Energizing your garden soil

Garden soil-Feeding soil microbes

Soil or dirt as we know it is not dead as some people think but is very much alive with billions of microbes. What so amazed me many years ago as I did a study on garden soil is I found out that a teaspoon of garden soil contains billions of soil microbes, believe it or not, these soil microbes are responsible in part for the overall health of our garden plants.

Soil microbes have the awesome job of breaking down organic matter converting them to nutrients and then releasing these nutrients to our garden plants to be taken them up by their roots. Organic matter is anything that was once living. It could be leaves that fall from the trees onto the soil surface, the bodies of dead rodents, animals or insect even dead tree and plant roots are all considered to be organic matter. In other words, anything that was once living but now dead is organic matter.

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Creating your garden paradise

Garden plants-Basic landscape design principles

So you have decided to take your landscape to the next level by making it a thing of beauty, hiring a landscape contractor can be pretty costly so you have decided to DIY it or Do It Yourself but don’t know where to start don’t despair following these simple principles will give you your garden paradise.

Working on the great outdoors can give such a wonderful feeling as you connect with nature giving nature a helping hand this has been my experience over the years that have paid off in so many ways. I have worked on both residential and commercial properties transforming and bringing much beauty to those areas giving the owners a sense of pride.

Basic landscape design principles

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Growing successfully with soils

Compost soil-Potting soil vs Garden soil

Does garden soil really matters or is it ok to believe that soil is soil, therefore, it doesn’t matter what we use it is a sure guarantee we will have garden success or should we approach this topic with an open mind thinking there might be a difference. When it comes to soil many people are not sure therefore it is crucial to have some knowledge of soil type to have success with gardening. There is no such thing as a green thumb but rather acquiring the knowledge that will pay off in the long run.

Many people have garden successfully without understanding that one of the key ingredients was the soil that made such a big difference, this was the experience that I had as a child when creating my first garden along with my parents and many neighbors that had gardens. Over the years, however, I have learned soil type and the importance of having knowledge in this area to reap a good harvest.

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Insects playing chess-insect body-parts and their functions

The amazing world of insects

The insect world is so fascinating that it is mind-blowing. When you think of the many insects there are to humans it can leave you scratching your head. It is estimated that there are 10 quintillion insects on our planet now that’s a lot of insects that outnumber the human race by far and what is even more interesting is that many of these insects are so diverse.

There are some insects known as the good bugs or beneficial insects that assist us in protecting our gardens and landscape. What I mean by that is these insects feed on other insects that are known as the bad bugs that feed on and destroys our garden plants.

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Nature’s pharmacy that promotes healing

Gooseberry-how to grow gooseberries

Natural healing I believe is something that we all desire and what better way to heal naturally than by connecting with nature and giving nature a helping hand. We have the power not only to feed ourselves and the world but to grow plants that can promote our health which brings us to our next topic as we discuss how to grow, care for and harvest gooseberries.

How to grow gooseberries

  • Gooseberries require a few hours of sunlight so when planting ensure that the location you choose provides you with about 6 hours of sunlight
  • The soil ph should be in the range from 6.2-6.5
  • Organic soil should be added to condition soil and promote plants health

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