Organic Raised Bed Garden

Tips to Create an Organic Raised Bed Garden

Organic Raised Bed Garden-plant-box-raised-bed-garden
Plant box raised bed

Raised bed gardens have been making waves in the garden world for some time now because of the many benefits this garden type offers. Two of the many benefits of constructing a raised garden is these gardens can fit into the smallest of spaces, even if you don’t have the space a raised bed garden can still work.

Another benefit of a raised bed garden is you can garden just about anywhere, even if your soil type is not ideal or the perfect fit installing a raised bed garden will make having a garden possible. Below we will be discussing more of these benefits but what we will be turning our attention to is installing an organic raised bed garden.

A raised bed garden can be of any shape, style, and size from the simples to the most complex, the photo to the right shows a simple but neat construction and installation of a raised bed garden.

How to build an organic raised bed garden?

If you are a beginner garden and would love to grow your organic garden be it an edible garden or a garden with ornamental plants but don’t have the space then a raised bed garden is the right fit for you. These gardens can be complex or simple as stated earlier like in the photo above. For a simple raised bed garden all it requires is creating a rectangle shape with 4 boards fasten them together with screws or nails and you are good to good. It is just a matter of filling the box with quality garden soil.

Container Raised Bed Garden-growing-edible-foods
Raise bed garden edible foods

Another easy way to construct a raised bed garden is to get a large plastic container and with the help of a Skilsaw cut the container in half. Next with a drill make a few holes at the bottom for water drainage. Take the two half and place them on blocks and you are done, something this simple can pay off in big ways including helping you to save those hard-earned dollars.

I have seen a photo where someone made their raised bed garden out of a wheel burrow, all they did was make a few holes in the bottom followed by adding the soil and they were done. With the construction of a raised bed garden, you can get creative as you want.

Raised bed garden location

Location is so important for example if your desire is to grow plants that love the full sun then your raised bed garden should be located in this area. If growing plants that love the full shade then install your raised bed garden in this area. Always know the requirements of your plants, this knowledge will ensure you have much success.

Organic soil for your organic raised bed garden

Creating a compost pile or purchasing organic soil from your garden nursery or garden center will provide your garden with the ideal soil. The benefits of organic soil include, can hold water better, no chemicals, and increase of microbial activity, better soil structure, nutrient availability, soil erosion control, easier to work with, will help garden plants to resist pests and diseases.

Watering your organic raised bed garden

Knowing the water requirements of your organic raised bed garden plants is so important, give them what they need no more no less, before watering check the soil by sticking your finger about and 1 or 2 inches in the soil. A soil probe or soil moisture meter can be purchased from your garden center or plant nursery. These garden tools can also give an accurate reading.

Fertilizing your organic raised bed garden

Organic fertilizers such as dry chicken, cow, or horse manure are what you should be feeding your organic garden, you can also use salt-free seed weed. Your garden center and plant nursery also carry a list of organic fertilizers that can be used.

Organic raised bed garden pests treatment

Garden insect pests can also be treated with plant-friendly homemade remedies or organic pesticides that can be purchased from your garden center or plant nursery.

Diseases of organic raised bed gardens

Too much moisture can encourage plant disease, check the moisture level, if the soil is too wet then decrease the amount of water your plants are getting. Plants that are installed too close together will encourage disease as well, giving your plant the spacing they need for proper air circulation.

Other materials that can be used to build a raised be garden

  • Concrete blocks, bricks, or cinder blocks
  • Straw bales
  • galvanized steel tubs or corrugated metal
  • Upcycle wood
  • Pallets
  • Wine barrels
  • Fence board
  • Steel
  • Large stones
  • Stacked rock walls
  • Stock tanks

Advantages of a raised bed garden

  • Raised bed garden soils warm-up earlier in the season
  • Weeding a raised bed garden is kept at a minimal
  • Better drainage in an area with clay soil
  • More growing space
  • Growing in a small space
  • No soil compaction from foot traffic
  • Better water retention in areas with sandy soils
  • Less watering
  • Raised bed gardens are easier to maintain
  • Constructing a raised bed garden cost less to start up or to install
  • A raised bed garden will protect against contaminated soils
  • Raised bed gardens are easy to install making them beginner-friendly
  • A raised bed garden is temporary and can be removed if needed
  • You can plant a raised bed garden earlier in the season
  • No tilling or overworking the soil which is not good
  • Raised bed gardens can keep out critters

The final word on how to create an organic raised bed garden

You get the best of both worlds by constructing a raised be garden and what makes it twice as good is constructing an organic raised bed garden. These gardens are a great help with all of the benefits they offer, both my wife and I have several of these gardens in our back yard and have had so much success with our edibles. Raised bed gardens have proven to get the job done so if you’re interested then go ahead and give this garden a try you will be so happy with the results. Raised beds gardens making waves in the garden world.


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4 thoughts on “Organic Raised Bed Garden”

  1. I would like to have a raised bed garden so I love what you have said here.  I don’t have the materials or skills to build my own from wood but I do like your suggestion for using other items such as a wheelbarrow.  I have used 5-gallon pails in the past to grow tomatoes and it worked great (but certainly wasn’t as charming as a wheelbarrow).  The other advantage of the raised bed is that I don’t have to get on my knees to tend to things.  At my age, it’s far too hard to get up again!  

    I also read with great interest your post on homemade remedies for pest control.  Who knew you could control those little buggers with things I already have in my kitchen?  Wow!

    • These gardens have so many benefits and homeowners are taking advantage of them, I am so happy to help, please let me know how it goes. All the best to you.

  2. As they don’t require so much heavy work, raised bed gardens are good way to garden for people who are elderly or disabled. But they have a lot of advantages for anybody. A raised bed garden makes it possible to produce more food than would normally be the case with a small piece of land.  

    • These are just simply amazing and offer so much, thanks so much for stopping by and giving your views. All the best to you and have a good day!


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