Landscape Architecture Careers

A field that is rewarding


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The exciting field of becoming a landscape architect has caught the attention of so many people who love designing and constructing man-made structures such as buildings, factories, roadways, parks, public places, green spaces, etc.. as they seek to intergrade them with and build wildlife habitats creating a pleasing design to impact the environment where both humans and wildlife can thrive.

As a landscape architect, your job is not confined to the office but will allow you to move about as you work on the great outdoors connecting with nature by giving nature a helping hand. This field will allow you to bring out your creativity as you work with others in an exciting setting.

The life of a landscape architect is never dull but will keep you moving and of cost thinking allowing those creative juices to flow as you exert positive energy.

Skills and jobs of a landscape architect

Here are just a few areas that involve the skills of a landscape architect

  • Drafters
  • Hydrologist
  • Civil Engineers
  • Surveyors
  • Interior Designer
  • Construction Managers
  • Surveying and Mapping Technicians


Those who are seeking careers as a drafter work along with architects and engineers using software to convert their designs.


Hydrologist’s main job is to study the movement of water and its effects on the environment.

Civil Engineers

The job of a civil engineer is to plan and design along with overseeing the construction of bridges, buildings, roads, harbors, airports, channels, railroads, and how to maintain them.


Surveyors are responsible for measuring properties to determine their boundaries, providing information about the earth’s surface along with making maps.


The job of an architect is planning and designing office buildings, houses, and factories along with reviewing them.

Interior Designer

The interior designer’s job involves enhancing or creating a pleasing design on the interior of office buildings making the use of every available space using materials, colors, and lighting.

Construction Managers

The job of a construction manager is to oversee building projects working along with civil engineers, architects, managing, and supervising employees. Construction managers also keep a close eye on how monies are being spent organizing and monitoring the schedules.

Surveying and Mapping Technicians

Surveying and Mapping Technicians collect data and make maps of the earth’s surface, they also assist photogrammetries, surveyors, and cartographers. This information that is collected helps to build bridges, roads, and also establish boundaries.


Here is a short breakdown of what you will need in order to secure one of these positions along with the kinds of money which can be earned.

Salaries of Drafters

The salaries of a drafter can be anywhere from $53-$55, 000 dollars per year. The qualification for a drafter is 2 years to earn an associate’s degree.

Salaries of Hydrologist

Persons pursuing a career as a hydrologist should expect to complete a 4-years bachelor’s degree course along with a master’s degree to advance. The salary range for and hydrologists can be anywhere from $60,000 and higher per year.

Salaries of Surveyors

As a surveyor, your entry-level is a 2-year associate degree course, further study is required to obtain your license and a salary of $95,000 per year and higher can be expected.

Salaries of Civil Engineers

To enter the field as a civil engineer you must complete a 4-years bachelor’s degree and expect a salary in the range of $66,000 per year and higher.

Salaries of Interior Designer

To qualify as an interior designer you will have to complete a 4-years bachelor’s degree program although some states require that you acquire certifications or a license with at least 2-years in this field before securing a position. You can expect to earn in the range of $49,000 and more per year depending on your level of training.

Salaries of Construction Managers

To secure a spot as a construction manager you may have to secure an associate’s- bachelor’s degree. Salaries can range in the area of $50,000 plus per year.

Salaries of Surveying and Mapping Technicians

The entry-level for a surveying and mapping technician is a high school diploma but in order to move up the ladder, you are expected to complete certification and licensing courses. At the lower end expect to earn a little over $26,000 per year and at the higher end a salary of $70,000 and more.


The salaries quoted can vary from state to state depending on which company you are working for.

The final word

Life as a Landscape Architecture is very rewarding as you connect with both people and nature in an awesome way so if what you have learned helps you to make a decision to work in one of these rewarding fields you have made the right choice to join so many from around the world.