Landscaping Ideas For Front Yard

Garden on a Budget with these 8 Simple but Beautiful Garden Ideas

A Wagon With Flower-landscping-ideas-for-front-yards
A wagon with flowers

Create curb appeal with these low budget garden ideas that are so simple but will increase your property’s value. Introducing garden plants into your landscape and gardening area is a great way to create your garden oasis while connecting with nature outdoors. Many homeowners are seeing the importance of front yard gardening because this is the first thing that persons see as they pass by or pay you a visit.

The entrance to your property should be so inviting, we should create a garden setting that excites us as our garden bed designs and other features with colorful flower bloom give a restful feeling of peace and quiet that is so beneficial to our mental as well as emotional health. Below we will be looking at such designs to give you an idea of how to turn your front yard into a work of art a masterpiece that will have heads turning as your yard becomes the admiration of both family and friends.  With that said let’s get started as you revive your front yard.

Start with a plan

The first step in the right direction is to start with a plan.

1. Stand back and take a good look at your front yard space, the available space you have will greatly impact the overall design because this space will give you an idea of dividing into sections to create interest, type of plants to be used including the size and amount to be installed in these areas.

2. Is this area going to be used for entertainment or showcase? are you going to spend lots of time in this area relaxing, this bit of information will go a long way in helping to create your dream garden.

3.  Will, there be high traffic in this area, if so then you may want to include one or several garden path walkways that can either be concrete or gravel. Your traffic will be directed to these pathways to avoid stepping on your plants.

4. Don’t install plants in areas that can become a security hazard, for example, what you don’t want is to install tall plants in front of your windows obstructing your view. Plants that are chosen for these areas once they reach full maturity should not obstruct your view but have heights where they grow under the windowsill if it grows a bit taller it can always be trimmed.

Landscaping Ideas For Front Yard

Garden Design-Landscaping-ideas-for-your-front-yard
A beautiful design

A restful retreat

What I love about this garden design is that it gives the feeling of a restful retreat, a real getaway just to unwind and relax. Garden plants are mounted on a slope with different heights that aligns the front entrance while the home is in the background. This garden style is open and simple very easy to maintain. The lawn adds to the overall appeal with a rolling style that complements this garden setting it’s not fussy at all but is so inviting a garden paradise that says home sweet home.

Bringing balance

A beautiful Home-landscaping-ideas-for-your-front-yard
Beautiful home with garden

A garden design that brings balance in a formal setting that is simply open and truly amazing.  I just love how this design flows together as each side is the reflection of the other. The garden plants in the background look great on either side of each pillow with the smaller plants that are a step down breaking that line with different heights in elevation. Plants in the foreground of the walkway are beautiful with their formal style a home and garden setting like this is so stunning.

The walking pathway is nicely designed as it has been constructed to flow in directions that will keep traffic on the path to avoid trafficking on the lawn area. The landscape design flows with the architectural layout of the house which makes this home a winner as you relax taking a deep breath enjoying the scenery.

Spacious and Inviting

Luxury Home-landscaping-ideas-for-your-front-yard
Luxury Home

A garden setting like this is so spacious not crowded, I love how it’s open with its nice large driveway and walkway that leads to the home. The garden design is so beautiful creating an even flow with the lawn in the front area that stands alone giving that lush green color followed by other lawn areas as you drive up to the home followed by more lawn that is installed at the corner.

The tall tree is installed at the corner of the home giving the homeowners a clear view as lower growing garden plants are placed under windows. This design of stepping down gives interest to different heights of elevation. The low growing plants also tie this design together with their color breaking the green giving highlight. A design like this gives a sense of freedom as you relax and take in all that nature has to offer.

Going back to old school

Cart Wagon With Flower-landscping-ideas-for-your-front-yard
Cart Wagon With Flowers

Old school gardening is so amazing and you can accomplish this garden style with these garden features, create interest by introducing beautiful flower garden designs with a garden feature of an old wagon. This wagon reminds me of the pioneer days back in the old west when the west was the west.

Installing two or three of these features in your front yard will bring that much-needed flavor in a stylish setting, garden features like these can be found in a cottage garden so why not mix it up a bit and break the rules as your front yard garden landscape burst with colorful flowering plants of different styles and hight that gives the feeling of no human involvement as your landscape is painted with and area of colors.

