Should I Prune During The Fall Months

What to Prune in the Fall

Should I Prune During The Fall Months-pruning-a-plant
Pruning a plant

Is the fall months the best time to carry out pruning procedures, well unlike popular belief the answer to that question is no and there are reasons for this but still is the fall months the best time of the year to prune? The answer to that question is it all depends on the reason or the goal of pruning or not to prune during this time of the year. In fact, both sides are right but as said there must be a reason for WHY.

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How To Protect Vegetables From Fall Insects

Proven Methods for a Succesful Fall Crop

How To Protect Vegetables From Fall Insects-a-snail
A Snail- Garden Pest

Reaping a good harvest during the fall months requires our continued monitoring of our edible plants, insect pests can still be found lurking in our gardens seeking to reap on what we have laboured hard for. Why should these pests wreak havoc by consuming our food crops when we can strike back with good management practices that have proven to bring great results?

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Beneficial Insects That Are Active In Fall

Beneficial Insects that can be Found In Your Fall Garden

Beneficial Insects That Are Active In Fall-ground-beetle-beneficial-insect
Ground Beetle Beneficial Insect

During the spring and summer months there are many challenges that can turn a dream garden into a nightmare, one such challenge is managing and controlling garden insect pests. But what I find to be amazing is nature has a way of bringing balance in a natural way to our ecosystem by helping to manage these garden pests. The way nature does this is by allowing beneficial insects also known as the good bugs to make a meal out of garden insect pests. This method of managing these garden pests is called biological control.

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Protecting Pollinators And Wildlife In Fall Garden Cleanup

Keeping Pollinators and Wildlife Safe in Your Fall Garden

Protecting Polinators And Wildlife In Fall Garden Cleanup-raking-leaves
Raking Leaves

The fall season is here again, it’s amazing to think that we were just the other day getting ready and making preparations for the spring and summer months but now it’s on to the fall. For some of us, the spring and the summer months were busy with so much to do in our gardens from installing those flower beds and shrubs to ensuring that are edible gardens produce the best crops ever, etc…

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Spring Bulbs To Plant In Fall

Spring Bulbs To Plant In Fall-tulip-flowers
Tulip Flowers

5 Bulbs to Plant in Your Fall Garden to Bloom in Spring

Getting a jump start on the season is smart gardening so when spring arrives your garden will have an array of beautiful flower blooms.  Now is the right time ( September to November) to plant bulbs while the soil is still warm. ( below 60°F in late fall or about 6 weeks before a hard frost is expected). This early planting will also encourage root establishment before the winter months set in, there is just something with that color pop that makes a bold statement with the arrival of spring.

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How To Control Spider Mites

Best Treatment Spider Mites

How To Control Spider Mites-spider-mite-infected plant
A spider-infected plant

Spider mites are common garden pests that thrive in hot and dry conditions, although they are active during spring time their populations become nervous from June through September. These insect pests are also known as ” cool season mites”. These mites belong to the Tertanychidae family which includes 1,200 species, these arachids are not true spiders.

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Pine Sawfly Control

Pine Sawflies Control Methods

Sawflies Quick facts

Pine Sawfly Control-a-pine-tree
A Pine Tree
  • There are 8,000 recorded sawfly species
  • Identifying the pine sawfly is important because the larvae resemble butterflies and moth caterpillars
  • Sawflies are common insect pests that invade gardens and landscapes feeding on many shrubs, trees, and grasses Some species also feed on cereal crops
  • Sawflies do not affect a plant’s health ( shrubs & trees) only the appearance
  • There are many best practices and pesticides to protect shrubs and trees from sawflies
  • The ideal time to treat sawflies is at the larvae stage since pesticides have no real affect on adults
  • Sawflies emerge in late  spring and start to feed on the new plant growth
  • Some species emerge early in the spring before new growth on trees has occurred and eat older needles  from previvous years
  • A few species eat both  new and old foliage, this group of species can completely strip conifers trees in a single season

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Apartment Balcony Vegetable Garden

Tips to Start a Balcony Vegetable Garden

Terracotta Composting 50-Plant Garden Tower by Garden Tower Project
Click the Image for Full Details

Growing an edible garden from your balcony especially if you’re living in the city is a great way to take advantage of these small spaces. While having the space to grow a garden is important a limited space can do just as well.

There are many homeowners who are taking advantage of these tiny spaces and having much success. Growing a balcony garden is not new but has been around for some time, in fact since the pandemic there has been an increase in growing edible crops not only from home gardens but balcony gardens as well.

