Natural Liver Detox

Cleaning our liver the natural way

The human liver-natural-liver-detox
The human liver

We live in a world where we are exposed to so many chemicals that can be detrimental to our health, It is no surprise that millions of people every year seek medical help because of the number of toxins their bodies are exposed to.

what is even more alarming is many of the products that we use in our homes also contain chemicals that are hazardous to our health. Certain household products, furniture, paper, pains, and so on can have a negative effect on our health.

The good news, however, is that there are ways of keeping our liver healthy and functioning at its best.

The liver

Our liver is a large organ that can be found on the right side of our stomach. This organ is brown-reddish and weighs about 3 pounds.

There is the left lobe and the right lobe, the main function of the liver is to filter the blood, helps to absorb and digest foods, metabolizes drugs, detoxifies chemicals. The liver also breaks down fats in the small intestine during digestion and produces bile that carries away waste.

While the function of the liver is beyond the scope of this article it is good to know the importance of some of these basics so we can see how important liver function is when it comes to our health.

Doing a natural liver detox is a good way to give our liver a spring cleaning ensuring its overall health.

Natural liver detox

What I love about nature is that all that we need to live a healthy life can be found in all of the natural good stuff that nature has to offer. I often have said in a few of my articles that nature is our pharmacy that gives us all that natural goodness without any side effects.

Foods to include in our diet to promote a healthy liver

Here are some foods that have been found to keep our liver healthy at all times. Some of these foods can be eaten raw or semi-cooked.

Never cook these foods to the point where they get mushy and soft. This will be defeating the purpose because overcooking these foods will destroy those natural properties that are so beneficial.

Fruits that detoxes the liver


1. Grapefruits– are a good source of Vitamin C. This superfood is also loaded with antioxidants that will cleanse our liver.

2. Apples– are one of my favorites. Apples have a great amount of pectin which allows chemicals to be released from the digestive tract making it easier for the liver to be cleansed.

3. Limes and Lemons– are high in Vitamin C. Drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice in the morning along with a glass of water can give your liver a jump start in the detoxing process.

4. Avocados– are another one of my favorites besides their great taste and its many uses, avocados truly deserve to be on the list of superfoods.

This superfood cleanses the body by producing glutathione that helps to detoxify the liver.

5. Strawberries– as we know are the symbol of love but besides this, strawberries contain compounds that can help in keeping our liver healthy and clean.

Vegetables that detoxes the liver


1. Cabbage– Has the ability to activate liver enzymes that flush the liver of toxins.

2. Leafy green vegetables– eat your greens is what many of our parents told us, but do you know that the healing properties of leafy greens have the ability to pull toxins from our liver.

3. Carrots– are not only good for eyesight but this veggie is loaded with beta-carotene and flavonoids that promote liver health.

4. Beets– are not only good support for the blood, but the vitamins in beets also help to promote and support liver health.

5. Olive oil– we all know about the famous olive oil, olive oil helps to absorb harmful toxins from the liver.

Herbs that detoxes the liver


1. Peppermint– studies have shown that the properties of peppermint protect the liver against certain toxins.

2. Garlic– I love cooking with garlic, it has such a great aroma and the taste is so awesome. But garlic also has the ability to stimulate liver enzymes that rid the liver of toxins.

3. Aloe vera– is loaded with so much and can do a whole for our bodies. Aloe vera help to rid the body of toxins making it easier on liver function.

4. Ginger– is an amazing herb that aids the body in so many ways, but this super herb also has the ability to cleanse the liver by helping the body get rid of harmful toxins.

5. Seaweed– is a good source of sodium alginate which aids in absorbing toxins from the body making it easier on the liver.

Other superfoods that detox the liver

Broccoli, Mushroom, Turmeric, Artichoke, Dandelion root, Milk, thistle seed, Red clover, Cilantro, Neem, Asparagus, Brussel sprout, Basil, Cauliflower, Collard greens, Flaxseed, Tomatoes, Walnuts.


Another method of liver detoxing is by juicing, this is a great way to blend those superfoods into a healthy drink that can work wonders keeping your liver healthy and fit. For more information on Healthy juicing follow the link.

Final word

Our liver plays such an important function to ensure that we are in good health at all times, let’s do all that we can to keep our liver function at it’s best


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19 thoughts on “Natural Liver Detox”

  1. Great post Norman!

    I agree that the best way to detox our bodies is with fresh, wholesome foods – organic is possible.
    What would be the best indicator that a liver detox is in order?

