Networking Globally To Feed The World

Networking globally to bring healing

World hunger-networking-globally to feed the world
World hunger

When it comes to the discussion of world hunger this is a topic that’s so vast because hunger can mean so many different things depending on the persons that are involved based on their circumstance.

For example, in many countries the unemployment rate is high and because of this many cannot afford the basic necessities of life and then there are those that are employed but their income is insufficient which puts them in a position of just barely getting by.

Still, there are some persons because of job loss or other situation, that causes them to live below the poverty line and again many because of change in the environment suffers setbacks that make this all familiar word HUNGER to become a reality in their lives.

Also one of the many ills that cause hardship and hunger is wars that affect farming and agriculture which causes so many families difficulties that bring on hardship and other distress.

The percentage of those that are facing world hunger

It is very interesting to see the percentage of those that are among the world’s hungry. In fact, in doing my research I found that more than 700 million people worldwide are fighting to survive.

This is a huge percentage of the world’s population that is facing hunger. What is also disturbing is food wastage, this was my experience many years ago, the place where I was employed did this on a daily basis.

The foods that were wasted was disheartening. So I must agree and I am sure you will to that because of many decisions that are made have contributed to world hunger and by simply revisiting many of these decisions and working towards change can help to reduce hunger for many who are going to sleep each night without a Mossel to eat. In fact, a study has shown that of the foods that are produced worldwide a little over a billion of those foods are wasted. This is a huge amount of food that can feed so many families.

Networking globally to feed the world

Coming together as one

I am sure many of us remembered some years ago when the world came together and stood as one to bring relief to the African nation that suffered so greatly. Back then I watched that program which was carried by television and radio that showed how much the African nation was in need of our help.

People from all over the world sent relief, there were also many celebrities which came together to assist wherever they could even writing and singing that popular song, we are the world we are the children that can make the world a better place so let’s start giving.

It seems as if the world had stopped and the only concern was to help the African nation. Everywhere I went I heard this song that impacted so many lives as we reach out to help and do our part by bringing relief to make this world a better place.

The importance of food

Box Of Vegetables-networking-globally-to-feed-the-world
Box Of Vegetables

In order for our bodies to be sustained, we must give it what it needs and that is food. Foods are filled with many vitamins and nutrients that benefit our bodies in lots of ways.

It is not just about having a delightful experience or a full stomach that matters but eating foods that will help our bodies and minds to grow stronger promoting and sustaining our health.

Our mission

Here at Eden’s Garden, our mission is not only to teach about the many aspects of gardening and landscaping but to offer solutions networking with others to put food on as many tables as possible ensuring that families around the world are in a better position by educating and equipping them with the tools that are needed to live a better quality lifestyle.

Networking globally to feed the world

Solutions to end world hunger

I am sure you will agree with me that any problem can be fixed no matter how big, however, it may require some effort but this is an effort that is worth working towards

1. Starting private and community gardens.  By starting gardens in our backyards and neighbourhoods can and will offer solutions along with strengthing the bond of each other as both you and your neighbours work hand in hand.

Eden’s garden offers so many ways of starting a garden so check the category section of this website for more on how this is done. There is a Chinese proverb that says.

“Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime” this is so true knowledge is power so by getting the right information will empower lives in bringing positive change.

2. Educating and preparing the next generation. We must pass the baton on to the next generation teaching them the importance of food production and working hand in hand with each other.

3. Food donation is a great way to end hunger. Over the years there have been many organizations that have greatly contributed to this cause by promoting food drives and food banks to further put a dent in world hunger.

4. Taking care of our natural resources is also an effective way to fight world hunger. Proper management of what we have is a key solution.

5. Empowering women- Bring balance to the scale by empowering the nation’s women with the tools and education that can help to sustain both them and their families. Remember this is not only a man’s world. Women have a lot to offer so let’s equip them.

6. Starting and maintaining soup kitchens throughout your community.

7. Creating a budget and monitoring your spending.

 Listen with your heart.

