Insects That Live In Cold Climates

Where Do Insects Go During Winter?

Insects That Live In Cold Climates-ladybugs-on-plants
Ladybugs on plants this is  a good bug

As the winter months, approaches does this spell doom and gloom for insects putting an end to their nuisance from invading our homes and gardens, or is it that even during this time of the year they show us just how adaptable they are. There are mixed views on this topic and while it is true that extreme cold conditions can reduce their population research has shown that insects are adaptive surviving the freezing winter chill burrowing into the soil, overwintering in mulch, leaf piles, and loose tree bark.

Insects that live in cold climates

No matter the season insects can be seen lurking in homes and gardens and the reason for this is they’re looking for food, shelter, and water. During the winter months and insect’s main purpose is for shelter seeking to overwinter hoping to survive the cold only to resurface when the warmer months return. What can we do to discourage their presence along with seeking to reduce their population?

4 Steps to Insect control

1. A clean garden

A clean garden is healthy garden research has shown and also from my experience a clean garden will reduce the insect population, as said earlier insects overwinter in leaf litter and other garden debris which attracts them like a magnet. Clear away leaf litter, branches, and other plant materials.

By doing this you are getting rid of places that are known as harbourage that insect pests seek out during the winter months, this move will ensure that when spring comes your garden after a long winter’s nap will not suffer at the hands of garden pests as they resurface to continue their cycle.

2. Pruning your plants

That tree or plant you have been growing through the spring and summer months looks so healthy as it spreads with nice healthy leaves, but do you know that as beautiful as your plant/plants are growing because of their fullness they can be a breathing ground for insect pests especially if they are growing to close to your home.

Insects will use overgrown plants as shelter especially during the colder months to overwinter, or as a bridge or a highway to gain access into your home once they find an entry point. Pruning your plants or trees is so important, this pruning will cut of places they seek to hide so go ahead and trim your tree, yeah I know it hurts but at least you will not have to contend with an increase in their population come spring and the good news is your plants will once again regain their former glory by growing beautiful and full again.

3. Gutter cleaning is a big deal

A Gutter can be a refuge for garden insects pests because of a build-up of leaves and other plant materials, also the added moisture because of the snow only compounds the problem by encouraging mildew and mold. A clogged cutter can also present other issues, cleaning your gutter properly before the cold weather sets in will discourage insect pests.

4. The proper use of mulches

Mulch do have their place in landscape and garden areas, this plant material serves so many purposes but and overuse or piling mulches too high will encourage insects pests to see this abundance of mulch as a harbourage or shelter to overwinter. If applying mulch during the winter months a 2-3 inch layer is sufficient. This amount that’s applied may not discourage garden insect pests entirely but at least their presence will be limited helping to reduce their population and spread.

Insects that invade our homes

  • Cockroaches
  • House flies
  • Dust mites
  • Asian beetles
  • Crickets
  • Centipedes
  • Ants
  • Drain flies
  • Scorpions
  • Spiders
  • Termites
  • Weevils
  • Palmetto bugs
  • Box elder bugs
  • Fleas
  • Bed bugs
  • Silverfish

The final word on insects that live in cold climates

The insect world is vast outnumbering the human race by a large margin, while many of them are considered to be pests causing millions of dollars in damages every year there are many that are beneficial making a vast contribution by helping to protect our gardens and landscapes from the bad bugs or destructive pests.

As we have seen insects can survive by either overwinter outdoors or inviting themselves into our homes, and while we may not be able to totally eradicate them we certainly can control their population to the point where they are no threat. Having some knowledge of them and their life cycle will help in decreasing their population. There is a good and a bad side to their presence depending on whether they are good or bad bugs but the good can outweigh the bad as we decrease their populations in our homes and gardens.


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6 thoughts on “Insects That Live In Cold Climates”

  1. Hey thanks for this post, it was interesting read and definitely useful to me as every winter we have insect issues, that being ladybugs and the oh so scary spiders!

    Every winter we get clusters of ladybugs in the corners of our rooms and it doesn’t look decent so I was wondering how to deter them from coming. Another big issue is spide s they’re just too creepy, there always has to be one lurking somewhere.

    I guess I need to clean the gutters real soon as well as my garden, that’s a mess!

    • Ladybugs are beneficial insects and a bonus to our gardens but if you are having a problem with them then look for places where they may be coming into your home. They are finding an entry point of points and you need to find those entryways and seal them off. The seem goes for spiders also. Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks Norman for an informative post about insects, Yes they are everywhere and causes real damage to many useful things. There are cockroaches, mice, spiders, flies all over the place in our home and garden but the activity is less in winter season. Pruning the trees and cleaning the gutters are definitely reduce their gatherings but in winter they are hide in those underground soil and dried branches. Although some insects are not doing any harm and necessary for continuing natural process.

    • You are welcome and thanks so much for your response, you are right with what you have said. All the best to you and have a good day.

  3. Actually, my opinion about this topic is that, I can’t even phantom the usefulness of most of the insects mentioned above die to their massive havoc they do to us at home or in the garden.

       However, I think environmental sanitation and hygiene is pivotal in reducing their population or keeping them away from us.

    • Insects and wild animals seek out shelter food and water to survive this is normal for them just how we also need food, shelter, and water to survive. Sanitation and exclusion are so important so let’s do what we can to help control their spread.  Thank you s much for stopping by and for your input. Have a good day!


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