Nutritional Facts About Potatoes

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Nutritional Facts about Potatoes

Nutritional facts about potatoes
Red Potatoes

Before we look at the nutritional side of potatoes we will be looking at some fun facts, foods, and health benefits of the potato plant.

Fun facts

1. Potatoes were said to be the first vegetable grown in space back in 1995

2. Potatoes are the only vegetable sold mostly at fast food joints

3. You can cut potatoes in pieces making sure that each piece has two or three eyes or sprout plant them and those pieces will grow into a full potato, make sure when using this method to keep a mound of soil around the potato to keep it covered until it reaches full maturity because if left expose while growing can become poisonous

4. Potatoes belong to the family such as sweet potato, red potato, etc…

5. Potatoes can be served in many ways, potato salad, baked potato, french fries, potato chips, etc…

Vitamins Content

Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, potassium, copper, manganese, niacin, phosphorus, pantothenic acid, and dietary fiber,

Health benefits

  1. Potatoes can aid in heart health
  2. Potatoes are pack with antioxidants that is helpful to the body
  3. A diet of potato can aid in fighting cancer
  4. Potatoes can help to lower cholesterol
  5. Potatoes can help to lower blood pressure
  6. It is believed that a diet that consists of potatoes can reduce aging
  7. Vitamins that are found in potatoes are known to be a brain booster
  8. Potatoes can help with inflammation
  9. Eating potatoes can help to promote healthy bones
  10. Potatoes can help the immune system function properly

The Final word

Potatoes have their share of Vitamins that can be of benefit to our bodies, so let’s make potatoes a part of our diet what I want to also say here is potatoes are best eaten if baked, grilled, or semi-boil. French fries are not healthy because of the high grease content. So let’s eat potatoes the healthy way it’s good for us.


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13 thoughts on “Nutritional Facts About Potatoes”

  1. Potatoes are the best! I’ve been eating them all my life, i love that there are so many different types and different ways to cook with them – i have some Irish heritage so Potatoes are a big part of Irish culture and history.

    Like you point out, i realised when i was a teenager that potatoes really are the only vegetable in fast food places lol.

    Thanks for sharing the amazing nature of the Potatoe 🙂

    • Hello Marley it is so good to meet you I am glad that I could help and like you said that you are of lrish heritage and so you know a whole lot about potatoes. Thanks again for those kind words all the best to you and have a good day.

  2. Norman,
    I have been eating potatoes raw for most of my life. I peal them and then eat them like an apple. They have a good taste and are filling. I would rather have a raw potato than a candy bar any day. Do you think that by pealing them I am loosing some of the benefits of a potato.
    My son and I plant potatoes almost every year. They are easy to grow and just dig them up in the fall when the leaves start to die off.

    • Hello John it is so good to meet you, This is the first time that I have heard of someone pealing a potatoe like and apple and eating it, that is pretty amazing. It is said that the skin of potatoes have alot of vitamins. Even if you eat the potatoe with out the skin you will still recieve some vitamins. Hope this helps all the best to you.

  3. Hi Norman,
    I could quite easily be a chipaholic, I love them but we have cut back eating too many this last few years as I keep getting told they are no good for us, mmmmmmm……

    Potatoes are super nutritious, a real healthy food diet and so easy to prepare and cook with.

    Mash, Shepherds pie, Dauphinois potatoes and jackets are popular in our house.
    What’s your favourite dish?

    Thanks again,

    • Hello Simon it is good to hear from you again, I love potatoe chips also. Another favorite of mine is potatoe salad, hear in the Bahamas this is widely love. Thanks again for responding, all the best to you and have a good day.

  4. All Potatoes HAVE a name specific to its region where it was grown, there are several types, sizes etc. They have different values of its contents and should be catagorized of which one would be the best to use with which meal, as it IS a staple in line to a wholeosme meal, as stated potatoes are the MOST(typo in your description) served vegetable at home, restaurants and fast food establishments. Example, The small yellow potatoes are called Yukons and have a very rich flavor compared to the idaho russet. Steak fries are cut from a specific potato,(russet) large, baking potatoes, USUALLY Russet, The red Potato or Red Pontiac or Dakota Chief, was originated in Florida and now is grown in Canada, Australia, Europe, and Asia. Use Wikipedia and look up THis popular starch that humans consume with darn near every meal.

  5. Wow, I didn’t know about all of those awesome benefits which can be obtained by eating potatoes regularly.

    I just thought that potatoes were a healthy source of energy and a starchy carbohydrate. I had no idea that they could fight cancer and improve heart health.

    I will definitely have to eat more potatoes from now on. Just one question, as potatoes are a Carb, should we limit our intake because it could turn to fat?

    All the best!

    • Hello Mark it is good to meet you again, yes it is amazing othe the benefits of potatoes. I believe one serving a week should be enought to play it safe. I am glad that I could help all the best to you and have a good day.

  6. I LOVE potatoes more than just about anything! You can use potatoes in so many different recipes, and they go with just about anything! Where did you do your research for you potato website? Is the information from several different sources? I ALSO love potato chips, especially Ruffles! My favorite, however, is just good old mashed potatoes with butter! What is your favorite potato recipe?

    • Hello Allan it is so good to meet you and thanks for those kind words, Some of my personal experience along with reading is where I got my infromation. All the best to you, have a good day.

  7. I was not aware of all the nutritional benefits of potatoes in the aging process. I will have to look more closely at that information. Your list is an extensive one.
    The list did not contain carbohydrates. I have always heard that carbohydrates in potatoes are very high and we should not eat as many of them for that reason. Can you provide any insight into that?
    Is it possible to grow potatoes in containers on a patio or do they need to be grown in the ground.?

    • Hello Jan it is so good to meet you, although corn is beneficial for us it should be eaten in moderation like every other food. It is possible to grow potatoes in containers, If the containers are big like 15-25 gallon containers that can be purchase from your gardencentre or nursery, or you can get creative and use other large containers from around the house. I have included this link that will give you and idea of how this is done, hope this helps all the best to you and if you have any other questions please let me know, all the best to you my dare lady.


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