  2. This was a great reminder that our body is relying on the food we put into it to help it do it’s job. I have to make a specific effort to incorporate some of these foods into my diet. If not, before long our bodies are not working with us and instead start working against us. You mentioned seaweed and I’ve heard it has many nutrients. I haven’t found a palatable way to consume this. Any ideas?

    • Hello Jen so good to meet you and thanks for responding. Our bodies are depending on these natural healers to keep it healthy and in good shape. There are some people that are not fond of seaweed because I think they let the name scare them.

      But sea weed is very healthy. Adding them to your salads, adding them to steamed foods, what about sushi. Hope this helps. Just let your imagination go and get creative, have fun. Please let me know how it goes. So good to hear from you and have a good day.

  3. Hi Norman,

    Great article!

    I drink lemon juice with water every morning for the sake of the vitamin C, but I didn’t know that it’s good for the liver. I am happily surprised! Since the olive oil is also good for the liver, can I mix it with the lemon juice in the morning?
    Thank you for all these tips!

    • Hello Daniella so good to see you again my friend hope all is well with you. Lemon juice is really good and so beneficial for our bodies. I know that a few drops of olive oil goes well with garden salads, as for lemon juice probably just keep it in moderation. Hope this help, all the best to you and have a good day. 

  4. “Nature is our pharmacy” so true!
    The foods you listed are easily available and accessible to mostly everyone. Many may overlook them as they don’t know the great benefits of these foods provide. So thanks for sharing, yet again an informative and amazing article. Keep doing what you do best!

    • Hello Sara so nice to see you and I am so happy that I could help. These super- foods really are great and can do so much for us. Thanks a million for those kind words, all the best to you my friend and have a good day.

  5. I really need to get back to eating healthy to help my liver function better for a longer time. I admit I eat way to much junk food. I often eat apples when all else fails but I think it is about time that I detox my liver. As long as I eat healthy I should not have a problem right? I love the post by the way.

    • Hello Kendrick my friend so good to see you, hope all is well with both you and your family. These super-foods are really good for you and will keep you in tip top shape and I so happy that I could help. All the best to you and have a good day.

  6. Good thing I already eat many of these although I never thought or knew they detoxed my liver. I agree that a lot of the chemicals we use on a regular base are very harmful, even the ones that are supposed to be ‘gentle’, ‘hypoallergenic’, etc. Thanks for sharing this vital information and hope you have a good Thanksgiving 🙂

  7. Fantastic information here! I’ve studied health and nutrition for 25 years, and given lots of classes and seminars. This is such a detailed page. Thank you for offering solutions, along with benefits of natural foods and healing. I love it. I will follow you and look forward to learning more from your expertise!

    • Hello Shelli Thomas so nice to meet you and I am so happy that I could help. You have made my day with your comments especially because of your many years of experience in this field. Your and expert, your comment means so much to me.

      I will do my best to get high marks from you. All the best to you my dear lady and have a wonderful weekend and a Merry Christmas.

  8. Wow this is very interesting Norman, I have never heard of anything related to detoxing out the liver naturally before. I currently have no liver issues but a few others in my family have had liver issues. I appreciate this information and pLan on using it to make sure I don’t end up it heir shoes one day. I noticed you said not to cook these foods past heating them up a bit but had also said that olive oil helps as well. Will cooking my other foods with the olive oil help any? I currently use vegetable oil in my household but could easily switch if it has better health advantages.

    • Hello Noah so good to meet you. I am so happy that I could help, over cooking veggies will rob them of their healing properties and olive oil is great because of its healing abilities this is why this oil is talk about and used widely, all the best to you and wishing you the best of good health.

  9. Great article. I have definitely abused my liver the last couple of years through binge drinking but it is a very resilient organ thanks god. I eat one apple a day but other than that my diet is not very good. I have been thinking to start a juicing habit for a long time now but still i delay it for some reason.

  10. That’s a awesome Post. Agree ! Liver play an important in the functioning of our body metabolism. Here you have mentioned so many food which can make our liver healthy & fit. I am going to include some of the above given food in my diet.Looking forward to see more information.

    Thanks to share this info 🙂

  11. That is a lot of value. I really love reading this content because it is so much informative and thoughtful. I will check out later when I would have occasionally some illness to my liver. Would you advice to us the ginger too?



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