Minor Irrigation Repairs

DIY Your Irrigation System

In order for plants to perform at their best, we must do our part to ensure that their requirements are met. In this article, we will be looking at irrigation repairs because water is so essential to plant life. Without it, our plants cannot survive or thrive.

Sprinkler watering grass-minor-irrigation-repair
Irrigation sprinkler

In fact, every living thing depends on water in order to survive. Getting adequate amounts of water to our plants is a necessity.

It is good when our plants can get a nice drink of water from the rain but at times especially during summer months when plants need all the water they can get, there is hardly any rain.

Hence we must step in and do our part. There are many ways in which we can get water to our plants which include, hand watering with a watering jug, a bucket, hose, or even a sprinkler attachment.  There is another way however that we can make our watering job much easier especially when watering our lawns, gardens, and landscape areas which is by installing an irrigation system.

Irrigation systems

Irrigation systems can be as advanced as you want them to be for larger areas, or as simple as you want them for smaller areas. No matter how advanced or simple, you want to make sure that your irrigation system is working properly at all times.

This article was written for the homeowners who desire to take on minor irrigation repairs and to achieve their desired results.

Irrigation tools

In order to perform any job effectively, we need the right tools. I remember there were times when I sought to fix problems I encountered on the field and ended up frustrated simply because I did not have the right tools.

Sprinkler head spin-minor-irrigation-repair
Irrigation sprinkler heads

Having the right tools to do the job can save time. So investing in some inexpensive tools will help in the long run.

Tool List

1. Hacksaw or pipe cutter

2. Spade shovel

3. Irrigation Shovel

4. Pic ax

5. Pipe glue

6. Eye goggles

7. Needle nose pliers

Miner irrigation repairs

Remember all you need is just a few simple tools to get the job done on small projects.

Small projects consist of pipe sizes that range from 1/2 to 1 inch.

Irrigation parts

Always have irrigation parts on hand, you do not know when you will need them. These parts consist of fittings, a few sprinkler heads, full, quarter, and half-cycle, PVC pipe of the same size. Remember to keep your supplies small because you are dealing with small repairs.

Signs of broken pipes

Signs that indicate that a pipe is broken include pressure loss. Because of this, the sprinkler heads do not pop up when irrigation comes on. Sprinkler heads may pop up but not all the way because the water flow is slow. If a pipe is broken, that area may be wet or damp. Also, plants and grass may show signs of falling back and in some cases even death. These are some signs to look for when determining a broken irrigation pipe.

Repairing broken pipes

When seeking to repair broken pipes, turn off the main water valve first. This will make repairing pipes possible without getting drenched. Next dig around the area where the pipe is broken, remove enough of the soil from both sides of the hole to allow flexibility for the pipe. Make sure to remove soil from underneath the pipe so that you can have room to work with it.

Once you have found where the pipe is broken, place a pipe cutter or hacksaw about 3-4 inches behind where the pipe is damaged and make a clean cut. Next, add a coupling or elbow if the break is at the curve, then place pipe glue on the edges and inner connections and firmly press together. The glue usually dries in about 2-3 minutes.

Cleaning sprinkler filters

The problem may not be a broken pipe, it may be that the filter needs to be cleaned. First, you will need to cut off the water from the control valve. Use a wrench to open the control valve because this will release the pressure.

Unscrew the filter case or chamber, this is what houses the filter. Once this is done, remove the filter. If the filter is dirty you will notice a  build-up of dirt, you can either wash the sprinkler off in a bucket of water with a scrubbing brush or you can place it under a pump of running water to wash off.

When the filter has been cleaned, replace it back in the case or chamber make sure the chamber is firmly screwed back in place. Then you can proceed and turn the water on. If the filter is badly worn it may need to be replaced.

Cleaning clogged sprinkler heads

Sprinkler heads may get clogged because of grass that has grown around the heads or dirt and debris may get in the water system. One sure sign to know if your sprinkler head is clogged is water dripping from the head or the spray pattern is weak. When attempting to clean a clogged head the first thing that you should do is to lift the stem and hold it very firmly. Having needle-nose pliers will make the job easier.

