Overseeding Lawn In Fall

How to Overseed a Lawn in Fall

Overseeding Lawn In Fall-a-beautiful-lawn
A beautiful lawn

A lawn that’s properly maintained is a show stopper that can get the attention of just about anyone, a lawn of this sort can increase your property’s value but in order to achieve this almost picture-perfect lawn requires some know-how. Our lawns can go through so much wear and tear such as foot traffic, insect pests, disease, hot dry conditions, heavily shaded areas, improper water, and fertilizing practices which can transform that once beautiful lawn into an eyesore.

The good news however is your lawn can bounce back to its former glory with the help of fall lawn overseeding, this method of rejuvenating lawns has proven to be effective. If you haven’t considered fall lawn overseeding yet then this is the perfect time to include this method in your lawn care program. Join the many homeowners that are having much success with this type of lawn care. For more on overseeding lawn in the fall continue reading and see how it’s done.

What is Fall Lawn Overseeding?

Simply put fall lawn overseeding is adding new grass seeds over your existing lawn without turning the soil. Overseeding will introduce enhanced varieties of grass to your lawns microclimate, improve grass green color and thicken grass density.

Why Overseed during Fall?

The reason why fall is the ideal time for lawn overseeding is that weeds during this time of the year stops growing meaning less competition for nutrients, sunlight, and water, the soil is still warm which will encourage grass seed germination,

How to Overseed Your Lawn?

1. Selecting the right type of grass seeds for your climate is so important if you’re to have success, whether it’s a warm season or a cool season grass. The grass seed type must be compatible with your climate which is so important.

2. Mow your lawn on your lawn mower’s lowest setting that will expose the soil, ensure that the mower has a bag however to collect the clippings.

3. Next with a rake remove grass clippings that may have been left behind along with other debris.

4. Add about 1/4 inch of good quality or enriched soil on top of the lawn area, with a rake gently rake, and level the soil evenly over the surface.

5. Now it’s time to spread the seed, read the label on the grass seed bag and follow as directed, add your grass seeds to the spreader, and make adjustments to the settings. The goal is to spread as evenly as possible the grass seed, if you are overseeding a large area then a drop or broadcast spreader is ideal but if it’s a small lawn then a hand spreader is advised. If your spreader becomes empty and there are more areas to cover then add more grass seeds to your spreader and continue to reseed.

6. Fertilizing your grass seeds at this point is so important, when purchasing fertilizers ensure fertilizer is formulated for lawns. Fertilizers that contain a good amount of nitrogen and phosphorus are ideal. Nitrogen encourages growth and green-up while phosphorus promotes and supports healthy root system growth.

7. Keeping your grass seeds well watered will help greatly in seed germination, the soil should be moist at all times not water saturated which will lead to fungus issues, disease, and rot. A lack of water or allowing the soil to dry can also cause the seeds to die, water your grass once in the morning and again in the evening. However, when watering during the evening hours ensure that it’s between 4 and 6 pm because you want the grass blade’s to dry before nightfall. A lawn that’s watered too late in the evening and goes into nightfall with wet conditions will encourage disease.

If it rains and a good amount of water is present then hold off from watering, keep cheek on the soil and monitor the moisture level, the soil should be evenly moist continually. Once your newly installed lawn reaches the height of your former lawn, water only as needed to avoid grass wilting and for your grass to continue to establish a healthy root system. Do not attempt to cut your lawn until the grass has spread to the entire area and the grass blades reach about one inch tall or wait until after about 5 weeks to start mowing.

 Bonus Point Just for You

There are so many varieties of grass seed types and you will get what you pay for, some types are pretty expensive, some are affordable and there are those with very low prices. Be aware of the lawn prices because it is possible that these dirt-cheap grass seeds may be of a poorer quality that is loaded with annual ryegrass and weed seeds.

You may be saying why should I overseed my lawn when it looks healthy, well, the reason why fall lawn overseeding is important is old lawns will eventually lose their ability to rejuvenate themselves. Grass that is cut continuously cannot reseed itself and in time will thin out.

What are the Benefits of Overseeding?

  • Overseeding reduces erosion
  • Repels insects, weeds, and disease
  • Improves heat and drought tolerance
  • Increase optimal root growth
  • No pesticides are needed
  • Crowds out weeds by thickening the lawn
  • Overseeding will fill in bare spots
  • Overseeding improves grass colors and thickness
  • Overseeding grass during the fall months gives the grass a head start before winter sets in because grass roots will become stable
  • Grass seeds can hold moisture better during this time of the year

The final word on overseeding lawn in the fall

Give your lawn a total make-over this fall by introducing fall lawn overseeding, the results from this method of lawn reviving are worth the investment. A beautifully maintained lawn has its benefits and advantages, you will be so happy with the results as you restore your lawn to its former glory days. With that said let’s get started.


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