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All that we need in order to live a healthy life can be found in what nature has to offer. I have been working with plants for nearly 22 years and the benefits that are found in plants are so awesome. I refer to plants as nature’s wonders or nature’s helpers.

One plant in particular that can do a whole lot of good is the Noni plant. The fruit of the Noni plant is widely used because of its healing properties which have done so much good in helping to bring healing to many persons that have had health-related issues. In this article, we will be looking at the Noni tree and some of the ways it can benefit us.

The Noni tree

When planting seeds, plant in a one-gallon pot, make sure and use a good potting or organic-rich soil along with half a cup of vermiculite and sand. Seeds should be planted about one to one and a half-inch in the soil. Make sure that your plants get six to eight hours of sunlight each day and keep the soil moist.

After seeds have germinated and the plant reaches two to three feet you can remove the plant from the pot and transplant it in an area that gets plenty of sunlight. Before you install your plant, however, make sure that the planting hole is twice that of the root ball, a larger hole this size will allow space for plant root growth ensuring that your plant establishes much faster as well as being well anchored to the soil. Also add compost to the planting hole, two shovels of compost are good.

Fertilize your plant

Fertilize your plant to keep it healthy and vibrant. Fertilize the plant with triple 10, that’s 10-10-10 or triple 20. Word of caution here, before fertilizing make sure and read the label, follow instructions because the label is the law. Many persons have done much damage to plants

by over-fertilizing because they did not take the time to read the label. So remember the label is the law. Fertilize your plant every three months, that’s four times a year. Or if you prefer you can use organic fertilizer. To learn more about organic fertilizers follow this link. Organic fertilizers.

Plants Height

Noni tree reaches full maturity in about  18 months and can reach a high of 15-20 feet with a width span of 10 feet in diameter so make sure and give your plant plenty of room to grow.

Harvesting the Noni fruit

You can harvest the fruit when it becomes tender and somewhat yellowish cream color. Do not wait for the fruit to overripe. Apart from noni fruit health benefits, the odor is not pleasant at all, in fact, you may think that this fruit is quite the opposite because of the odor but be assured the health benefits out ways the odor.

Recipe for noni juice

Here is a recipe that can be tried for a healthy drink

1. Using a large glass jar, make sure the glass is well washed with soap and warm water. After washing rinse jar.

2. Wash noni well with fresh water, allow to dry, and place noni fruit in the sun for about 4-5 hours then place the fruits in the jar, replace the lid and seal tightly. Allow noni to remain in the jar for one and a half to two months this will allow the fermentation process to really set in.

3. Make sure and place the jar in direct sunlight.

4. With a second sterilized jar of the same size use strainer or cheesecloth and strain your juice. The strainer or cheesecloth will catch all of that other stuff, all you want is the liquid or juice.

5. Place jar in a pot of boiling water, boil for about 45 minutes. Make sure that the lid is not on the bottle at this point and be very careful as to not allow boiling water to enter the jar, water should only reach up to the line where the noni juice is and not beyond.

6. Allow the jar to cool, seal and place in the refrigerator.

Now you can enjoy a healthy drink of Noni juice.

Vitamin content

Vitamin content is as followed

Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3,  Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Phosphorus, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Niacin, has antioxidants that benefit the body in so many ways.

Health Benefits

1. Aids in the prevention of cancer.

2. It can help reduce high blood pressure.

3. It can help those who have diabetes.

4. It can help to relieve joint pain.

5. It helps to boost immune system health.

6. It helps to condition the skin.

7. Aids in brain health.

8. It helps to lower cholesterol.

9. It helps to give more healthy hair.

10.It can aid persons that have hypertension.

11. It can help persons that have asthma.

12. It helps to improve heart health.

Final word

These are just a few of the many benefits of the Noni fruit, the list of benefits is even longer. So let’s make noni a part of our diet and reap the benefits of enjoying good health.


