Successfully Growing Heirloom Tomato

Heirloom Tomatoes-heirloom-tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes

In the world of gardening, there are so many names that we come across and in some cases, we wonder about them and why they are called what they are called in this case it’s the heirloom tomato. What are heirloom tomatoes and why are they given that name?

Heirloom tomatoes are classified as tomatoes that are produced from seeds which are at least 50 years old, with great flavors that come in varies shapes and colors. These non-hybrids which are open-pollinated are less disease resistance and have a shorter shelf life.

The heirloom tomato are a real treat that will give that added flavor besides the health benefits you will be getting so if you’re interested in growing heirloom tomatoes then stick around as we show you step by step how to grow, care for and harvest heirloom tomatoes.

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Flowering Plants that Helps each other

Spring Flowers-campanion-with-flowers

Spring Flowers

The use of flowering plants in our gardens and landscapes can give that WOW, it’s so amazing how plants which produce flowers gives not only a colorful tropical look but and appearance of a garden oasis which is so peaceful and inviting.

I remembered a few years ago working on a garden project which really needed lots of colors, this area was a high traffic area the contractors who did the job installed lots of plants where only a few gave color but the majority of those plants did not produce flowers.

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Garlic the Good the Bad and the Ulgy

Garlic Field-growing-garlic-next-to-other-plants

Garlic Field

With all of the good that is said about the garlic herb, it is hard to believe that there is an ugly side, garlic has so many benefits and has been used from ancient times to bring healing and to flavor many food dishes. I love cooking with garlic, the aroma and taste are so pleasing.

This ancient herb is native to Northeastern Iran and Central Asia can be found in just about any kitchen whether cooking in the privacy of our homes or being used to give that BANG in restaurants around the country we can be assured that the garlic herb will excite your taste bud with its amazing flavors.

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Natural ways to get rid of ants in the garden

Ants-how -to-get-rid-of-ants-in-the-garden


Ants are busy little insects that seem to be always involved in some sort of activity whether it’s looking for food, building a nest or doing some other form of work we can be assured that these tiny insects are on the go continually. There are many species of ants that can be found in our homes and the home garden.

The presence of ants shows that they are doing their part in bringing balance to our ecosystem, even if that means invading our gardens and landscapes. The downside to their presence is that there is a species of ants known as the fire ants which can deliver a painful bite besides causing other issues.

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You won’t need to seed again!



Gardening is pretty rewarding especially after all the hard work we put in, we deserve to reap a good harvest and a pat on the back for a job well done but the challenge that many home gardeners face is going back to working the soil and reseeding. Won’t it be great to have a garden where the work is done for you after you have done most of the work?

I don’t mean hiring someone to do the job for you which can be pretty costly but rather sowing seeds that will produce a harvest for you year after year, This is the type of garden to invest in as you spend less time working the soil and more time reaping.

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