Promoting your health with fruit peels

Orange peel-fruit-peel-health-benefits

Orange peel

Don’t trash the gold use it to promote your health

There is an old saying which goes “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” which is so true. Over the years fruit peels have been viewed as useless and discarded or thrown away. But slowly the benefits of fruit peels have been discovered to benefit our bodies in so many ways.

Fruit peels that were once looked upon as junk or trash are now being embraced and use to promote one’s health. These peels are loaded with vitamins and nutrients

Fruit Peel Health Benefits

Fruit Peels are diverse from smooth to coarse even hairy in the case of kiwi fruits. The skin of some fruits can be consumed raw such as apple, grapes, pears etc.. and there are some fruit peels that can be used to make tea such as orange, mango and so on but how can we use these fruit peel to our advantage.

Orange Peel Tea Benefits

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Using climbers to create beauty above the ground

Creeping fig-vines-in-the-landscape

Creeping fig vine

The world of plants is so diverse that it’s mind-blowing. There are thousand and thousand to choose from with their varied styles, colors and growing habits that it’s possible to create gardens that meet your needs providing you the opportunity to create your dream garden.

Among the thousands of plants that grace our landscapes, vines are among this group that have so much to offer. I have worked with many species of vines over the years on many garden and landscape projects that made such an impact enhancing the overall design.

Vines in the landscape

What we will be discussing are vines, their care, and impact in the landscapes and gardens.

Just like other garden plants vines also need tender loving care to perform at their best, therefore, it’s important to know the basic or have some knowledge that will have your vines growing their best.

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Simple steps to grow tarragon

Mexican tarragon-how-to-grow-tarragon

Mexican tarragon

The world of garden herbs is so fascinating that it is just mind-blowing. Garden herbs have been around and enjoyed by many generations for hundreds of years. The flavors and the natural healing these herbs bring is so amazing.

Herbs can be used from flavoring foods, for enhancing one’s health, even use as repellents to keep insects at bay. Can you imagine a world without herbs? I know I can’t, In this article, we will be discussing how to grow tarragon that can really spice up your foods giving it that BANG. The leaves of tarragon have such a pleasant aroma and the taste is somewhat peppery.

Tarragon is used to flavor many dishes including rice, baked meats, sauces steam foods, broil foods, soups, salads etc.. having this herb as a part of your seasoning will give your foods that added flavor that will go a long way in really enhancing the taste of your foods.

How to grow tarragon

Simple steps to grow tarragon

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12 benefits of drinking rosemary tea

Rosemary tea-rosemary- tea- benefits

Rosemary Herb

Rosemary Herb has an amazing aroma and the flavors of this herb are truly out of this world. I learned about this herb a many years ago, since then I have been stuck on rosemary and used it ever since.

I believe for anyone who wants to wake up or spruce up their dishes giving it that WOW  this herb is key. Word of caution here rosemary is very powerful and using too much of it can really give your foods a bitterish taste so use in moderation when preparing those dishes.

Cooking with rosemary herb

A few ideas when cooking with this herb.

Rosemary can be added to your

  • Soups
  • Steam foods
  • Rice
  • Bake foods
  • Broil foods

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10 Benefits of drinking thyme tea

Cup of time tea-thyme-tea-health-benefits

Cup of thyme tea

Taking the time to take a closer look at thyme

I would love for us to take the time to have a closer look at thyme and its many benefits. I have been using this herb for many years and still am to this day. As a child, my parents loved cooking with thyme.

I watched on many occasions as my father who is now deceased moved about in the kitchen preparing those delicious meals and one of the herbs he always went for was thyme.

Thyme has such a pleasant aroma and I remembered there were times he would be cooking and this wonderful odor would fill our home. Many Bahamian dishes are prepared with this herb especially our famous peas n rice.

Tourists travel from near and far to enjoy our culture along with the beautiful weather and beaches, you guess right also our famous peas n rice that have touched so many hearts as they keep coming back for more.

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