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Lemon Tree Insect Control

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A lemon tree

Growing a lemon tree from your home garden is pretty amazing because you have at your fingertips an almost endless supply of this citrus fruit that can enhance the flavors of so many recipes. However ensuring that your lemon tree provides you constantly with nice juicy lemons requires the proper maintenance care, one such issue that growers of lemon tree face are garden insect pests that are attracted to the fragrance of your lemon tree.

To bring control of these insect pests requires the proper identification and putting in place effective control measures that will reduce their population. Below we will be discussing such measures that have proven to be effective in the fight to eliminate these garden pests.

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How to Control Meyer Lemon Tree Insect Pests

Names of garden insects pests of Meyer Lemon Tree

  • Aphids
  • Leaf Miner
  • Citrus rust mite


Meyer Lemon Tree Insect Pests-aphid-insect-pest
An aphid garden insect pest on plant

Aphids can become a real menace and dose damage with their piercing-sucking mouthparts, aphids are tiny and have pear-shaped bodies. The colors of these insect pests are yellow-light green and some even appear to take on a somewhat orange color. Aphids feed on tender or new plant growth by sucking the plant’s fluids. Signs of aphids are leaves that turn yellow and are twisted and curled, stunted or dead shoots, and poor plant growth what is interesting however about aphids is they are the easiest to eliminate among garden pests. A strong spray of water from a garden hose will knock them off garden plants causing elimination or applying talstar and Upstar will help to bring control.

Leaf Miner

Birch leaf miners-pest-control-methods
Birch leaf miners

The eggs of leaf miners can be found on the underside of clustered plant leaves.

The eggs hatch followed by the larva that begins to eat away at the leaves for about 1-3 weeks, then they pupate for 2-4 weeks inside the plant’s leaves or drop to the ground surface below, burrowing into the soil and when they emerge they are adults.

The leaves on plants that are affected by these insects turn light green with grey spots. The areas of the leaf turn this color because this is where the female lays her eggs.  The leaves may also have brown blotches control methods include using Borer-miner killer spray, drenching the soil with a liquid insecticide, or applying Bayer advanced tree & shrub insect control.

Citrus rust mite

Citrus rust mites are tiny being a fraction of a millimeter long, these mites can be either brown, red, yellow, or rust. Mites are not insects but are somewhat of a relative to ticks and spiders. The leaves of the citrus tree are damaged by the feeding of these mites. The infested and infected leaves develop an etched, silvery appearance in some cases the leaves turn spotted with necrotic regions that turn yellow.

The citrus red mite feeds on all of the plant parts from the leaves to the fruits and the twigs, whereas the pink rust citrus mite cause the fruits to distort and stunt. The damage of rust mites is generally on the fruits.

Small amounts of mites will not cause much damage especially if the tree is mature and strong, however, if the infestation is in great numbers can cause damage. Mites can show up any time of the season. More severe damage is done in spring when young fruits begin to form, a miticide spray application can bring control. Before using Miticdes read and follow the manufacturer’s label according to the directions.

Other Alternatives

Besides the use of chemicals encouraging beneficial insects and birds into your garden can help to bring control to the mite population. If seeking to create a natural habitat in your garden to attract beneficial insects avoid the use of broad-spectrum pesticides.

The final word on Meyer lemon tree insect pests

Growing healthy Meyer lemon trees is possible, don’t let garden insect pests rob you of a bountiful harvest, this guide will help you to have much success by bringing complete insect control. So strike back and bring these insect pests under control it’s that simple but has proven to be so effective.


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