Helping The Hungry-networking-globally-to-feed-the-world
Feeding The Hungry

1. Many of us remembered Mother Teresa and how she fought for human rights during her lifetime. She had a concern about the sick and the poor she also did all that she could to help them.

These words were written by her and it is so true if we can’t feed one hundred people then just feed one. Each one can reach one, in doing this we will be able to touch and change so many lives.

2. Children are the future generation that needs our support. There are so many children without moms and dads but the good news is many persons are reaching out to these orphans

Loving them and making them feel loved. It is so wonderful to be able to put smiles on the faces of these children because many of them have had a hard time but with our help and support many of these children can have a bright future.

They will be able to fulfill their purpose in life with their God-given abilities and gifts helping their generation by putting smiles on so many faces also.

3. Remember the Chinese proverb that we looked at earlier, if you forgot here it is again. “Give a man a fish and you will only feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime”.

This is so true so not by only giving but also teaching people how to survive by educating them will help to decrease the number of persons that are facing hunger.

A great way to teach survival is through farming and agriculture and the good news is it doesn’t cost much to plant seeds except for your time but then again this is a good investment.

4. Education is knowledge which is power, this is one of the keys to help fight world hunger.

I believe that the women of the world have as many rights to be educated and to be empowered to help support both themselves and their family. Times have changed and it is so wonderful to see women in the classrooms and in the workplace

being empowered to make a difference in the world. So many lives have been changed because of women educating themselves an helping to support their families so let’s encourage the women of the world to continue to educate themselves.

5. Taking care of the next generation is so amazing. The world’s children need our help, they are helpless and is looking to us for our support, protection, and guidance. These children in this photo are about to eat their meal

but what I love is how they are praying to God thanking and asking His blessing over their meal. This is what counts and matters, bringing up the world’s children as we ask God’s blessing.

There is nothing like lending a helping hand and seeing the faces of children as they smile with so much gratitude and thankfulness. It is so good to know that children can go to bed on a full stomach.

Feeding the poor-networking-globally-to-feed-the-world
Feeding The Poor

They should not suffer, the life of a child should be a life with ease, comfort, and much happiness so as they grow they can look back over their lives without regret.

6. Starting a community garden such as an urban garden offers so many benefits like working together as a community which will strengthen that bond, educating each other on growing crops and providing food for each other.

This is the power of urban gardening, it also helps everyone to be responsible, be a good example to their children, besides providing foods by growing it what gives a good feeling is to reap a harvest of your labour.

So consider starting a community garden where you can get to enjoy all of this with family, friends, and neighbours.

7. Protecting our natural resources is so important for example water is one of our most precious resources. I heard a statement many years ago that “water is the liquid of life” and this is so true.

Without water where would we be? Every living thing no matter how big or small is sustained by water so let’s not waste it because so many don’t have access to it and are dying because water helps to sustain our bodies and grow plant crops

But without water, none of these things would even be possible so let’s stop the water wastage and do all that we can to preserve it. I have watched many programs where persons were living in drought and dying because of a lack of water

and as the world reached out and supported these countries with many donations, wells were dug, crops were grown and people survived. This is the importance of water so let’s take care of it.

8. Soup kitchens are such a blessing to many lives, These type of kitchens are worldwide and is helping many families, it is so good to volunteer our time and of cost making a donation

to help these kitchens to remain open as they continue to feed the hungry putting smiles on many faces. There are business, organization, and charities that give to help feed the poor so Let’s continue to support these soup kitchens.

Networking globally to feed the world

The final word

World hunger is terrible. No child should have to go to bed hungry, No parent should suffer or see their children suffer because of not having the means or finding the support that will help them put food on the table.

Let’s continue to spread the word and promote world hunger awareness so many can get on board and do their part as we seek to stamp out world hunger. Each one can teach and reach one.

As we join hands to put smiles on the faces of families and also to preserve the next generation let’s fight for this cause. I read a statement which said, “man conquered the moon so we can do the seem with world hunger”. It can be conquered but only with our help.

Below my website is a contact me box so feel free and let us know what are your thoughts or if you have any suggestion that will be great also. So let’s help each other because each one can reach and teach one. I am looking forward to hearing from you.