Leaves And Their Many Uses

The Benefits of Leaves

Colorful plant leaves-leaves-and-their-many-uses
Variegated Leaves

It is just so amazing of the many uses that we get from leaves, in fact, the list seems to be endless. Some examples of leaf use include leaves which are used for MEDICINE and aid the human body in so many ways by fighting disease.

leaves are used for cooking to give your foods that good flavor. An example of this group of leaves is HERBS.

From ancient times cultures, worldwide has and are still depending on leaves for their survival. There are thousands of plants and trees which are too numerous for this article to name and give a description of

but the thing to remember is that lives are one of nature’s wonders which is so amazing that’s why we are so dependent on them. Even animals  as well as….insects feed on leaves as a mean of survival

Take a breath of fresh air with leaves

Leaves are also responsible for the exchange of gasses, leaves take the carbon dioxide that we exhale and convert it to oxygen so we can take a breath of fresh air. Plant leaves also help to purify the air that we breathe by pulling toxins out of the air ensuring that every breath we take is pure and clean.

Tree and plant leaves

Even trees and plants depend on the leaves they produce in order to survive. Plant leaves are responsible for using the sunlight to help produce their own food. This process is known as photosynthesis, also plant leaves take in water through small openings in their leaves known as stomata.

None edible leaves

There are some plants and trees that produce leaves that are not edible so how can these leaves be used to serve us? Autumn has come and everywhere we look, those beautiful leaves that we saw in full color that once graced our trees have now fallen to the earth’s surface, we rake them, bag them and get rid of them but do you know that these leaves can save you so much $$? Yes even in this state leaves are still useful to us.

Other leaf benefits

Here are some other benefits that plant leaves serve

1. Mulch-Leaves can be used as mulch by spreading them around your trees and plants.

2. Nutrients-As leaves break down, they help to recycle nutrients back into the soil that is good for trees and plants.

3. Soil Ph-Soil ph is so important to plant life as leaves decay they help to adjust soil ph for plants to continue to grow strong and be of great value to us. You can also check out this link on garden soil nature’s gold.

4. Composting-Composting is a great way to get that nutrient-rich soil that you desire and that your plants will love. Leaves are an added benefit in the composting process. Nothing like having good organic soil.

5. Soil temperature-Leaves can help to keep soil temperature cool causing plants and trees to use less water.

6. Conserving water-Leaves can help to hold water and then release it to benefit plant life.

7. Weeds-Want to win the war on weeds, then using leaves as a mulch can suppress weed seed germination.

8. Mosquito control-Gathering and burning leaves were a form of mosquito control that was used by the older generation and in some cultures, this practice is still carried out.

9. Fuel-Some cultures use leaves as fuel to cook with.

10. Shade-The leaves of thatch palms are used to construct thatch roofs that keep out sunlight as well as rain.

11. Art and craft- Leaves are also used in art and craft which can be sold for money.

The final word

The possibility of leaves seems to be endless. So the next time you rake those leaves and decide to throw them away think again of how you can use them for your benefit because you could very well be flushing $$ down the drain.


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