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Adding beauty and charm to your garden design

Ornamental Pineapple-ornamental-pineapple-plant-care

Ornamental Pineapple

Pineapples have been a favorite as long as I can remember. These fruits are delicious and are used to flavor many drinks, treats, and pastries. Here where I live in the Bahamas, the Island of Eleuthera which is one of our family Islands is known for the number of pineapples it produces year round. Pineapples are used in many edible garden designs, however, in this article, we will be discussing another type of pineapple that is not edible but is grown for its beauty.

Ornamental Pineapple Plant Care

Pineapples are a part of the bromeliad family which has some 2,700 species of bromeliads that are too numerous to name, among these bromeliads are the ornamental pineapples which can bring flavor to your landscapes and gardens, as beautiful as these plants are the fruits are not edible but adds to the beauty of this garden plant. When first introduced to ornamental pineapples a few years ago I was blown away and fascinated.

I have used many of them to create beautiful garden designs at our international airport and thought it only fitting to share my experience with these garden beauties though they are not edible just the beauty of them will give that WOW adding a touch of class which I think is pretty amazing so the investment is worth it.

Things you need to know

  • Planting Location
  • Soil Type
  • Watering Methods
  • Fertilizing Methods
  • Garden insect pests of ornamental pineapples
  • Disease of ornamental pineapples
  • Ideas on where to install them

Planting Location

The planting location should be an area that gets full to partial sunlight.

Soil Type

The soil type should be a potting mixture of bark, peat, and sand.

Watering Methods

Allow the soil to dry out somewhat between watering before giving your plant another drink.

Fertilizing Methods

When fertilizing apply a liquid feed fertilizer and follow the manufacturer’s label because the label is the law.

Garden insect pests of ornamental pineapples

The insect pest of these garden beauties to keep an eye out for are whiteflies, scales, and mealybugs. These garden insect pest can cause a lot of damage using horticultural soap or insecticidal soap will help to bring them under control.

Disease of ornamental pineapples

In my opinion, there are no real issues as far as disease is concerned because the ones I installed a few years ago is still going strong and I have not had to treat for disease. Just monitor the amount of water you give your pineapple because overwatering can lead to root rot.

Where ornamental pineapples can be installed

These garden beauties can be placed

  • In your garden area in the middle or more to the front
  • Can be placed along fences
  • Installing these babies along a wall is a great idea
  • Placing them in containers and placing the containers at front door entrances will work.
  • Placing containers on patios and porches will give that bang

Container grown pineapples

Growing ornamental pineapples in containers is a great way to garden. As I often state in many of my other posts, when using containers to garden you have the advantage of moving the container around to protect your plant and also to give a different feel as far as shifting things around is concerned.

Installing your ornamentals in containers

When installing ornamentals in containers follow as directed above. The containers, however, should have drains holes to allow water to have a way of escape, water and fertilizer as mention earlier and don’t forget to place the containers in an area that gets full to partial sun.

Growing ornamental pineapple indoors

Many years ago I was involved with a garden project of redesigning our hotel’s lobbies front desk, behind the front desk was this large area that needed a facelift, both my team and I went to work and what a job we did. Both the staff and guest was amazed at how beautiful this area looked.

Among the plants that were used, the ornamental pineapples were the high light of the interior garden design. When installing these garden beauties indoors it is best to install in an area that has bright lights. The soil should be kept somewhat moist not waterlogged and fertilizer as discussed above. What is also important is that the area that your pineapples are installed needs humidity to protected from the draft.

Containers should have drain holes to allow water to drain and a saucer placed at the bottom to collect the water. Apply insecticides if needed as stated earlier and follow the manufacturer’s label because the label is the law.

The final word

The ornamental pineapple is a garden beauty that works wonders. I have worked with them in the past and still to this day so if you are looking for a plant that can give that WOW both in and outdoors this is the plant for you. Trust me you will be so happy that you have made the investment by giving these garden beauties a try.