Nutritional Facts About Beets

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Nutritional facts

Nutritional facts about beets
Purple Beets

In this article, we will be looking at the nutrient content that beets contain along with how they can aid the body in its fight against various illnesses. But before we discuss these topics we will be looking at some fun facts about beets.

Fun facts

  1.  Beets juice can be used as a hair dye.
  2. You can use beets to make chips, just like potato chips.
  3. Drinking beets juice is good for you.
  4. Beets are considered to be an edible root.
  5. Beets can be used as a clothes dye.
  6. Beets dates all the way back to 800 BC.
  7. It’s said that eating too many beets can turn your urine pink and red.
  8. It is believed that in some cultures if a man and a woman eat from the same beetroot they will fall in love.
  9. Beets have high sugar content.
  10. Ancient Romans  considered beets to be an aphrodisiac

Vitamin content

Beets contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, folate, dietary fiber, betalains, zinc, and phosphorus.

Health Benefits

1. Beets aids in weight loss.

2. Beets help to fight cancer.

3. It’s believed that by drinking beets juice your blood pressure can be lowered.

4. A diet of beets can help with the normal function of your brain, beets are said to be a brain booster.

5. Beets can strengthen your immune system.

6. Beets can help to prevent cataracts.

7. Beets contain antioxidants that are good for our bodies.

8. Beets are good for our pancreas, kidneys, and liver.

9. Drinking beets juice can increase your stamina.

10. Beets can help to reduce cholesterol.

The final word

Beet is a good source of Vitamins that can boost and aid the body in so many ways, this is one of nature’s wonders way to add years to our life, so let’s make this a part of our diet.


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9 thoughts on “Nutritional Facts About Beets”

  1. Hi Norman,
    Is the beet any different to the beetroot? I gather it’s the same root plant but not sure if there is a difference or it’s the same thing.

    I had no idea beets are considered brain food because it gives the brains a boost. Interesting fact.

    I love chips and beetroot so I’ll be in heaven if I start making beety chips.

    Great info, thanks for sharing,

    • Hello Simon it is so good to meet you, hope all is going well with you. As far as I know the beet is believe to be the more mature beets while the root is believe to be the baby, hope this helps all the best to you my friend and have a good day.

  2. Well I don’t know about using beet juice as hair dye. I am assuming this would turn your hair purple…I guess some go for that, LOL. I love beets and the many health advantages, just make them more attractive. Again, just goes to show how important it really is to eat fresh vegetables and fruit.

    • Hello Matt’s Mom I was very amaze of hearing persons that do use beets juice to dye their hair, as for me my desire is to only eat them for health reason nothing else. Thanks again for commenting all the best to you and have a good day.

  3. I am by no means a beet lover but I do know how good they are for you! I try to incorporate them in our diet (my kids actually love them like their father). Have you ever tried them in a smoothie? I make health smoothies every morning and thought about maybe adding some…. I wonder if it would over power the flavor?

    • Hello Heather it is so nice to meet you, beets are fill with vitamins and the benefits are just awesome. Now as for trying them in a smoothies I guess I would have to be bold and daring which I am not LOL, when it comes to this type of smoothie, but try it live on the edge you never know what you could discover. Be sure and drop me and email and let me know how it goes. Thanks again my dare lady, all the best to you and havea good day.

  4. Hello, you seem to be very knowledgeable about beets. Out of all the different uses of beets for cooking what is your favorite? Beets have a very high nutritional value, do you know what beets contains most of? Vitamin A, Vitamin B? I would appreciate it if you could tell me.

    • Hello Emcqueen it is so nice to meet you, beets contains more Vitamin B6 and I just eat them I don’t have a favorite. Thanks for those kind words all the best to you and have a good day.

  5. Hi Norman and thank you for a great article!
    I love beets, and I used to make beet juice all the time, but it does take some getting used to it, as it has such an “earthy” flavor. It will also stain any light colored plastic, like cutting boards.
    I am trying to eat more foods that are higher in magnesium, as well, because I have read many articles that most people are deficient in this mineral.
    Do you have any tips for long term storage? It seems like the beets that I buy wither a bit before I can use them.


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