Unscrew the head-turning counterclockwise. Once the head is loose remove it. Inside the stem, you will see the filter. Remove it, then clean with water. Place the filter back in, tighten and you are good to go.

Miner irrigation repairs

Adjusting sprinkler heads

Adjusting sprinkler heads is not hard at all. The heads are adjusted by turning the small screw on top of the nozzle. This will control the radius and distance in which the water is sprayed.

How to remove a sprinkler  head

From time to time sprinkler heads will have to be removed because of a garden area being re-designed or additional plants being added to a garden area and so on.

How to raise a sprinkler head

Raising a sprinkler head may be needed at times especially when lawns and plants have grown considerably. Raising the head will ensure that your lawns and plants get the right amount of water they need. In this video, you will learn how quick and easy it is to raise a sprinkler head.

The final words

As you see these are projects you take when dealing with minor irrigation repairs. The job is not as hard as you think. All it takes is a little effort and determination.


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26 thoughts on “Minor Irrigation Repairs”

  1. Thank for valuable information.
    It comes right in time as I get tired of every time before mowing a grass to roll the irrigation tube. I want to bury the pipe. I was imagined that just bury a tube some 20-30 cm and forget. What to do if the mole or rat gnaw it? I mean how to find the damaged exact place to not dig all lawn around.
    Maybe need to make some marks along the pipeline? Some ideas you described on your post.Thanks.

    • It is good to meet you again andrejs, if I understand your question you should use Pvc pipes because this will protect against animals damaging your irrigation line, hopes thais helps have a good day.

  2. Hi Norman,
    You’ve given me the incentive to get an irrigation system in place in our garden.
    We try and hose around our garden every couple of days on an evening when there’s no rain forecast but it does become a time consuming job.
    To turn on the tap and leave it running for a while would simplify our job incredibly.
    Do you have your irrigation system set on some sort of timer or do you turn the tap on to operate it?
    Thanks for the post,

    • Hello Simon I am glad that I could help, and you are right about watering with a hose it’s too time consuming. Now when talking about timers that’s something that is somewhat different, what I will do however is write an article about this and I will be sure and include a video so stay tune all the best to you, have a good day and can you do me a favor and tell others about my site, thanks again and have a good day. gardenofedengardencenter.com

  3. Great article! This really helps as I was just thinking about installing a sprinkler system for my front lawn. You give very good information about the sprinkler heads.
    What, if any, adhesive material would you advise using if a line or something were to break? I’m guessing tape isn’t a good idea sometimes?

    • Hello Matt it is good to meet you, It is best to use pipe glue to repair a broken line other materials may not be effective. opes this helps and have a good day.

  4. Eden’s Garden is full off information. The first page grabs your attention immediately. There are a lot of categories to choose from on the subject. And the layout is great! thanks for a good viewing experience! I especially loved the “just for kids” category. It offers great ideas for family gardening.

  5. Your information about irrigation has come to the right time.

    This year we had an awful hot and humid and dry summer.

    I certainly could have used an irrigation system on our lager flower beds and lawn.

    My husband and I thought of it a few year back, but than dismissed it because of “too” much work involved.

    Now ,we have an idea in how to pursue it thanks to your article.
    Well, fall is here now, so next spring we will do it, finally.

    • Hello Sylvia it is good to meet you and I am glad that I could help, all the best with your irrigation project I am suer that both and your husband will do a great. Can you do me a favor please and tell others about my website thanks for your support. gardenofedengardencenter.com

  6. I am not much for home or garden repairs, usually leave that to my husband, but you broke down some simple steps and made me feel like I could probably handle a lot more than I think on my own.
    Thanks for the solid tips and the easy to understand content.

