Native Plants To Help Prevent Erosion

Controlling Soil Erosion With Plants

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Soil erosion has been a concern for years, the process is said to be a natural occurrence that greatly affects the earth’s surface. Soil erosion occurs when the topsoil which is considered to be fertile or nutrient is washed away or removed by raindrops, winds, tillage, and downslope runoff.

In some cases, soil runoff or soil being depleted can happen very slowly going unnoticed for long periods of time the good news, however, is with the proper measure put in place can fight back and help to save your topsoil which is so important.

The danger of soil erosion

The danger of soil erosion include

1. The pollution of water bodies such as lakes and streams.

2. Poor water quality.

3. The increase in the soil acid level.

4. Soil Compaction.

5. Poor Drainage.

6. The reduction of organic matter.

7. Lose of topsoil.

Native plants to help prevent erosion

The benefits of using native plants include

1. The reduction of maintenance cost.

2. Providing food for wildlife.

3. Reduce the need for pesticides.

4. Less fertilizer use.

5. Can save you money.

6. Native plants will provide shelter for wildlife.

7. Less water usage.

8. Native plants will help in promoting biodiversity.

9. Native plants will support pollinators.

Land Management

Below we will be looking at biological and non-biological methods in the control of soil erosion.

The use of native plants is a great way to combat soil erosion here is a list of plants that can be used, ensure that the plants which are being used are native to your environment as we discussed earlier looking at the many benefits of using such plants.

Biological methods to control soil erosion

Black mondo grass

1. Black mondo grass makes a great choice, this ornamental beauty can get the job done. Black mondo grass grows about 6 inches tall and loves the full sun, you are sure to turn heads with this grass that is a show stopper. The black mondo grass can be grown in zones 6-9.

 The Creeping juniper

2. The creeping juniper grows to about a foot, This garden beauty performs well in the full sun and grows in zones 3-9. The creeping juniper is a cold-hardy plant that will work wonders.

California live oak

3. The roots of trees can support and help to maintain soils so that it won’t wash away or be depleted, the California live oak loves full sun to partial shade and grows in zones 8-ll, and can reach heights of up to 60 ft.

 Japanese Spurge

4. Japanese spurge performs well in shaded areas, this garden beauty will work wonders, the flowers of this garden beauty are small and white. Japanese spurge can be grown in zones 4-8


5. Periwinkles are flowering beauties that will light up your garden area, periwinkles bloom in an array of colors and will give your garden that edge. Though the periwinkle can thrive in the direct sun they perform best in partially shaded areas and grows best in zones 4-8. The periwinkle will help in protecting your soil from erosion.


6. Installing a lawn is a great way not only to give your property a facelift but also to increase its value. but do you know that a lawn can help with the prevention of soil erosion? A lawn that is growing healthy will help in keeping the soil intact which I think is pretty amazing.

Non-Biological methods to control soil erosion

These non-biological methods have also proven to be effective in the prevention of soil erosion.


1. The use of mulches is great in preventing soil erosion, adding a 2-3 inch layer of mulch to the topsoil will slowly absorb water, this process will keep the topsoil intact while aiding in the soil’s ph level.

Retaining Walls

2. Building a retaining wall is another great way to prevent soil erosion, the way this work is that the retaining wall can and will prevent water runoff.

Terrace Garden

3. Building a terrace garden is very effective in the prevention of soil erosion, the structure of a terrace garden will hold the soil in place.

 Coir net

4. The installation of coir netting is a great way to prevent soil erosion.


5. The use of rocks, especially in a garden area, will not only give that natural look bringing mulch flavor but will also help to hold soil in place.

Water usage

6. Water management is so effective in the control of soil erosion because water is one of the means by which soil erosion is influence, the practice of proper water management will go a long way in preventing soil loss.

The final word

The prevention or the correction of soil erosion has proven to be effective with these proven methods we have discussed. Our soils are vital to our environment so we should do all that we can to ensure that our garden soils are intact so we can continue to enjoy all that nature has to offer. If you have or are facing this issue all is not lost just follow these proven methods as you receive great results which will help to save your soil.


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4 thoughts on “Native Plants To Help Prevent Erosion”

  1. Reading your article got me to thinking seriously about some changes on our property in regards to soil erosion and just beautifying the property.  I am interested to learn more about the Black Mondo grass.  I am not familiar with this grass and would really like to learn more.  Have you used this grass?  And is it a hardy grass, it just sounds like it would greatly improve an area of our property I have in mind.

    I am just started using mulch in my flowerbeds and I can see the benefits after only a couple years.  I love that it keeps the moisture in the soil and yes, it enhances the beauty of the landscape.

    I enjoyed your article and am glad that I found it.

    • Hello so happy to help and glad to meet you. I have used so many ornamental grass type and they really work wonders. I believe that the black mondo grass can do the same. But what I want you to do is to ensure that this grass is suited for your zone. Wishing the best of success and have a good day.

  2. I must say this website is very enlightening. I have learnt so much from the previous reviews I read from this website and this one is also interesting. I could remember that my uncle do apply mulching practice on his tuber farm. My only thought was that it was done to prevent too much sun radiation, I don’t know it can also prevent erosion so that the tubers ridges will not wear away. All this grasses options you’ve mentioned will be of great help not only for our garden but also for the environment or field where erosion is the great issues.

    • Stella thanks so much for your very kind words. So happy to help and thanks so much for sharing. All the best to you and have a good day.


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