Indoor Gardening For Senior Citiznes

7 Great Indoor Ideas For seniors citizens

Indoor Gardening For Seniors-and-indoor-garden
Indoor garden

Gardening provides an opportunity for senior citizens to stay active contributing to their physical health as well as mental sharpness. Studies have also backed up the importance of gardening especially among seniors therefore it’s important that some type of gardening is carried out which will promote good health.

A great way to get seniors involved in gardening is by bringing nature indoors, while it’s great to work in our gardens on the great outdoors many seniors prefer to work indoors which can also be of great benefit. The goal here is getting them involved and an indoor garden can work just as well.

Below we will be looking at 7 indoor garden ideas for seniors that will not only keep them busy but will also create in them a sense of pride as they see the results of their time spent working on their gardens.

Creating an indoor container garden

An indoor garden would not be possible without the use of containers, no matter the size, shape, or material used the fact remains that indoor gardens are supported by containers with the exception of an atrium which is a planter that’s created indoors provided you have the space for a garden of this sort.

1. Edible gardens

Edible gardens are really amazing because, with this garden type, edible plants can be grown from kitchen countertops or other areas indoors that have sufficient space along with lighting to ensure plants are growing healthy. If sufficient light (sunlight) is not provided then the use of grow lights can be installed to provide the amount of light that’s needed.

Seniors will truly love this garden type as they grow and care for their favorite herbs that can be used to flavor many of the dishes they enjoy. Edible gardens are easy to maintain, it’s all a matter of knowing the caring needs of which herbs are to be grown. If planting herbs from seeds the instruction will be on the seed package but if from seedlings then your nurseryman will assist with this. Can you imagine the aroma of herbs emanating from an indoor garden, a herb garden will work wonders for the elderly as they take care of their indoor herb garden.

2. Hanging baskets

Gardening above the ground is a great way to garden and I am sure that senior citizens will take great delight in this type of garden. Hanging baskets can be hung from indoor walls and other areas where baskets can be hung. The key is hanging these baskets but not too high, baskets should be hunged where they can be reached comfortably without having to use a step ladder or a chair to stand on which can be pretty dangerous for the elderly.

3. Table gardening

Growing plants from containers on a table will bring nature indoors as seniors get a taste of the outdoor life, it is just a matter of finding a sunny location indoors where to locate your table and containers with plants. Ensure however that each container has a saucer to collect the water. The water that’s collected can be emptied out to avoid mosquitos from laying eggs.

4. A low-maintenance indoor garden

A low-maintenance indoor garden is a great way to garden, with this type of garden plants require very little attention as your senior enjoys the beauty of this type of garden setting. A few ideas of low-maintenance plants that can accomplish this are bromeliads, succulents, ZZ plants, cactus, etc…

5. Terrarium garden

A terrarium garden is a great activity for seniors, these gardens are amazing and can be of any size. For more on how to construct a terrarium garden refer to creating a terrarium garden.

6. Regrowing vegetables from scraps

Regrowing vegetables from scraps is a great way to grow vegetables that can be eaten, all that is needed is the right amount of lighting along with water. Vegetables that are easy to grow under these conditions indoors are turnips carrots, lettuce, potatoes, onions, celery, shallots, garlic, leeks, leafy greens, beetroots, parsnips, etc…

7. A vertical garden

Installing an indoor vertical garden is another great idea for seniors, these garden types are constructed to fit in just about any space. Vertical gardens are popular, come in many shapes and sizes, and can be built or purchased from your garden center.

Tools that are needed for an indoor garden

  • A watering jug or can
  • Pruner/Scissors
  • Pair of garden gloves
  • A soil probe/moisture meter to test the soil’s moisture level
  • A duster
  • A spray bottle to mist and clean plant leaves
  • Potting soil
  • Seeds
  • Containers
  • Seedlings
  • A small handheld trowel

The final word on indoor gardening for seniors

Gardening is a great hobby that has so many benefits, many people are using gardening as a form of exercise for their mental and well as physical well-being. I believe that our seniors can make a great impact even though these garden types are done on a small scale, just think of it seniors getting that much-needed exercise that will increase their physical as well as brainpower.



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4 thoughts on “Indoor Gardening For Senior Citiznes”

  1. I just referred this Indoor gardening for senior citizens article to my mom as she is such a garden lover, and the whole garden loves her so much! My mom doesn’t speak English, but at least she can look at and enjoy your photos in the article. 

    I wish to use some of your advice (probably all of them) at home. Thanks a lot for sharing! 


    • Hello, so happy to see you, and thanks so much for sharing this information with your mother. Hope that this information helps you also. All the best to you and have a good day!

  2. Great ideas Norman,

    My pappy just moved in with us what with the pandemic happening, and we’d thought of taking care of him. He saw me taking care of my thyme and basil plants and he then developed an interest in all things gardening, said it was very zen. The table gardening is a very good idea, do you think there are plants that we can put indoors which doesn’t require sunlight?

    • It is so good to see that you and your pappy are having much success with your garden. As for indoor plants that don’t require sunlight here are a few I think you will like. ZZ plant, Snake plant, Dieffenbachia, English, and Algeria ivy, etc… hope this helps. These plants can survive in very low light conditions.


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