  7. Glad to know the moving a sprinkler will not pose many challenges, nor will adjusting, raising, or cleaning sprinkler heads. That is well rounded informative info for the every day householder and the practical assistance to the average person I think could do well in helping people for a higher performing landscaping setup.

  8. This is very helpful for me, my grass needs some serious irrigation. With little or no rain, I now realize I have to get and do a little work to keep my lawn looking green. I have a question how do you get rid moles digging holes in the ground? Great article

    • Hello Anthony it is good to meet you and thanks for those kind words, there is and article that I have written on animal control, within tha article there is a section that talks about mole controll, just go there and you will find what you need. The website is gardenofedengardencenter.com. Thanks again all the best to you and have a good day.

  9. This is a thorough post on irrigation repair. I like how you have laid these instructions out. Like you said you only need a handful of tools to repair your irrigation system. What would you say is the most common repair, a clogged sprinkler head or broken pipes? I don’t have sprinklers now but we did growing up at my parents house and I remember always having to adjust them.

    • Hello Jeremy it is so good to meet you, I have a son whose name is jeremy he is a very nice young man, Now to your question, in my experience it has been clogged sprinkler heads because small particles like sand and small stones can get caught up in the line clogging sprinkler heads or some times it can be grass clippings. Hope I answered you question. All the best to you and if I can help you further please let me know

  10. I have been looking for a system to put in place because watering my garden myself when there’s not been rain for a while can be very time consuming. This looks like something I can implement myself, so thank you for sharing! Do you know of a timer system I can use to have them go off at a certain time each day or is it better to manually do this?

    • Hello Guy it is so good to meet you, having and irrigation system can make watering more easy. Now as to using a timer on you system you, can try Hunters. Hunters carry good quality controll timers that can do the job. watering manually can be time consuming especailly if your days are busy. If your days are free then manually is great, that way you can be outdoors enjoying nature. But if time is a concern then yes install a timer. Hope this helps and if you need my help, please feel free and give me a shout. I would be more than happy to help. All the best to you with your irrigation project.

  11. Underground Irrigation is something I have been thinking about for awhile. I’m getting tired of dragging hoses all over the yard and garden. I found this article helpful in that I am sure I would be able to handle any minor repairs as well as trouble shoot some common problems that can arise with irrigation. Thanks

    • Hello Letsret it is so good to meet you, glad that I could help and I can identify with you. Pulling hoses especially when they are tangle and fill with water can be frustrating at times, and irrigation system can save you from all that frustartion. All the best to you with your irrigation project and if you ever need my help please give me a shout all the best to you and have a good day.

  12. Great post with tons of information and videos on minor irrigation repair. I do not have a sprinkler system currently, but have been wanting and needing one. I think your information is quite helpful, in that is helps me know that I can do this. I can get an irrigation system and maintain it myself. I know there are times when I am out of town, and I have to rely on my neighbors to water for me. As you say, especially in hot states like Texas, it is very important to keep the plants watered.

    • Hello Matt’s mom my good friend thanks for dropping by and viewing my post. Irrigation can make watering plants and lawn areas a whole lot easy. And It is amazing how simple these minor repairs are.and easy these systems can be maintained. I am glad that I could help, all the best to you and have a good day.

  13. hi
    what a really great website, fresh theme and design, easy to navigate and full of very good information to help folks, I really did spend time having a look around and I learned a thing or two about vegetables !
    One thing I didn’t quite get though was that your images when clicked, do not lead anywhere to an affiliate site, only the highlighted blue copy leads to the potential purchasing route, is that deliberate, I guess so ?
    You have clearly spent a lot of time on your site and I commend you on it, and i wish you great success along the journey.

    • Hello Craig it is so good to meet you and thanks a million for those kind words. I have spent a lot of hours on my site trying to make it as engaging as possible. I am glad that you like what I have to offer,. that is telling me that my hard work is paying off. The highlighted blue is met to led to potential sales. All the best to you and have a good day and if there is anything that I can help you with please let me know. Thanks again.


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