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Apple Sawfly Control

What Insecticides Control Apple Sawfly Larvae

Apple Sawfly Control-apple-scab

Apples are a favorite fruit that is enjoyed by many. Although apples are mostly eaten during the morning hours ( breakfast time) these fruits can be eaten any time of the day even as a midnight snack. Fill with nutrients apples are one of the healthiest fruit that’s consumed, in fact, the statement “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” shows that we should make this fruit a part of our daily diet.

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Dogwood Sawfly Control

What Insecticides Control Dogwood Sawfly Larvae

Dogwood Sawfly Control-dogwood-flowering-tree
Dogwood Flowering Tree

A group of trees that stands alone and a real show stopper is the dogwood tree, there are more than 50 species of these trees within the dogwood, genus. The dogwood trees range from deciduous temperate trees and evergreens to shrubs. Dogwood trees are native to Europe, eastern Asia, and North America, flowering dogwood can be found in eastern deciduous forests as far as north as Maine, extending west to eastern Texas and Missouri.

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Willow Sawfly Control

What Insecticides Kill Sawfly Larvae

Willow Sawfly Control-a-sawfly-larvae
A sawfly Larvae

Nematus oligospilus commonly known as the willow sawfly is a garden pest in the species of the sawfly family Tenthredinidae. The willow sawfly is a non-stinging member related to the wasps. This insect is native to central and northern Europe and Asia. These sawflies are most active during the spring months and mid-summer, feeding on the willow tree.

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Pear Fruit Sawfly Control

What Insecticides Kill Sawfly Larvae

Pear Fruit Sawfly Control-wasp-infected-pear
Wasp infected pear

The pear fruit sawfly (Hopolcampa brevis) originated from Europe and can be found in most areas of the U.S., This insect is a garden pest that’s active during the spring months. The larva is also known as the pear slug or the cherry slug but though it resembles a slug it’s not a true slug. The larvae burrow inside of the pear fruitless during the early spring months where feeding begins.

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Hibiscus Whitefly Control

How to Control whiteflies on Hibiscus

Hibiscus Whitefly Control-a whitefly-insect-pest
A Whitefly Insect Pest

Hibiscus is a tropical/sub-tropical plant that produces an abundance of flowers that come in a variety of colors. These perennials will bring that much-needed flavor into your garden with their many colorful blooms that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The hibiscus plant belongs to the mallow family Malvaceae and comprises some 679 species.

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How To Get Rid Of Centipedes In HousePlants

Tips to Control Centipedes in HousePlants

How To Get Rid Of Centipedes In Houseplants
A Centipede

Transforming your indoor living space with the help of houseplants is a great way to connect with nature,  growing plants in an indoor environment has so many advantages. The practice of growing plants indoors is popular, many years ago I worked as an interior plantscape designer for a five-star resort, private homes, and for a mariner.

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How to Control Aphids

Tips to Control Aphid Infestations In Fall

How To Control Aphids-aphid-infestation-on-a-garden-plant
Aphid Insects

Aphids are tiny soft-body insect pests that are most active during the spring and fall months although they may be seen during the summer months, these tiny pared-shaped insects do damage by piercing the plant’s tissues with their piercing-sucking mouthparts followed by extracting the plant’s juice or fluids. Aphids love the tender shoots or new growth of plants where they congregate and do their damage,  young flower buds that have not opened are also susceptible to aphid attack. Aphids can be found on the underside of leaves, developing stems, barks, twigs, and roots.

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How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs In The Garden

Controlling Stink Bugs in Your Fall Garden

How To Get Rid of Stink Bug In The Garden-a-stink-bug
A Stink Bug

There are more than 200 species of stink bugs that can be found throughout the United States, these bugs are not only found in garden areas but have been known to invade many homes. Stink bugs belong to the family Pentatomidae. Some species are known to be damaging to plant crops. Other species have been known to eat their family, these bugs get their interesting name from a natural defense mechanism or a part of their body that releases a foul odor to ward off predators.

