The sweet side of the potato plant

Sweet potato-How- to- grow- sweet potato- in- the- home- garden

Sweet potato

Sweet potato is a veggie that deserves our attention because of it’s unique flavour. This veggie can be found in many supermarkets across the country as the natives take full advantage of this superfood.

Though sold in the supermarket’s however, many homeowners grow these veggies from their backyards. Sweet potatoes can be added to soups, stews, steam, bake and fry foods just to name a few.

Sweet potatoes compliment our famous peas soup and dumpling, which many tourists enjoy as they visit these islands so if you haven’t tried sweet potatoes as yet be sure and do so on your visit to Nassau which is the capital of the Bahamas.

In fact, if you visit any of our family islands ask about our famous peas soup and dumpling. Trust me you will enjoy it.

Sweet potato is not only limited to the island of the Bahamas but is grown worldwide on a wide scale by farmers and in many home gardens.

But how is sweet potato grown and care for, Let’s take a closer look?

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10 amazing health benefits of yogurt


Yogurt with fruits

The dairy aisles of just about every supermarket are beautifully displayed with assorted brands of yogurts from every flavour you can imagine. I am always amazed when browsing this section, it seems as if the demand for yogurt has increased because of the many health benefits they offer.

Yogurts are delicious and have such a soothing effect. Many years ago after graduating from high school, I worked as a busboy at a resort and one of the things I remembered was yogurts of all flavours that was a part of the breakfast menu which the guest took advantage of.

Although yogurt can be eaten any time of the day it seems that this popular food is eaten mostly during breakfast hour. Yogurt makes a healthy treat in the evening just before bedtime so if you crave a snack just before calling it a day then yogurt makes a great choice.

I love yogurt and have enjoyed them for years. I love their many flavours but one of my favourites are pina colada. Now that I am married with a family my wife ensures that there is always yogurt on our table after a trip from the supermarket.

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Planting, Growing, And Harvesting Kale

Growing kale-How-to-grow- kale- in- the- home- garden

Growing Kale

Kale is a leafy green, this cold weather crop which belongs to the cabbage family is a super veggie that is enjoyed by many worldwide. Kale is loaded with vitamin A, C, K, calcium, iron, minerals and fibre.

But how is kale planted, grown and harvested? In this article, we will be looking at how to successfully grow this hardy, cool-season green from your home garden.

Growing Kale

Planting kale directly into the ground

1. kale can be planted from early spring to early summer.

2. Location- When planting kale plant in an area that gets 6-5 hours of sunlight, kale also dose well in partial shade.

3. Soil type-kale grows best in an organic-rich soil. The Ph range of kale can be anywhere from 5.5-6.5.

4. Planting kale-whether planting from seeds or transplanting, kale should be planted in rows and spaced about 8-12 inches apart to allow for proper growth and air circulation.

Seeds should be planted about 1/4 to 1/2. A word of note if planting seeds deeper than recommended may cause seeds not to germinate and if seeds germinate plants will suffocate.

5. Watering methods-when it comes to watering your kale, water moderately. Do not over water which can contribute to root rot.

6. Fertilizing methods-Using a balanced fertilizer of 10-10-10 will work wonders for your kale. When fertilizing follow the label because the label is the law.

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Affording the best on a low budget

Broken piggy bank-Healthy-diet-on-a-budgets

Broken piggy bank

We’re living in a day and time where many persons are becoming health conscious. At every turn, it seems as if there is a call to change our lives by making decisions that will promote our health.

The airwaves, books, magazines, newspapers and other sources are sounding the alarm to take control of our health for longevity. Health stores are popping up everywhere, Food stores, pharmacies and other stores are stocking their shelves with products that promise to have us looking and feeling years younger.

Many are hitting the gym, joining workout groups and so on from every age and gender, also there are programs that are creating workout systems that promise to help us get in the best shape ever. While all of this may be good for promoting one’s health there is a concern of affording a healthy lifestyle.

I have visited Food and health stores an have been blown away by their high prices. Living healthy is costly and for many, living a healthy life same to be impossible or is it.

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The building blocks for healthy living

Fruits and vegetables-the benefits of healthy eating in early childhood

Fruits and vegetables

There is a saying that “we are what we eat ” which is so true. A statement that I have also used a few times in many of my posts, is a statement that I read many years ago which says, “with our forks and knives we dig our graves”.

Many health-related issues can be traced back to poor dieting. What we consume can work against us causing much harm. It’ is sad to see that so many adults are living unhealthy lives and what makes it worse is they are teaching their children to do the same by being a poor example.

The importance of a healthy diet

Notice what I said, the importance of a healthy diet. Not just any diet but the right diet will have our children healthy. The primary school that my children attended many years ago made it clear that no junk food was to be given to any of the children only healthy foods such as fruits and other healthy snacks.

Obesity in children has grown and is continuing to grow at an alarming rate which is so scary. Many kids are facing all sorts of health-related issues such as high cholesterol, diabetes, heart problems, trouble breathing etc…

It is a fact that children with poor diets are more likely to develop many of these long-term health issues that can affect them in a great way.

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