June Gardening Tips

Tips for Growing Healthy Plants in Your June Garden

Watering Pink Peonies-june-gardening-tips
Watering Pink Peonies

Before we know it winter will be over with those freezing temperatures and long night chills that make the approaching of spring and summer so inviting but as the warmer months approach it is best to get a jump start by having a to-do list as we prepare for those long days ahead working in our gardens as nature awakens clothing our landscapes and gardens with beautiful plants in full bloom as we reap a fruitful harvest of our labors.

Things to consider

Here is a list of things to considers before working in your garden.

  • Write a checklist
  • Safety First

Writing a checklist

I know that you have anticipated and long-awaited for the ice to melt with the warm sun rays of spring but before starting work in your garden do an inspection to get an idea of what needs to be done.

  • What is the condition of your garden plants are there any broken or overgrown branches?
  • Dose plant leaves have an off-color or are they healthy-looking?
  • Is there a build-up of debris
  •  Keep your garden as weed-free as possible
  • Ensure that your plants are getting sufficient water
  • Having a Fertilizer program is so important
  • If mulch is present does it have to be replenished?
  • When last did you fertilize your plants?
  • If a birdbath and house were installed what is the condition?
  • If you installed a lawn what is the appearance?
  • Garden insect pests are most active during this time of the year and must be treated right away.

These are just a few listed projects that go on in the June garden which we will be taking a closer look at along with other concerns that cannot be left unchecked.

Your garden conditions

As mentioned earlier it’s a good idea to do a thorough inspection to access what must take place because doing this will not only bring order but will make tackling these tasks easier.


If there are broken branches remove them with a hand pruner, landscaping saw, or lopping shears. Use hand tools base on the thickness of the branch so you don’t put a strain on your hand or damage your tools. Using the right tool will make your job easy.

Plant leaves

Your garden plant leaves should be healthy-looking, look for off-colors that may be a sign of disease, a lack of water, or vitamin deficiencies.

A BlueBird-june-gardening-tips
A BlueBird

Garden insect pests

Keep an eye out for garden insect pests by inspecting the leaves on both the top and underside. Once the insect has been properly identified eliminated it by using the proper insecticide and following directions for best results.


A garden that is filled with debris will not only take away from the beauty but debris will encourage garden insect pests as they use debris as a place to hide and to be sheltered. All fallen leaves and other garden material that is laying on the soil surface should be removed.


Weeds is another project that must be tackled, weeds will make your June garden look unattractive, provide a hiding place for garden insect pests. Weeds will also compete with garden plants for sunlight, water, and nutrients. Ensure that you have a weed program to bring control.


Garden plants need water in order to grow healthy but what is so important to remember is that each plant has water requirements so meet their requirements is so important. A lack of water or overwatering your garden plants can lead to serious conditions putting your plant’s health at risk.


Fertilizers are plant’s nutrients that are building blocks that all plants need to survive. Know the type of fertilizer that is right for your plants and fertilize according to the manufacture’s direction.


There are so many benefits to mulching, it is good too many plant beds. Some of these benefits include suppressing weeds, beautification, retaining moisture, etc.. areas, where mulches have faded or decompose, needs to be replenished, areas that don’t have any mulch should have 2 to 3 inch layer applied.


A great way to keep your garden ornamental plants producing an abundance of flowers and becoming fuller is by deadheading. This process involves the removal of faded or dead flowers by pinching.

Pruning benefits

Pruning controls the height, the direction in which a tree grows as well as the spread of the tree helping them to keep its natural form. Keep an eye on your trees and prune as needed.

A Birdhouse

Keep your garden buzzing with excitement and activities by installing a birdhouse or two. Ensure that the house is in good repair making your guest feel right at home.

A birdbath

Installing a birdbath can be an amazing feature adding to the appeal of your landscapes and gardens as you provide a water source for your guest to bathe and take a cool drink of water. It is best to install a birdbath where the water is constantly moving to prevent mosquitos from laying their eggs.

A birdfeeder

Your feathered friends will never want to leave as you provide them with food by installing a bird feeder. This is a great way to go bird watching, install feeders high enough so birds can be protected from predators such as cats, dogs, etc…

Vegetable garden

Eating the fruits of your labor can be so rewarding as you grow and harvest your food crop from your backyard. Ensure that your veggies are getting the right amount of water. It is best to apply compost to plant beds seeing this is an edible garden. If fertilizers must be applied then fertilize with natural organics.

Insects are also active during the warmer months and will seek to harvest your veggies before you have a chance to. The proper identification and applying pesticides that are labeled to use on food crops will eliminate garden insect pests while giving good yield. For more on growing vegetables and insect, pests identification refer to the category section.

