to extend the season for a fall and winter crop. We can continue to eat fresh through the fall and winter months by shifting our focus on gardening indoors, this time of the year presents us with so many opportunities to connect with nature indoors. The Aerogarden system can help us to achieve this goal.

Below we will be also looking at the pros or the advantages of using these garden systems that have proven that the Aerogarden systems are worth the investment. With that said let’s take a closer look at growing edible plants indoors in the fall in South Florida.

Traditional Gardening

Traditional gardens do have their place this is what we grew up knowing as it was thought to us by our parents and the older generation, as a child this was my experience as I grew and took care of my very own edible garden. But because we were limited by what we knew (not knowing about growing edible foods indoors). We only grew food crops during the spring and the summer months since then the discovery of growing indoor edible foods has and is growing like wildfire if I can use that word.

This method of gardening especially with the advancement of technology has made it so easy for anyone who wants to grow edible crops indoors. For those of you who may say that you don’t have a “green thumb”, this system is Tailor-Made just for you and with the Aerogarden System there is no mess or hassle just install and follow the instruction and you are good to go.

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Does Aerogarden use a Lot of Electricity?

The answer to that question is no, these systems use small amounts of electricity which makes this System a  Must Have.

Does the Aerogarden System have a Warranty?

What I also love about the Aerogarden System is that they are Backup a 1-year Warranty.

Does the Aerogarden System Attract Bugs?

Aerogarden does not attract bugs any more than other garden plants, the light from this system may attract flies but the difference is these flies are kept at a minimum.

Signs that your Aerogarden may be Bug-infested

Aerogarden Reviews-aerogarden-harvest-indoor-garden
Aerogarden Harvest Indoor Garden. BUY NOW ON AMAZON
  • Poor quality texture or taste
  • Drooping or leaves that wilts
  • Insects can be visibly seen flying near your aerogarden
  • Stunted growth
  • Eggs or nymphs on the leaves
  • The foliage (leaves) may have sticky brown or black mold
  • Small yield
  • Yellowing or browning of leaves
  • Bugs that move while you’re harvesting
  • Bugs crawling on the stems, leaves, or the Aerogarden unit
  • Webbing on the leaves that are white in color

How to Control Aerogarden Bugs?

Safety is always first, before bringing bugs under control unplug the system from the electric outlet. Switching off the system is not enough, make sure to unplug it first, next remove the lid from the water reservoir with the plants intact. If needed take out each pod but be very gentle with this process, place on a flat surface and with a newspaper or napkin soak up the water from the roots.

Take each plant being very gentle however and place it under low running water (room temperature tap water), as each plant is being rinsed be sure to get both the top/undersides of the leaves along with the stems and the roots.

Organic soap can also be used seeing these are edible plants or you can purchase Organic insecticides, before applying however read and follow the manufactures directions for the best results.

If using organic soap spray, again make sure that the system is unplugged from the outlet to avoid light burnout or other types of injury, ensure that the plants are dried first before plugging in again. The lights should be dried as well, before applying sprays ensure to remove any yellow, brown, or dead leaves from the plant, scissors or a hand pruner can help with this.

Cleaning your Aerogarden System

The system or unit can be wiped down with a damp cloth that has soap, wipe down thoroughly, parts such as pod holder rims, lid, and pump. Rinse the cloth in warm water and soap between cleaning. The led light should be wiped with a dry cloth, once your system is cleaned put the lid back on the water tank, refill it with water and as needed add fertilizer.

The Benefits of an AeroGarden System

  • With these gardens, you can grow fresh herbs and veggies year-round
  • Growing an endless supply of edible plants
  • Maintaining these gardens is so easy
  • Allows you to produce more in a compacted space
  • Herbs and veggies grown in this manner is healthy
  • These gardens are easy to install
  • Can be installed just about anywhere indoors
  • Plants grow at a faster rate
  • You don’t need a “green thumb ” so to speak just follow the instruction and you are good to go
  • Great for persons who don’t have much outdoor or no outdoor space for gardening

The final word on indoor fall gardening in South Florida

Extending the season with the Aerogarden is worth the investment, these garden systems have proven time and again to produce a bountiful harvest. Join the many owners who are having much success with the Aerogarden system. With the Aerogarden systems, you can’t go wrong, these garden systems are a winner Order Yours Now and see for yourself you will be so Happy with the Results as You Eat Healthy and Fresh during the spring and winter months.


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4 thoughts on “Indoor Fall Gardening In South Florida”

  1. I’ve never grown inside edible plants but have at times thought about growing some for my cooking. Is this easy to use for beginners? Where in my house would I best be able to grow and keep them away from my animals and kids? They would most likely destroy the plants they do try to get into everything hence one reason why i haven’t tried yet.

    • This one can be somewhat of a challenge compared to outside gardening where you can put a fence if you’re not using the Aerogarden system but growing indoor plants the traditional way remember indoor plants need lots of light like south or west-facing window. If you can locate an area with this condition but where it is not easy for kids

      or pets to reach then that is good but the challenge is finding a secure area like this. You will have to have a well-thought-out plan for this. Why not educate your kids and get them involved with the care of your plants that way they will know the dos and don’t. I hope this helps, all the best to you, and have a good day.

  2. I learned I can now grow crops indoors, regardless of the season. I have used greenhouses before but could not cope because of the required labor and techniques. Thank you for coming up with Aerogarden. The top of it is that the system itself controls the influence of flies. I will give it a trial and be back to share my experience

    • Hello, I am so happy that I could help, wishing all the best, and thanks so much for coming back and for letting me know how it goes. All the best to you and have a good day!


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