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14 thoughts on “Noni Health Benefit”

  1. Hi there. I’ve heard of noni fruit before but never thought they are this good! Those Healy benefits are seriously of the charts.

    On the plant itself, how many noni fruits can we get from a single plant?

    Another question I want to ask is why the need to ferment it? Can we just boil it in water instead of a jar?

    • Hello Issac it is so good to meet you, noni tress has so many fruits, I have never did a count but from what I see, you can get a good harvest. Fermentation is important because microbes are introduced to this proccess, these microbes releases enzymes that ensures extractions of the nutrients making the juice more rich. Hope this helps, all the best to you and have a good day.

  2. It looks like Noni Juice has a lot of benefits. I have heard about it before, just didn’t know that it had that many benefits. What type of climate does a Noni plant grow in? I am sure that it cannot just be grown anywhere. Also what is the flavor of the juice? I am kind of hesitant on new tastes, and I have a hard time gulping down something I can’t get past my throat LOL.

    • Hello again, it is always good to hear from you, noni grows best in tropical or hot climates, the jucie that is home made takes getting us to, just think of all of those health benefits and before you know it you would have drank you first glass, it is a piece of cake, you can do it. Please let me know how it goes. All the best to you my dare friend.

  3. I once came across a noni drink that a multi level marketing company was selling and it was really nice-although very expensive! However I knew there were a lot of benefits to the drink, but it didn’t cross my mind to actually grow my own noni tree. What climate does it need to thrive?

    Great site you have here! Thanks for the info!

    • Hello Liz so good to see you, noni fruits are so beneficial to the body and many persons are using it to help live a more healthy lifestyle. Noni grows best in tropical or hot cilmate. Helps this helps, thanks for sharing and have a good day.

  4. Goodness i never even knew the Noni plant even exsisted never mind how healthy it seems to be this page is excellent for someone like me who is new to this plant and a full recipe too i litterally just need to follow the steps no searching the whole internet for help brilliant thankyou for making me aware of the beneifits of Noni is there any other puchases of mother nature you would suggest is there any plants particularly good for skin health at all ?

    • Hello Chez it is so good to meet you, thanks for those kind words and I am so happy that I could help. Noni is so great with all of its benefits. You can browse my website side bar section that talks about gardening for health, here you will find a lot of cool stuff about living a more healthy lifestyle and other natural remedies that is good for your skin. Hope this helps all the best to you and have a good day.

  5. Do you know if anyone has had any success growing noni trees outside a tropical environment like in a 4 season climate? I have had an energy drink with noni juice in it on vacation before and I loved it. I imagine most of the health benefits occur with regular consumption. All the good fruit is grown in the tropics, I need to move!

    • Hello Johnna it is so good to meet you, I only know of noni that grows in the warmer climates not so much the cooler climates, but what you can do is check with your local supermarkets to see if they are selling noni juice. They may probbaly have them imported somewhere out side of your country. Hope this helps, all the best to you and have a good day.

  6. Hi there Norman,

    Great and very informative site that you have here! Growing and taking care of noni tree seems to be easy – or at least you make it sound easy.Is there anything that we should look out for or common problems that we may encounter if we decide to grow our own noni?

    And how does the fruit taste? bitter?, sweet? sour?

    • Hello my friend the taste of noni is a taste that you will have to get use too, just think of the health benefits as to drink it. Noni has it set of pest such as mealy bugs, aphids, leaf miner and a few other, but what you can do is make sure that you are giving your noni what it needs to keep it healthy, this way the pest problem will be limited. Hope this helps, all the best to you.

  7. Hi,

    Your website provides a whole lot of good information and I am very interested in the noni fruit, however being in Canada I know that the plant will not grow here. However, I will try to find its derived products. Do you think that they would sell it in a natural product store or maybe you would know of a website I could order it from? Thanks

    • Hello Denis so good to meet you and thanks for commenting. Your local supermarket or health store may carry the noni product, also you can check amazon they should be able to help. Hope this helps all the best to you and have a good day.


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