Steps to successfully transform your garden

Healthy Foods-how-to-convert-to-an-organic-garden

Healthy Foods

Traditional gardens are becoming a thing of the past as many home gardeners are embarking upon a new journey which is going organic because of the emphasis which is being placed on food production in relation to our health. This has sparked great interest because there are many ways which have and are being looked upon of how we can grow better quality food crops that will sustain our health.

In the past, there have been so many horrors stories of food crops, medical reports have shown that some illness can be traced back not so much as to how foods were prepared but how they were grown. The key to growing organic is that you are in total control of how your food crop is grown, nothing gives a more pleasurable feeling than to know that you did not only grow your own food crops but you grew them in such a way which will promote good health.

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Uprooting and winning the war on this garden insect pests



The flip side of the coin

Before we jump into the discussion of the root mealybugs there is also a family of mealybugs that live above ground. These mealybugs can often be found clinging to the foliage of garden plants, especially on the undersides. The reason for these mealybugs clinging to the undersides is to be protected from the elements such as the wind, rain, sun and also predator insects.

In extreme cases, these bugs infest not only the undersides of the plant foliage but the leaves surface and the stems as well. I have treated these garden insect pest on numerous occasions both in the landscape and garden areas and also on the interior. Quick action must be taken because if left unchecked mealybugs will cause serious damage such as.

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Getting to the root of the problem

Root Aphids-root-aphids-control


The world of insect pests has become a challenge attacking and destroying food crops which have mounted into the millions of dollars. These insect pests are not only a menace or limited to field crops but have found their way into our home gardens. The demand for ways to control these pest has risen, but even so, safer approaches have been sorted thereby making food crops along with shrubs, flowering plants, etc… free of contaminants.

While these garden insect pests may be a challenge some good has come out of this nightmare because these bugs are not only increasing the productions of products to control them but have also brought balance to the eco-system being consumed both by the more friendly bugs and also wildlife. The downside to this, however, is that beneficial insect is being eliminated in garden areas which are treated for these insect pests.

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Getting rid of the spring blues

Garden flowers-plants-that-cause-allergies

Garden flowers

Spring is that time of  year which brings such a burst of energy with our landscape and garden plants in full bloom, trees clothed with beautiful leaves, birds flying in the open blue skies as butterflies and bees can be seen going about their daily business, squirrels, and rabbits moving about gathering food as the rest of nature moves about in perfect order which lets us know that winter has pass and spring is here.

But then for many, this is not an exciting time of year because with the spring season comes sneezing with itching eyes and runny nose as the doctor’s office is paid a visit a trip to the pharmacy as medication is brought to bring relief. Springtime should be a fun time when we are up and about in the great outdoors connecting and enjoying all that nature has to offer but there are some plants while dazzling in appearance can be a nightmare for those who come in contact with them.

The good news, however, is you can beat the spring blues and still enjoy your garden area by ensuring these plants which flares up your allergies are not a part of your garden. Why should you avoid your garden area that was met to be enjoyed by bringing rest and relaxation? avoiding these plants will help you to stop singing the blues and change your tune that says I welcome spring and I am so happy that it is here.

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Bringing the tropics indoors

Potted Mandevilla -growing-mandevillas-indoors

Potted Mandevilla Vine

It gives such a good feeling to be able to bring nature on the indoors, including garden plants on the interior can really take it up a notch. I remembered many years ago the apartment in which I lived needed a facelift on the interior so besides changing the carpet and shifting around the furniture I added a few plants, by the time I was finished my apartment was totally transformed it was a total makeover and it looked really great. Indoor plants do not only bringing that much-needed flavor but have the ability to purify the air that we breathe by pulling toxins out of the air so by adding these plants indoors we get the best of both worlds sounds good ok we will be having a look at growing another garden beauty indoors which is the Mandevilla.

Growing and caring for Mandevillas on the interior can give that WOW, this tropical beauty can really liven things up with its beautiful display of flowers which will give you a taste of the tropics. Why should these plants only grace our landscapes and gardens when they can be brought indoors displaying their dazzling effects and charm. So if you are interested in knowing how to grow and care for Mandevillas on the interior then stick around trust me it will be worth your time.

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