Garden herbs

Garden herbs are so delightful adding those flavors to your favorite dishes. Growing herbs can be a real treat, keep your herbs growing healthy by following the same procedures as growing vegetables. For more on the care of herbs refer to the category section.

Lawn care

What I love about a manicured lawn is the neatness in appearance along with its health condition, a garden lawn if not properly maintained can lead to numerous health issues. A lawn that is allowed to be overgrown can lead to insect infestation if cut too low will encourage weeds. There is also the issue of thatch build-up.

Cutting your lawn at the proper height along with the right amount of water and fertilizers will keep your lawn healthy.

Watch out for insect pest that is active during this time of the month, once the insect has been identified according to your turf or lawn type applied measures to bring them under control. For more on the garden, lawns refer to the category section.

Safety first

Before deciding to head off into your garden ensure that you put safety measures in place because what you don’t want is to cause injury but be as injury-free as possible as you create a safe working environment.

Some rules to follow

1. Ensure that you are well rested before spending the day in your garden.

2. Eat a healthy breakfast.

3. Allow for about half an hour or forty-five minutes before starting work.

4. Wear the proper safety gear such as long pants, a long sleeve shirt, garden gloves, strong boots, a nice wide hat to protect your head, safety shades, and also apply sunscreen to your face will help to protect against skin cancer.

5. Drink plenty of room temperature water, stay away from ice-cold or freezing water which is not good for your health while working outdoors in the heat.

6. Take short breaks in the shade by sitting down when needed even if you don’t feel tired.

7. Get help when needed if lifting or if the job is too big.

8. Wear safety shades when needed especially when using power tools such as lawnmowers, shears, etc…

For more on garden, safety refer to the category section of this website.

The final word

Working in your garden can be so beneficial to both you and your garden plants this is a great way to get that much-needed exercise as you connect with nature on the great outdoors. Give nature a helping hand as you work in your garden reaping the rewards and eating the fruits of your labor.


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10 thoughts on “June Gardening Tips”

  1. Thanks for posting. I like gardening and I think it is beneficial for my health as well. You have given some good advice that I have not considered so far: to get enough sleep before working in the garden, to have breakfast (usually lol) and to rest from time to time, because I am not tired. Part of the work I did in the fall, late, to have the first spring flowers: smiles, daffodils, tulips. Their bulbs must freeze in the ground in winter.

    • Apart from working in our gardens, we need to ensure that we are in the best shape ever along with following practices that will keep us safe. Remember safety first.

  2. Junenis a very specific time of the year that I would say it a very specific time of the year to plant as most plant usually bloosom during this times….thanks for this tips on gardening during the Month not june I would definitely put them into us as I know they would help me alot

    • A June garden can look so amazing with the right choice of garden plants and maintenance. So happy to help and all the best with your garden project.

  3. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us and gardening is my choice .I have a garden where I grow some vegetables as well as flowers .However, since the month of June is coming to the fore, I am wondering how to do June gardening .The weather is different at this time so I like to plant some kind of vegetables and  fruit trees in combination with the weather and nature. You article is very helpful to me because I was spraying weeds etc in my head but the fact of mulching was not exactly in my head that it is very good and this time it attacks some insects from which I have to find a way to get rid of it. And one of the most important things I noticed through your article is that you need to take care of yourself, rest your clothes, remove your fatigue, etc. before gardening. At the same time I will try to birdfeeder  in my garden so that it will add extra beauty to my garden .

    I will definitely take care of your tips and build a great June garden and share my new experiences with you soon.

  4. It is indeed best to make preparations as we await the coming of the spring and summer. I prefer keeping things in check, especially my garden. I actually just got started (about 2 months now) so I’d hate to be taken by surprise. Now I’m certain that the checklist above will definitely be a guide as I plan to follow it up religiously. I believe checking the condition of the garden on regular intervals would definitely help me stay on top of things. Thanks for sharing this information. It has been a real delight.

    • Having a well-maintained garden can increase property value. June gardens are so amazing with flowers in full bloom adding that much-needed color. So happy that I could help and all the best to you.

  5. Early preparation done right gives us edge and direct us towards success in what we plan on doing. So thank you for sharing these June gardening tips for growing healthy plants. Checklists are crucial for maximum performance in doing that which is required in our garden, speeds up the process in a way and we’ll not miss out on doing what is needed to be done. I don’t joke with herbs in my dishes so I love the suggestion to grow garden herbs and even vegetables. So I’d get ’em fresh when needed.


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