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Installing a garden is one thing, maintaining that garden is another story. I have seen gardens that were installed and because of improper care of those gardens, they lost that luster and beauty.

One of the advantages of installing a garden is it can increase the value of your property besides all the other added benefits. I must agree that no matter the size of the garden

if it is not kept it can really become an eyesore taking away from the beauty of your home and the value of your property. This article has been dedicated to giving helpful tips for homeowners who would love to keep their gardens looking great or to return those gardens to their former glory.

A thing of beauty

Gardens are a thing of beauty just take nature, for example, have you ever went on a nature tour or perhaps saw pictures of nature where everything looks so peaceful and restful.

It is amazing how our landscapes(nature) are painted with so much beauty and because of this beauty, it actually can help us to relax and be at peace as we enjoyed all that natural beauty. This is the effect that a well-maintained garden or landscape can have on us.

A well-maintained garden or landscape can improve your

  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Emotional health
  • Can make us really happy
  • Relieve stress
  • Can put us in a relaxed state of mind

Can you imagine having a home garden that can provide all of this for you as you sit back and relax? This kind of natural rest can also bring healing. So investing in your garden is worth the effort and the $$$$$$$$$$$ I would say.

Tips for gardening success

Here are some tips for garden success.

Creating a monthly garden checklist

Just as having a checklist for your

  • Homes
  • Cars
  • Supplies
  • bills
  • business
  • inventory and so on is concerned

Creating a monthly checklist for our garden should also be considered so we can reap the benefits of having a properly maintained garden.

Monthly garden checklist

1. If you have installed grass ensure that the type of grass you installed is meeting the requirements of all that is required to keep your grass looking its best.

2. The same is also true for all of your garden plants. A good source of information can be found right here on my website which can really help you with what you are looking for.

3. Keep your garden clean and free of debris. A build-up of debris can encourage disease and insect infestation.

4. Weeds can also bring on disease and harbor insects besides competing with our garden plants for water and fertilizer so as much as possible to stay on top of weeds that can also become and an eyesore.

5. Ensure that your plants are pruned and not only pruned but properly pruned. Pruning will not only help your plants to keep their natural form and beauty but will help your plants to become full with better production of flowers and fruits.

6. Pruning also removes dead, diseased, and insect-infested wood that can not only become and an eyesore but be a threat to plant life. So adding pruning to your monthly garden checklist is a must.

7. This is a BIG ONE. Know which plants are in SEASON and are fitted for your ZONE. A good source is to have a talk with your plant nurseryman which I am sure will provide you with the right information.

8. Ensure that garden fixture such as furniture, lighting and other garden features is in good repair.

9. If bird baths are included these should also be in good repair and clean also. The same goes for bird feeds and houses. In the event that babies are present then this process should be put on hold until the birdhouse is unoccupied.

10. If a fence is installed ensure the fence is in good repair.

11. For those who have irrigation installed, check that the system is working and pipes and sprinkler heads are working because broken pipes will not only cause system failure but water wastage which spells increase water bill along with plant injury.

The same is also true for sprinkler heads. Broken heads can contribute to the same. Filters may be dirty unclog them by cleaning. For more on small irrigation, repair refers to minor irrigation repairs.

I am sure that more can be added to this monthly checklist but this is just a guide to use to ensure that you are a part of a win, win situation as you seek to reap the rewards of having a properly maintained garden.

12. At times and it even happens in the best-kept gardens where uninvited guess welcome themselves to feast on our garden plants. Also, there are other bugs that make their presence felt. These bugs are known as the good bugs to help police or protect our gardens from the bad bugs by feeding on them. We will be looking at a few of them so we can know the difference and how to identify them from garden insect pests. Refer to these sections garden insects and garden insects control methods for some of the more common garden pests and also the good bugs you may find in your garden.

The final word

Let’s give nature a helping hand as we get our hands dirty and reap the rewards of keeping our gardens in the best shape ever. I am sure that the many wildlife would thank you for this

as they grace you with their presence showing you that they approve of your efforts and is well pleased with the results. With that said let’s get started on that monthly garden checklist.


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4 thoughts on “Monthly Garden Checklist”

  1. I really appreciated your advise. We are on two acres and I told my wife I don’t want a grass farm. Last spring we planted a 100′ x 40′ garden and it got totally choked out by weeds. We have been gardening for over 10 years and it was interesting because the only two plants that did well were ones that we didn’t even plant. It was an acorn squash plant, and a yellow squash plant our compost planted.

    I like how you mentioned about how plants are grown in nature. We can learn a lot about how to create garden systems that mimic mother nature. I have used Mother Earth Garden Planner which really helps with planning and gives you checklists based on the zone you live in.

    • Hello Michael Miller so happy to hear from you and so sorry to hear about the issues you were facing. It is good to see however that you have not given up. I am so happy that I could help. Please let me know if it is no trouble how you are progressing with your garden. All the best to you and have a good day.

  2. Thank you for your monthly garden checklist. We live on two acres and it frustrates me to have a grass farm. We planted a 100′ x 40 ‘ garden last year that totally got choked out by weeds. The two plants that did the best were two plants our compost planted. We got around 6 large acorn squash and about the same in yellow squash. It is amazing what happens when we follow the patterns
    Mother Nature provides.

    • Hello Michael Miller so sorry to hear of what happened, but it is good to know that you well yet have garden success. Please me know how it goes. All the best to you and have a good day.


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