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Grow Healthy, Eat Healthy, Live longer

With the world becoming more health conscious day by day, people are facing the reality from countries all over the world that in order to look healthy, be healthy and stay healthy we have to find means and put into practice those measures to improve our lifestyle. Every year hospitals and doctors’ offices are filled with hundreds of thousands of people with different health issues.

And while it is true that the many measures we implement to improve our lifestyle does not guarantee 100% good health, yet there is a lot that can still be done to at least improve our health and save us from that dreaded trip to the doctor’s office.

Someone once said that ‘we dig our own graves with our fork and knives’ and that saying undoubtedly for many is true.

So in this article we will be looking at how to grow organically, or how to plant and maintain an organic garden. Now I must admit that when I first heard about the words organic garden sometime back especially organic chicken I was totally lost. But now I have come to understand what this all means.

What is Organic gardening?

All organic gardening simply means is to grow our food without using any man made products or chemicals to enhance the quality of our foods. Man made products may consist of using synthetic fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides or any other  man made product enhancers.

Organic gardening entails gardening using natural means without the influence of man made products. So instead of using man made products to enrich  the soil that grows our vegetables, fruits and herbs,  simply create a compost pile to grow your produce in. This is carried out by using scraps from the kitchen such as left over vegetables and fruit and allowing them to go through a process by which they can be reused. To learn more about creating a compost pile just click on this link that has been provided for you.

Examples of Organic grown produce

Organic tomatoes


Organic carrots


Organic beets


Organic potatoes


Organic bell peppers


These are just a few of the products that can be grown organically.

Another aspect of importance when it comes to organic gardening is insect control. This can be managed by a method known as biological control which entails use of insects to eliminate another insect. For more on how to implement biological control just click on the link that has been provided for you.

Another smart way to go is just to use simple homemade remedies in your fight against garden pests. For instance to fight off insects like aphids, spider mites and white flies you can mix together one teaspoon of dish liquid along with a cup of vegetable oil to destroy these garden pests.

Final word

This is just one of the many home remedies that you can use. But to learn more about organic insecticides and how to control insects in your organic garden click on this link organic insecticides  .

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