Making Your Garden A Home For Wild Life

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Taking care of wildlife

In this article, we will be looking at some aspects of making your garden a home for wildlife. In order to do this, we must create an environment that is almost identical to the natural habitat that animals and insects enjoy.

Making your garden a home for wild life-Garden flowers
Flower garden

I am sure that you may have gone on a nature walk and observed animals and insects in their natural habitat.

You remember how excited you got to see those birds flying around, to hear them singing so beautifully and watching them as they took care of their young by feeding them and building nests for them? With great excitement, you took out your camera to capture the moment or maybe your video camera and started recording.

What about those beautiful colorful butterflies that you saw as they quietly and gracefully went about their daily activity feeding, resting, flying, or taking a drink of water or nectar from plants where it had collected without a care in the world. ‘Happy little creatures they are’ may have been your thought as you observed them.

After all the events of your day, the enjoyment received from watching these wonders of nature was worth it all. So by providing a natural habitat for these creatures you would be providing them with a home to feed and grow their young and that place can be your very own backyard buzzing with the many sounds of different species of birds singing and the sight of many different colored flowers. What a sight to behold!

Talk about becoming one with nature.

Our Ecosystem

Making your garden a home for wild life-Hummingbird in tree
Hummingbird resting

I’m sure by now we can see the benefits of what can happen just by giving nature a  helping hand.

Examples of making our backyard garden a home for wildlife

You can check out these links just to get a better idea of how you can make your garden a home for wildlife. How to create a hummingbird garden and how to create a butterfly garden.

The final word

I am sure there is more which can be said on this topic, but this is just some information that I believe can help you in getting started with your garden. And remember nature is calling you.


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4 thoughts on “Making Your Garden A Home For Wild Life”

  1. Great description of a nature walk in this article! I could really see in my minds eye what you were talking about and it really did bring a smile to my face.

    My little girl loves butterflies so we are planning on setting up a butterfly garden for her this spring. I have never done it before so it should be a fun adventure.

    I am allergic to bees so I worry about that but we are thinking to put the garden far enough away from the house that the bees, hopefully, will not bother me.


    • Good day jess thanks again for the follow. There are several methods that you can use to discourage bees from seeking haven in your garden. we will look at two of them.1 you can apply a bee killer granule around your yard, once applied the granule make take a few week before you can see results, make sure to read label because label is law. 2. mix 1tsp. of dish liquid in a gallon of warm water place the solution in a spray bottle and spray plants in your garden where you see bees. This solution will not harm the plants but it will cause the bees to pack up and move out, You can wear protective clothing to avoid being sting when spraying plants. Hope this helps and good luck with your butterfly garden. Give me a shout and let me know how it goes, have a good day and thanks again.

  2. Great post! This is not something I think about. We are always thinking about keeping wildlife out to protect our plants. I love the idea of integrating and growing for the wildlife to enjoy! Which would lead to some cool experiences for our family as well. We live in a rural area and are right now trying to figure out how to garden where our plants won’t get eaten!

    • Hello llyssa thanks for the follow and i believe that i have some information on my website that can help you so feel free and use it, and please do share this website with those you know. Thanks again and have a good day.


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