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Tips for Caring for Office Plants

Guzmania plants

Indoor plants have their benefits, I have worked with these plants over the years as an interior plantscape designer transforming office space and bringing so much delight to persons that worked in those areas.

It brought such change as persons connect with nature indoors. It was truly amazing and give me such a great feeling. In this article, we will be looking at how to take care of office plants.

Office plants benefits

There are so many benefits to having office plants around the office which includes

1. Office plants can really transform an area.

2. The benefit of having these plants in the office is they help to pull toxins and pollutants out of the air making the air pure.

3. Improves one’s health by making them feel more at peace.

4. Office plants release moisture and increase humidity.

5. Studies have shown that office plants can increase one’s memory.

These are just a few benefits of what having plants around the office can do.

Office plant care

In order for our office plants to take care of us, we must first learn how to take care of them its a trade-off or two-way street which is great and pays off big time.

Before selecting office plants some of the things to consider are

1. Lighting

2. The amount of space that office plants will occupy.

3. Water requirements.

4. Fertilizers.

These are very important because if you don’t have this kind of information you will not have success in maintaining your plant’s health.

Light requirements


Although all plants require light in order to thrive, the light requirements of plants vary from

A. Low-Medium

B. Medium-High

Get to know your plant’s light requirements and watch as your plants show they love you by performing at their best. In the section below we will be looking at some plants and their lighting requirements.


Knowing where you will be placing your office plants is so important because if you squeeze a plant that requires growing space in a tiny area not only will it look unappealing but your plant will also suffer. It’s like trying to squeeze a size 10 foot into a size 7 shoes very uncomfortable and a health risk.

Water requirements

This is where so many people go wrong because underwatering a plant can cause a plant’s death as well as overwatering a plant. When it comes to the water requirements of plants they are divided into two groups. First, there is

A. High maintenance plants that require water twice a week.

B. Low maintenance plants that require water once a week and in some cases once or twice every two weeks.

I love working with low-maintenance plants because they make your job easier allowing you to focus on other things.


Fertilizers are great you can use slow or quick-release fertilizers. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. To learn more about slow and quick release click on the links.

Pest Control

Plant pest problems are something you just can’t avoid. These uninvited guests can really do damage to our office plants. A good way to keep these pests under control is to keep plants as stress-free as possible by meeting their requirements. For more on pest control and how to identify these plant pests follow these links Garden pest and pest control methods, Organic pest control

When mixing chemicals always follow the label because the label is the law.

Plant disease

Keep an eye out for plants that show signs of wilt, leaf drop, foul odor, and so on to learn more about plant disease follow these links. Plant disease and Plant disease control.


Fungicides are chemicals that are used to control plant disease. To learn more about fungicides follow the link that is provided. Fungicides

1. Soil moisture meter or probe to test soil moisture level.

2. Duster to keep office plants free of dust.

3. Water jug.

4. Pruner.

5. Cloth to wipe the plant if the need arises.

6. Leaf shine to keep your plants looking great.

Plant List

Here are just a few of the plants I worked with over the years that have proven to give good results.

1. ZZ Plants- These plants are pretty amazing with small shiny green leaves and can take the heat. This is a low-maintenance plant that can survive on very little water and requires low-medium light. The main pest problem includes scales and mealy bugs.

2. Peace lily- It is very beautiful the leaves are green and the flowers are milk-white, this plant is very beautiful but it is a high maintenance plant. Peace lilies require medium lighting. Pest problems include mealybugs, scales. keep an eye on this plant.

3. Mother in law tongue- I know it is a very interesting name. This plant is good to have around the office because it is low maintenance like the ZZ  plant that thrives on very little water. The leaves are a solid green although some species have a beautiful yellow margin. Mother in law tongue lighting needs are low to medium and the pest problems are like zero.

4. Crotons- There are several species of crotons. Crotons are beautiful colored plants that can give that rainbow effect with their many colors. These plants are very fragile and break very easily so handle them with care.

Crotons require medium-high lighting along with a good drink of water because it is a high maintenance plant. Pest problems include mealybugs, scales, and spider mites.

5. Kentia Palms- They are really awesome because they give that exotic touch. These palms need lots of space to grow, which is a low maintenance plant that loves medium to highlight. The leaves of this palm are long and slender. Keep soil moist. The main pest problems are scales.

6. Indian rubber plant- is a low-maintenance plant that doesn’t require a lot of water. This plant prefers medium light, has dark green-purple leaves. The leaves of this plant are somewhat of an oval shape and are broad. The main pest problem of this plant is scales.

7. Bromeliads- Bromeliads are among the plant group that has about 2,700 species now that is pretty amazing. These plants are very beautiful with their many colors.

For some, the flower gives the color and for others, the colors are in the leaves. Bromeliads base on their species comes in many sizes. They can survive on very little water which makes them low maintenance.

Care of plant is suggested to always keep water in the center cup but a word of advice is not to do this because this stagnates water makes the right conditions for mosquitoes to lay their eggs, also in most cases the center cup that holds this water suffers rot. The pest problem as far as I know is zero.

8. Dracaena cane or corn plant is a low-maintenance plant that loves medium-high light. The leaves of these plants are slender and long, with solid green to green and yellow leaves. The main pest problem is mealy bugs.

Aechmea blue tangos

9. Pothos vines- Are vines that are often placed on desk and filing cabinets. This plant is high maintenance and has green leaves with a splash of white.  Pothos does well in medium lighting. Keep soil moist. The main pest problems are mealybugs and scales.

10. Janet Craig- is one of my favorites, this plant is low maintenance, can survive on small amounts of water even though it is good to keep soil somewhat moist. The leaves of Janet Craigs are slender and deep-light green. Light requirements are medium. Main past problems are mealybugs and scales

These are just a few plants that are good to have around the office.

Final word

Office plants as you can see do have their benefits and can help you to connect with nature by bringing nature indoors, so give these plants a try. I assure you,  you will be happy that you did.


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  1. This is great information on office plant care. I think I can probably use these same guidelines for indoor plants. I never thought to get a moisture indicator. I just had to throw a plant away, not really sure if I gave it too much water or not enough. But it was one of the two. So I bought a replacement plant, and I want this one to do well. I guess I need to head to the store! Thanks for the great information!

  2. Great info here,
    Office plants do help in many ways like you listed. Too many times they get neglected in an office environment simply because they are forgotten about.
    The “tools for the office” you mentioned are a great idea and should be in every office that has a plant. So anyone can help maintain the office plants. The give and take reference is spot on as well.

    Great Post Thanks for the information

  3. Lots of useful information on your website, thank you. Personally I love having office plants, I think they are a must, especially in modern offices where you cannot even open the windows.


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