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Welcome to Eden’s learning channel web page. Here we will be looking at some cool videos on gardening and. We believe that learning should be fun, some of the videos that we will be looking at are animated. This web page is great for kids as they learn and increase their knowledge, not only about landscape and gardening but also about nature itself. So sit back, relax and enjoy as Eden’s learning channel brings you the wonderful wonders of nature.

Life cycle of a butterfly

In this article, we will be looking at the life cycle of a  butterfly. In one of our other articles, we talked about how to create a butterfly garden.

Again this is a fun project both for adults and kids, providing a home for our colorful friends and filling our gardens with lots of fun and activity

I am glad that you enjoyed that video as you learned a lot of cool stuff about butterflies. The journey for them as a butterfly is somewhat of a long journey, but it is a journey that is worth the wait. For in the end they are transformed from a caterpillar to a butterfly free to fly the open skies, on their journey to enter the next stage of their life.

Hummingbirds in their habitat

Hummingbirds are fascinating with the speed with which they move, even though these birds are so tiny they can become very aggressive at times. I love to watch hummingbirds as the fly and suck nectar from plants. To learn about how to construct a hummingbird garden just follow this link, creating a hummingbird garden. Below is a video on hummingbirds in their habitat

Creating a hummingbird garden can be and brings lots of fun into your home garden as you watch these tiny fellows go about their daily activity without a care in the world. And they also can sing, so get on board and construct a hummingbird garden or bring your garden to life by following the directions that I have provided for you.

Lily Ponds and added flavor

Lily Ponds are one of my favorite with its beautiful colorful flowers as they float so gracefully. Creating a Lily Pond also invites some of our little friends to move in like frogs, or you can take it a step further and add Pond fish.

I worked for a five- star hotel many years ago and the Lily Pond that they created was so fascinating with it’s floating lilies and Pond fish that swim back and forth so gracefully. To learn more on how to construct a Lily Pond click on this link. lily Pond. Here is a video on lilies I know you will enjoy.

Water lilies are beautiful plants, especially those giant ones it is so amazing. These plants are some of the awesome wonders of nature that provide not only beauty but also shade and a resting place for wildlife.

Soil Natures Gold

The soil is considered to be nature’s gold because of the role that it plays in helping nature to sustain life. without soil it would be nearly impossible for plants to grow, all the fruits and vegetables etc… that we enjoy would be no more.

Cows and chickens need corn and hay to eat, but without soil growing these foods for the animals, where would they be. Just think about it if there is no food to keep these animals alive then there would be no steak, hamburger, Kentucky fried chicken etc… alright I know you got the picture, sorry to rub it in so much, the thought is just so painful.

To learn more about soils click this link (soil type). Below is a video on soil that I am sure both you and your kids will love.

There you have it, so the next time you are out in your garden don’t think as soil as dirt but as nature’s gold that helps support life not only above ground but also below ground.

Plant Nutrients

Plants are in some ways just like humans, just how we need water to sustain us so do plants also. Just how it is important for us to take vitamins to keep our bodies healthy plants need vitamins also know as plant nutrients.

Food also plays a very important part in our diet because we need food in order to survive and to be nice and healthy, plants need the same also. The only difference when it comes to food is that we buy our food from the supermarkets or we go to a restaurant like KFC, McDonald’s etc…

But plants make their own food, would it not be strange if you see a plant ordering take out, man talk about creepy. To learn more about plant nutrients click this link. Plant nutrients. But in this video, we will be looking at how plants make their food.

I am happy that you enjoyed that video on how plants make their food. So remember to make sure that your plants get not only the right amount of water and nutrients but also sufficient sunlight.

The beauty of flowers

Flowers can brighten up and entire area bringing it to life with their various shapes and colors. It’s amazing the many occasions flowers are used for, even to express the way that we feel. I have been working with these plants for more than 20 years and I see the effect that they can have on people.

To learn more on flowers just follow this link. Creating a flower garden. Here is a video on flower gardens I know you will like.

It is just so amazing what we can create with flowers once we get those creative juices flowing. These flower designs are just awesome, so you can give it a try also by taking on your own project and amaze not only yourself I would say but also your family, friends, and neighbors.

Water management

Water is our most precious resource and therefore we should always be mindful of how we use water. I am sure that we have seen television programs of places that have server drought and the suffering it brings with it.

Check out this link and discover some of the ways we can save water. Water management within the landscape and gardens. Here’s a video that is great for your kids.

Every drop counts so let’s do our best to save water, it is a joint effort but together we can do it. Water our most precious resource.

Indoor plants natural air purifiers

Plants are unique in that their serve many functions, plants can be eaten, used for decoration, express the way that we feel, and so on. But do you know that plants can also be used to clean the air that we breathe, these wonders of nature are here to aid us in so many ways

here is an article that you can read to learn more (air purifiers). Here is a video you can watch, hope you enjoy.

So if you don’t have any indoor plants I encourage you to stop at your local nursery and purchase a few that you heard of in this video. For by investing in these natural air purifiers you will be investing in your health. No, you can’t put a price on that, so be smart and stay healthy.

