Just for kids-Plant facts

Developing young minds through science

Just for kids is a web page that has been created just for kids. In this article, we will be looking at science and how it relates to us and our world. I believe that science is one way that we can develop our kid’s minds while they learn what nature has to offer and how it benefits us.

When did science begin?

Have you ever wondered where did science begin, in fact, it is believed that science goes all the way back as far as ancient Greece 460-375 BC, so we see that science has been around way before we were born or even our Greatttttttttt, Greattttttttttt grandparents alright I know,  you got the point?

The different areas of science

The areas of science are so vast that it is amazing, so if you are ever thinking of becoming a scientist there are many areas of science to choose from, in fact, the field of science has been broken down into four main groups and from these groups, the areas of science has been divided, here are the four groups.


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  1. Social science
  2. Natural science
  3. Applied science
  4. Formal science

Branches of science

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Science Symbols

Here are just a few areas of science that branch from these four areas

1. Oceanography-The study of marine life and other factors that relate to the ocean.

2. Biology-The The study of living and non-living things.

3. Meteorology-The study of the atmosphere.

4. Chemistry-The The study of matter and the changes it undergoes.

5. Physics-The The study of motion which includes energy and force.

6. Earth science is the study of the earth and different changes that the earth went through and is continuing to go through.

7. Geology-Is the study of rocks, what they are made of, and how they change.

8. Zoology- is the study of animals whether alive or lived one time ago, including what they eat, where they lived, and so on.

9. Ecology-Is the study of how living organisms relate to each other in their environment.

10. Human biology is the study of humans, nutrition, medicine, and how it relates to the human body.

11. Botany-The study of plant life describing different plant parts, their functions, and how plants benefit us.

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There is more but we will stop here.

Just for kids -Plant Facts

The science of biology

Facts about plants

In this article, we will be focusing on biology as it relates to plants. Botany is the scientific study of plants and persons who study plants are know as botanists.  Botanists work outdoors and indoors to identify new plants, they also study mosses, ferns, algae, flowering plants, large trees, and conifers.

Their study includes how plants develop and grow, and what is their effect on the environment. We have plants that produce foods such as fruits which include apples, bananas, oranges, cherries, and so on. Then there are plants that do not grow on trees but in the ground such as carrots, beets, turnips, etc… these plants are known as vegetables

Then there are herbs that give our food such a good flavor like chives, basil, thyme, garlic, and so on, many medications and products that we use for our bodies came from plants.

 Another benefit of a plant is that plants give off oxygen, this oxygen they give off we take in, in order to survive.

Natural air purifiers

Plants serve many purposes we can benefit from, remember we eat them for example fruits, vegetables and herbs, we can use them to make medicine, make furniture, build houses, Flowering plants such as roses are given on Valentine day to tell that special person how we feel about them.

Flowers are given as a get well gift to that special someone to say get well soon, plants can be used for decoration and so on, but what I want us to look at here is that plants also purify the air that we breathe. Nasa did a study many years ago and discovered that houseplants take about 85% of air pollution out of the air

Fun Facts about plants

Yellow flowers-just-for-kids
Garden Flowers

Want to have some fun, that’s great me too. In this article we will be looking at some fun facts about plants, I know you will find these fun facts amazing.

1. Plants make their own food using water and the sun’s energy, they convert the sun’s energy and water into sugar. This process is known as photosynthesis.

2. Although plants make their own food there are some plants that eat small insects like the Venus Flytrap.

3. Planet earth has more than 70,000 species of plants, now that’s a lot of plants.

4. Plants clean the air that we breathe.

5. Plants have the ability to break strong wind forces.

6. Plants can be used as a wall to screen or hide certain areas.

7. Plants can live for hundreds of years.

8. Plants give us oxygen to breathe.

9. The chocolate you enjoy eating comes from a tree that produces  Cocoa beans.

10. All plants have roots in order to survive, do you know that the carrots you eat although a plant is one big giant root.

11. Strawberries are the only fruit where the seeds are grown on the outside.

12. One strawberry produces about 200 seeds.

13. Do you know that tomatoes are said to be a fruit and not a vegetable, now that is pretty interesting?

14. It is said that grapes were known to make wine as far back as 8000 years ago.

15. Apples float on water because they are made up of 25% air.

16. Vanilla flavoring comes from the pod off and orchid, vanilla planifolia.

17. The world’s tallest trees can be found in California, they are known as redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens). These trees are known to grow up to 300 feet, another tree since then has been discovered and is said to reach heights of 375 feet.

18. Watermelons contain 6% sugar and 92% water.

19. A bunch of bananas growing on a banana tree is called a hand.

20. A tree’s age is known by the number of rings that are found inside of the tree trunk.

That’s a lot of fun facts, there are more. See if you can come up with some fun facts of your own.

Just for kids -Plant Facts

Plant part

Just like our fingers, toes, feet, legs, hands, eyes, mouth, nose, ears, and other body parts that have a special function so do plant parts. Each part performs a special function also.

Plant cells

Plants also have cells, just like our heart, kidneys, liver, lungs and so on, plants also have cells that work together to ensure the full function of plant life.

The final word

Now, boys and girls, there is a lot more that can be said, but this web page is just an insight into the wonderful world not only of a plant but also choosing to become botanists or one of the other exciting areas that belong to science.

Thanks a lot for viewing my page, I hope you had as much fun as I did, I am glad that you went on this journey with me and I will be seeing you in my next article that is just for kids, Facts about insects. Bye now.


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