When To Plant Perennial Flowers

Perennial Flowers Planting Guide

When To Pllant Perennial-a-flower-gardenFlowers
A rainbow garden

Creating a flower garden that is picture-perfect requires some know-how, there is just something about a beautiful flower garden design that gives a good restful feeling. It has been proven medically that exposing patience to a  flower garden scenery helped or sped up the healing process. It’s no wonder why many homeowners have taken on personal projects investing in a home garden. In this article, however, we will be discussing when to plant perennial flowers.

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Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies Identification

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies-eastern-swallowtail-butterfly-collecting-nectar
Yellow eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly collecting nectar

Papilio glaucus the eastern swallowtail butterfly is native to eastern North America and is said to be the largest butterfly in this region. Their habitat includes meadows, nearby streams, deciduous woods, forest edges, open sunny upland fields, woodlands, river valleys, waterways, parks, and residential gardens.

The male eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly can be identified by its light yellow and black colored pattern, the female is of a deeper yellow color with black patterns. The female also has blue and orange color markings near the tail end.

Are eastern tiger swallowtail butterflies rare?

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How To Befriend Wild Rabbits

Becoming Friends with a Wild Rabbit

How To Befriend Wild Rabbits-two-rabbits-resting
Wild rabbits resting

What I find to be rather interesting is the friendship between humans and animals and while it’s ok to befriend domestic animals such as a dog or a cat it is startling to see how some have taken it to a whole other level in bonding with wild animals such as lions, tigers, bears, and other dangerous animals that live in the wild and while this article is not geared towards these animals we will be looking at another animal that many persons have come to love and befriend and while it may seem all right in seeking to win the trust and affections of wild rabbits caution should be taken to avoid one being injured. Remember no matter how cute and cuddly these rabbits are they are still wild.

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Permaculture Garden Design

 Permaculture Garden Design Ideas

Permaculture Garden Design-a-bird-resting-in-a-holly-tree
Bird resting in a holly tree

Connecting with nature outdoors is a great way in helping to promote our ecosystem, gardening is a privilege that allows us to embark upon such ventures as we do our part in using many gardening methods not only to create the garden of choice but also to provide a home, food source and shelter for wildlife.

Among the many visitors that come to our gardens besides wildlife are pollinators and beneficial insects however, there are other visitors that are not welcome (garden insect pests) which can cause much damage turning a dream garden into a nightmare these uninvited guests must be dealt with right away to avoid their destruction.

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Aerogarden Reviews

Aerogarden Buying Guide

A bowl of salad

Make Gardening Fun with the Aerogarden System, Aerogarden doesn’t require soil, taking the Hassle out of Gardening this method of growing food crops is so Simple, what I Love about Areogarden-ing is it’s not Messy and it’s not Laborious or Time-Consuming just follow the instruction, and you are Done and on your way to Growing Fresh Herbs and Vegetables from your Kitchen Countertop.

With the Aerogarden System, you can Extend the Season by Growing Fresh Herbs and Vegetables even during the winter months, this system also sets an Automatic Timer for its built-in light. You will also get an Alert whenever additional Nutrients or Water is needed. Do you want to find out more about the Areogarden system along with the Best Herbs and Vegetables to grow then continue reading as we review our Top 6 Areogarden Systems?

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