Seed germination

It is amazing the journey that plants take to finally reach our tables, it all starts with seed germination that takes place below ground. the fruits, vegetables, and herbs that we grow ourselves or purchase from the supermarket begin their life in the ground as a seed.

From there it is a matter of nurturing them to full size and in return reaping the rewards of getting a great harvest. This video is great for kids to understand plant life seeing all where it starts.

There you have it the journey of plants. It all begins with a small seed, what a big difference a small seed becomes. The wonders of plants it is so amazing

Life cycle of a Frog

In our back yard, landscape and gardens we can often find frogs resting or looking for their next meal. Frogs help to bring balance to our ecosystem, Frogs do a great job of getting rid of flies and mosquitoes that spread disease.

Below is a video on the life cycle of frogs, I am sure that Kermit the Frog will be happy to know that we are interested to know about his humble beginnings.

It’s amazing the life cycle of wildlife, each one may be different but they are here to help balance our ecosystem. Let’s do our part to protect our wildlife that makes their contribution working hand in hand with nature

Plant parts

Here is a video that I am sure that your kids will love, it talks about parts of a plant. We believe in making learning fun for children, this video is animated so I am sure that you will love it too.  Watch, enjoy and learn.

Plants are like humans, just as we have body parts and each part functions as a whole to ensure our bodies function the way it supposed to, so plants to have many parts that play their role in the overall health of plant life.

Water pollution

Water pollution has done a whole lot of harm by killing many of our marine and wildlife. In some cases, even humans have become sick because of the water system becoming contaminated. Now I know that this may not directly relate to landscapes and gardens

but because water plays an important part in our food chain including plants and animals it is only fitting that we educate ourselves on this problem that has caused so much damage.

Water is known as the liquid of life because it sustains all living things, so let’s do our part to ensure that our water remains contamination free. Because our survival depends on it.

Greenhouse effect

The greenhouse effect is an interesting subject, you may be wondering what does this have to do with landscaping, gardening, and nature itself. Just watch this video and see for yourself.

So we have learned from this video how The greenhouse effects tie in and affect all living things. Glad that you enjoyed that video

Nitrogen cycle

One of the major elements that plants need to survive is known as nitrogen, nitrogen is also known as a primary element meaning it is very important and plants cannot survive without it. You can also view this article that talks about plant nutrients. To learn more click this link. Plant nutrients.

Below is a video that I know both you and your kids will enjoy. Watch and learn how this all works.

I know all that you are saying is that was a very exciting and educational video and guess what it was. It is amazing how this all work and come together to benefit not only plant life but also humans and animals.

Patio Ideas

Are you tired of the same old dry look when you step on to your patio, well here are some ideas that you can try to liven up and bring change All it takes is a little imagination to get those creative juices flowing and you are well on your way

and it doesn’t have to cost you much or a dime at all. Maybe there is some stuff around the house that you can use by just switching them around to bring that added flavor.

Remember all it takes is a little imagination and some creativity to make a big difference.

Front yard garden ideas

Besides our homes the first thing that our family, friends and other person sees, our front yard is also the first thing that catches their attention. It is amazing what a nice kept landscape can do not only for our property but how it can also increase the value of our homes.

A nice kept landscape can also change our mood of thinking and put us in a much more relaxed state especially after a hard day at the office, it’s our oasis, our peace, our serenity. In this section we will be looking at some ideas we can implement to spruce up our front yard, hope you enjoy.

These are just a few ideas that you can try to bring life to your front yard. It’s a great project to take on and at the end of the day you can stand back and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

Backyard garden ideas

No, we can’t leave out the backyard, I must agree that even though the front yard is what the public sees and not the backyard it is just as important to give your backyard that polish look. Just think of it can you really picture a backyard that so polishes it becomes the talk of the neighborhood.

Where you can actually have events,  inviting family and friends over not only to enjoy the food and each others presence but to enjoy and take in the scenery. In the video below we will be looking at some backyard ideas.

These are just some ideas that you can use or put your own ideas together and watch as your back yards transform into something that is breath taking and that you can be proud of.

Soil amendments

In this video, we will be looking at how to amendment our soil or to add certain material to our soil so that our plants can get more out of it thereby giving us a better harvest. I hope as you watch this video, you will not only learn but enjoy.

And that’s the wonder of soil amendments, It can really condition your soil and give you the kind of results that you will be pleased with, so the next time your soil needs a boost just add some amendments, your plants will not only be happy but love you for it.

Minor irrigation repair

Having a sprinkler can save us time and make water our landscapes so much more easily, even though we may have to spend a few bucks to have a sprinkler system install the investment will pay off in big ways where you will reap the rewards.

There are times when our system may not be functioning the way they are supposed to. When this happens here are a few things that we can check, remember these are just minor irrigation repairs. When it comes to the bigger job you may need to call in the experts.

For more insight on minor irrigation, repair, check out this article. Minor irrigation repair. Here are some videos that you can watch on doing some repairs on your irrigation system.

How to adjust sprinkler heads

Cleaning sprinkler filters

Repairing a broken irrigation pipe

How to replace a sprinkler head

How to raise a sprinkler head

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