A garden design like this is easy to maintain and can be moved around to secure your plants when conditions are not favorable. So consider a design like this and enjoy the benefits of this garden style from the pioneer days.

Container garden design for your front yard

Container Gardening-landscaping-ideas-for-your-front-yard
Container Gardening

Break the rules with container gardening by installing in your front yard, one thing I hardly see is the use of containers in front yard gardens. The use of containers has its advantages when place in landscape and garden areas, let your imagination run wild as you let those creative juices flow taking your front yard landscape to the next level.

The container in this picture is one of many that can be used, your container can be positioned in several angles with a stylish setting that is sure to get the attention while having heads turning. Place several containers throughout your garden area to bring balance, ensure that the containers that are chosen have drain holes for water drainage.

The best part about these gardens is they can be moved around for aesthetics or when the weather is unfavorable so go for it and live on the edge as you go for it with these garden types. Make waves with these gardens as you create that wow experience.

Bold and Daring

 Flowers Park Garden-landscaping-for-your-front-yard
Flower Garden

Get bold and daring with this garden style, removing parts of your lawn or constructing your garden lawn around a flower bed is hardly seen but the effects that it brings are so amazing. This simple but yet garden style on your front lawn will give that wow, I have seen a garden design like this on an island that is called paradise island.

The design features a group of bromeliads that are growing in a somewhat of a rectangular box in the middle of a lush green lawn. A design like this is simple though some thought went into it. This garden design in your front yard landscape will rock your world with its beauty and charm.

Colorful and Inviting

Front Yard Design-landscaping-ideas-for-your-front-yard
Front Yard Design

The entryway to this front yard is pretty amazing, the beautiful brick pathway with green shrubby and colorful garden plants growing at the ground level create a beautiful setting that is a work of art. What I love about this garden style is the use of beautiful plants with bright colors against the solid green.

A great idea, however, to making a garden design like this more inviting is by adding plants that attract wildlife (Butterflies). Remember you are free to explore and let those creative juices flow. This garden design flows, really comes together, and is simple and open, easy to maintain not fussy at all.

If you prefer instead of using concrete bricks why not use gravel which is cheaper but can give the same effect. Create your garden oasis with this garden style.

Take it up a notch

Deco Flower Design

What I love about landscape and gardening is you can get creative as you would like to, creating a design that is unique and one of a kind. Growing a flower garden in the center of a hollow tree log has become so popular that it’s spreading like wildfire. This design can really bring your front yard together.

Take it a bit further by adding this feature (a pair of pants) with garden plant installation along with a pair of sneakers is sure to give that wow. This is what thinking outside the box is all about and will have heads turning, I love this garden design because of the creativity and the boldness that’s displayed.

A design like this creates interest which I think is pretty amazing this is what I call taking it up a notch if you are bold and daring then this garden style is for you.

Additional information

1. Different plant species have different light requirements so for shaded areas install plants that thrive best under these conditions. Garden plants that love full sunlight should be placed in these areas and plants that require filtered light should be placed in those areas. This information is so important for garden plant survival.

2. Garden soil is so important and is at the heart or root of garden plant’s survival, get to know your plant’s soil requirements but as a rule, a soil that has good drainage but will allow excess water to drain is ideal. For more on garden soil refer to the category section.

3. If possible have a soil ph test done, a soil ph test is so important to a plant’s health and will go a long way in helping your plants to thrive.

4. Although plants need water to survive each species or group has its water requirements, get to know their watering needs and water accordingly. A good idea that will make it easier for you is to group plants together that have the same water requirements.

5. As nice as your garden plants may be growing you will have an uninvited guest (garden insect pests) that can do damage turning your beautiful garden into a graveyard if left unchecked. For more on identifying and bringing these garden insect pests under control refer to the category section

6. Fertilizers can go a long way in helping garden plants to stay healthy, there are many brands and types on the market. Check with your garden center or nurseryman for what’s best for you. Before applying read and follow the manufacturer’s directions for best results.

7. Weeds can become a big problem competing with garden plants for sunlight, water, and nutrients. Don’t give weeds a chance but get rid of them went spotted. For more on weed control refer to the category section.

The final word on landscaping ideas for your front yard

These simple but yet effective steps once followed will turn your front yard into a work of art that is so inviting. You don’t have to break the piggy bank in order to create a front yard garden that has style bringing much flavor. If your front yard needs upgrading then you have come to the right place as you get set to create your dream garden that’s a show stopper.


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