Kidney Health Natural Remedies

Natural Ways to Promote Kidney Health

Our body consists of many organs, each organ has a special part to play in the overall function of the body. But in order for our organs to function at their best, we must do our part to ensure that our organs are getting the best care ever.

A proper diet plays a big role in the care and health of our organs. In this article, however, we will be looking at the importance, function of the kidneys along with natural remedies that we can use to keep our kidneys functioning at their best.

What is the kidney?

The human Kidneys-kidney-health-natural-remedies


Our kidneys are organs that are shaped like beans, We have two of them on either side of our spine and can be found below the rib cage.

Kidney Function

The role of the kidney is to remove waste from the body, the kidney is also responsible for filtering the blood and also removing extra water that is eliminated through the bladder.

Kidney disease

A poor diet can lead to kidney disease, when kidneys are diseased they lose their ability to function properly which means the body can not eliminate toxins when this happens the body undergoes more stress putting our health at serious risk. High blood pressure, overweight, and diabetes can also encourage kidney disease.

The number of diseases that can affect the body because of poor kidney care which goes back to poor diet is beyond the scope of this article, therefore it is very, very, very, important that we do all that we can to maintain healthy kidneys.

Signs of kidney disease

These are some signs to watch out for

1. Pain or pressure in your chest.

2. Swelling of the ankles.

3. Swelling of the legs.

4. Always feeling tired.

5. Swelling of the feet.

6. Itchy dry skin.

7.Your appetite.

8. Blood in your urine.

9. Always feeling cold.

10. Your urine is foamy.

11. Swelling of the hands.

12. Feeling dizzy.

Foods to avoid

Here are some foods that should be avoided

1. Keep our intake of salt low.

2. Stay away from salted crackers.

3. Cut out process meats altogether or eat them in moderation.

4. Caffeine

5. Butter.

6. Sodas.

7. Bacon.

8. Red meats.

9. Canned soups.

10. Cheese.

These are just some of the foods to avoid or at the very least eat in moderation.

Foods that promote healthy kidneys

1. Apples are a good choice.

2. Cranberry juice is also good.

3. Strawberries can work wonders.

4. Red grapes are excellent.

5. A diet of fish can keep your kidney healthy and strong.

6. Adding olive oil to your diet as you eat salads will also help.

7. Including bell pepper in your diet is a must, try to eat them in salads.

8. Include poultry without the skin. Organic chicken is a better choice if you can afford it.

9. A diet in nuts is good.

10. Cabbage is also an excellent choice.

These are just a few of the foods that can promote a healthy kidney.

Kidney health natural remedies

Here are some natural remedies that can keep your kidneys healthy

1. Beet juice.

2. Cranberry juice.

3. Water, be sure, and get at least 6-8 glasses per day.

4. Coconut water also may offer some help.

5. Drinking watermelon juice.

6. Gravel root.

7. Celery root.

8. Marshmallow root.

9. Dandelion root.

10. Ginger is also a great choice

11. Stop smoking.

12. Alcohol is a NO, NO.

13. Make sure and keep your weight under control.

Final word

Our kidney health is so important, therefore we should do all that we can to keep our kidneys healthy. Exercise, the right diet, and making these natural remedies a part of our diet can go a long way in our overall health.


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17 thoughts on “Kidney Health Natural Remedies”

  1. Great post, Norman! It’s good to hear since apples are among my favourite fruits! I am pretty unaware of those, but I would love if you could tell me which organs are affected by drinking sodas such as Coca cola, pepsi, fanta etc. and how can I restore their health! Keep up with the good work!

  2. Thank you Norman for this comprehensive understanding you gave about the importance of the kidneys, and how we can eat well to care for them. I was fascinated that one of the symptoms of kidney disease is pain in the chest! Do you know why that happens? I was familiar with some of the others on your list like swollen ankles – but this was new information. I like the clear diagram of the kidney that you provided. Seeing the kidney makes all the information come to life. Gotta care better for these little guys!

