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Organic lifestyle

Raising organic chicken-organic-raised-animals

Chicken Feeding

We live in an age where the demand to grow and raised foods such as fruits, vegetables, and livestock in a more healthy way which will not have any adverse effect on consumers. Too often we hear reports of individuals becoming ill because of the foods they consume.

I have heard, watch and read horror stories if I can use that term of persons raising livestock injecting them so they can be market size in a matter of weeks and while this may get them the profits they projected, it comes at the cost of many having to pay the price.

Choosing an organic lifestyle are great because though you may have to dig deeper it is worth it than having to spend more at the doctor’s office. In this article, we will be looking at the process in which animals as raised organically.

Organically raised animals

Organic cows-organic-raised-animals

Cows Grazing

Organically raised animals are animals that are grown and raised without the use of harmful chemicals, growth hormones, drugs, pesticides, and antibiotics. Another feature of raising organic farm animals is the animals are not confined to conditions that are unfavourable but rather have the freedom to move about in open fields and pastures.

Also organically raised animals are not prone to disease nor are they stressed compared to animals which are confined making them more healthier and of better quality.

Livestock Feed

The crop or feed of organically raised animals is grown in such a way that the crop itself is grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides.

Factory farm animals

When it comes to factory farmed animals it is quite the opposite, these animals are raised in harsh conditions, being confined in crowded areas, having to live in their own waste, stressed, sickly, facing injuries

Baby pigs being nurse by mother pig-organic-raised-animals

Baby pigs being nursed by a mother pig

being feed and injected with chemicals, drugs, growth hormones and antibiotics. Often times being transported around in bad weather that impairs their health.

Is it a wonder why person’s fall to many illnesses because of consuming these meats?


The United States Department Of Agriculture requires that certain standards must be met to operate an organic farm.

1. Organic farms must operate in ways to ensure and protect the health of the environment.

2. Ensure the safety and well- being of humans, animals, plants, and the soil.

3. Promoting and helping to sustain the ecological system.

Organic slaughterhouse

And organic slaughterhouse is kept in such a way where only organically grown animals are killed. The slaughterhouses are well kept and free of contamination.

The final word

There is more that can be said on this topic, also there are many arguments about organically raised animals but even though persons differ when it comes to this we can all agree that going organic is the better way.


  1. lspluth says:

    I enjoyed this article on organic raised animals. Having grown up on a farm, I believe that what we feed our cattle and other animals is passed along to us, the consumer. So it is important to begin feeding them what we ourselves would eat.
    If our cattle and chickens are fed a bunch of hormones and other unhealthy feed, it will have an impact on our own health in the long run.

    1. Norman says:

      Hello IspIuth it is so good to meet you and you are so right bout what you said. Thanks for commenting, all the best to you.

  2. Paul says:

    Who know what we eat these days, labelling about supermarket foods is a joke. And when it comes to animals, well to know they are free range and organic, hard to find the truth bro
    I hope to farm both organic fruit and free range animals of my own one day..no more guessing

    1. Norman says:

      Hello, Paul it is so good to meet you, ad you are so right with what you say. There is so much going on in theses indistries hopeful one day they will get it right. Thanks for commneting, all the best to you.

  3. Xin Zhang says:

    This was an interesting introduction to organic raised animals. More and more people seem to be demanding this kind of chemical and hormone free product. The number of chain stores selling these products seems to be increasing. However, if a person wishes to buy locally raised, organic animals how would they proceed? Do you know if there is some type of listing for farms in local areas? Or how would you recommend people find organic raise animal products?

    1. Norman says:

      Hello Xin Zhang so good to meet you. What you can do is check the phone directory, You are sure or should find organic farm listings, check news papers, because organic foods have gain so much popularity food stores take out adds, check your local health stores, ask around or you can go online to see if there is any in your area.

      Hope this helps, thanks for commenting and have a good day.

  4. ririj says:

    Hello, I am also a firm believer in organic food and very concerned about the treatment of animals. A lot of people do not understand that the way the animal is raised affects OUR health. Also, with all the pesticides and filthy contaminants of fruits and vegetables, it is better to spend a little more to nourish our body with clean, non-toxic food.

    1. Norman says:

      Hello ririj so good to hear from you again, It is a growing concern how animlas are raised in this day and time. Some of the conditions they live in is terrible, not only do many of them suffer but when their meet is consumed it causes so many to suffer also

      because of their meats either being contaminted or diseased. We should do all that we can to ensure the health of our famiy even if that means spending a little more like you said. Thanks for commenting, wishing you health, peace and prosperity.

  5. Liz says:

    This is great! What made me go organic was watching a documentary that focused on showing the lifestyle of how factory farmed animals were raised. It was awful and as a lover of meat, I know from my dad (who is farmer) that badly raised cows give off badly tasting meat. Thank you for spreading this information. More people need to hear about what these factor farmers are doing with our food. .

    1. Norman says:

      Hello Liz it is so good to meet you and it is such a same to know how animals are raise and treated and then the process their meat goes through before it get to us. I agree more people need to know the truth behind all of this.

      Thanks for commenting, I am glad that I could help, have a good day.

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