    • Hello, Rhian it is so good to meet you. Our kidneys are so important and we should do all that we can to keep them healthy. When kidneys are not functioning properly toxins begins to spread throughout the body, because of this other parts of the body is affect causing a negative reaction

      causing various part of the boody to be affected including the chest areas. Hope this helps, all the best to you and have a good day.

  3. I am about 50-50 on the do and don’t lists… I imagine that they don’t simply cancel each other out? lol

    In reality, its good to know that some of the things I like but don’t consume regularly are actually a help. I will have some thinking to do next time I go shopping…

    • Hello, Alex L. so good to see you and it is also good to know that your are thinking of making some changes. Thanks for commenting, all the best to you and have a good day.

  4. Hey,
    I was always told to just drink water, so I always thought that my kidneys would be alright. From reading this they seem to be really important and should be dealt with care.

    I drink more water now so hopefully I don’t have to worry about the bad stuff. I also started eating more healthy.

    Thanks for the information. I will try to eat more healthy more often.

    • Hello Kendrick so good to hear from you again. Our kidneys are so important and we should do all that we can to take care of them. Its is good to hear that you are on the right track to goood health. Keep up the good work, thanks for commenting and have a good day.

  5. Hi Norman,
    Great article, I loved it!
    God.. there are so many signs of kidney disease. It is so scary!
    I should do a check up and see if my kidney is in good shape because I am always tired and cold as well:) What about the appetite? Did you mean too much or a lack of appetite? However, I already avoid eating caffeine and butter and all that stuff, but it’s not always that easy! Sometimes I crave butter or a good cup of coffee:(
    Thank you for the great suggestions! I have bookmarked this article!

    • Hello Daniella so good to hear from you. Hope all is well with both you and your family. Our kidneys are so important, having a good diet along with and exercise program can go a long way in ensuring are kidneys are functioning at their best at all times.

      One of the signs of kidney problems is a lack of appetite. Now lack of appetite does not mean that you have this issue. It could be some other reason that is not life threathing. Hope this helps all the best to you and have a good day.

  6. This is very interesting, but do you know if there is any scientific evidence backing any of the foods recommended here? I am always concerned with all aspects of my health, and that would include making sure that my kidney is functioning as well as possible. Thank you for giving me some things to think about.

    • Hello it is so good to meet you, kidney beans are making their mark because of their many benefits. There are many that supports this fact. Here is another person’s views and facts on kidney bean health. Hope this helps and have a good day. › Health Articles › Diet › Healthy Eating

  7. Thanks Norman for sharing such an informative post about our kidney and what food that we can take to avoid it. I will follow your recommendation about eating the Apple and drinking water. It is always recommended to start taking care about our health now, rather than giving doctor money to take care of our health

  8. Hello Norman,
    Yes, you are absolutely correct because kidneys play a very important role in the filtering mechanism and keeping them healthy is the best thing to do for the body. Your blog post is very useful and informative. You described things like symptoms, foods to avoid, healthy foods to eat for healthy kidneys in your post and it is a good way to help other people.
    Thanks for your awesome post.

  9. Oh Booo… My kidney function isn’t 100%. After reading your article I realized that I’m eating all the things you said to stay away from… 4.Caffeine 5.Butter. 6.Sodas. 7.Bacon. 8.Red meats. 10.Cheese.

    I don’t eat regular bacon, so maybe turkey bacon isn’t so bad. I’m going to really think about what you’ve said. Okay, okay… I’ll try. Blessing, jc

  10. Hi, thanks for this very informative post about our kidneys. I have a close family friend who is going through dialysis and just TODAY is getting a new kidney from her beloved husband. He was a good fit. Now, that is true love and loyalty. What is so interesting wth her is she’s been healthy her entire life, and then her kidneys one day decided to not treat her well. It’s the most amazing thing when we try and do our best to eat right, live right and do all good for others in the best way possible, and then something terrible happens. With that being said, reading and educating people may help the newer generations. It could be that my friend had faulty kidneys since birth from whatever what going on in utero. Thank again for a great article 🙂


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