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Controlling Fall Armyworms On Turf

How to Control Fall Armyworms on Turf


Controlling Fall Armyworms On Turf

During the fall months fall, armyworms can become a real threat to lawn turf, this has caused growers and turf managers to put programs in place to bring control because of the destruction fall armyworms cause. Fall armyworms are a serious threat because as the name depicts they travel in small armies consuming just about everything in their path. If you’re not sure what to look for or if you suspect that your turf may be affected by these worms this guide can help you to identify and bring control to this lawn turf pests issue. Continue reading to win the war on fall armyworms

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How To Control Fall ArmyWorms

Tips to Control Fall ArmyWorms

How To Control Fall Amy Worms-fall-amy-worms
Fall Amy Worms

The fall months are just about here which means scouting our gardens and doing some inspections for garden insect pests that are active, One such insect to keep an eye out for is fall armyworms. These garden pests have no preference and will do damage to farmlands, plant nurseries, other plant growers, and even the home garden, if control measures are not implemented fall armyworms will reduce the beauty of a healthy garden.

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Growing Pentas In Florida

How to Grow Pentas in South Florida

Growing Pentas In Florida-butterflly-collecting-nectar-from-pentas
Butterfly collecting nectar from Pentas

Florida is also known as the Sunshine State and has the perfect environment to grow Pentas, Pentas is also known as the Egyptian Star, these garden beauties produce many flowers that come in an array of colors from purple, white, red, dark pink, and so on. What also makes Pentas so unique is the small star-shaped flowers that grow in clusters. Pentas can be grown as annuals or perennials and can be planted in a wildlife garden to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

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Outdoor Gourmet Grill Reviews

The Best Outdoor Gourmet Grills

Gourmet Grill

Spending time outdoors is a great way to connect with nature, family, and friends, and what better way to spend that time than with the help of a gourmet grill, Grilling can be done just about any time of the year and it’s lots fun, the aroma and the flavors are great and foods that’s grilled are also healthy. These many positives make grilling both exciting and inviting.

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Outdoor Ceiling Fans For Patios

The Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans for Patios

A Ceiling Fan

Outdoor ceiling fans are a great way to beat the heat while making improvements (aesthetics) to your outdoor living space, the installation of outdoor ceiling fans is not new but has been practiced for some time now. The benefits these fans provide are simply amazing, there are a range of ceiling fans on the market many of these brands are stunning.

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Solar Garden Lights Outdoor

The Best Solar Garden Lights Outdoor

Spending time in our gardens is a great way to connect with nature that can refresh and revive us, but why limit our time outdoors when we can extend the evening hours as the sun dips and nighttime sets in, what better way to accomplish this than with the help of garden lights that can help to light our path transforming our outdoor living space while highlighting our landscape and garden decor.

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Indoor Plant Stands

6 Best Indoor Plant Stands Creating a garden oasis can be very rewarding and relaxing, what love about gardening is thinking outside of the box with the many creative ideas that bring that WOW. With gardening, you don’t know what’s next as many enthusiasts bring to the table much inspiration and flavor that can add … Read more

The Best Outdoor Fire Pits

5 of the Best Fire Pits Spending time outdoors can be very rewarding as we unwind and connect with nature, this kind of experience can help us to relax as we enjoy the beauty and the quietness of our surroundings. But what makes this time spent even more amazing is the presence of a fire … Read more

Cheap Garden Furniture Sets

Beautiful Affordable Garden Furniture Sets Spending time outdoors is a great way to boost our mental as well as our physical health, it’s just something about spending time outdoors that helps to relieve stress while energizing us and helping us to reconnect. Studies have revealed the healing powers of connecting with nature. Creating an environment … Read more

How To Reuse Old Mulch

Tips to Reuse Old Mulch

How To Reuse Old Mulch-mulch

We want our gardens to be beautiful and detailed at all times, one of the key components that’s responsible for this is the use of mulches, this natural organic can do wonders for our gardens because mulches serve so many purposes.  But what I found to be so amazing about mulch is it can be used any time of the year no matter the season, but mulch does have an expiry date and will begin to fade and break down losing its beauty over time.

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How To Release Beneficial Insects In Your Fall Garden

Tips to Release Beneficial Insects In Your Fall Garden

How To Release Beneficial Insects In Your Fall Garden-a-hoverfly-beneficial-insect
Hoverfly beneficial insect

The presence of beneficial insects is a safe approach to controlling garden insect pests, this method which is also known as biological control has proven to safeguard against contamination especially when growing edible crops. The use of biological control is a natural ( nature’s way) occurrence, but history records that this method of biological control “first emerge in the 1870s”

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How To Prepare Soil For Fall Garden

Fall Garden Soil Preparation

How To Prepare Soil For Fall Garden-seeds-sprouting
Seeds Sprouting

At the heart or the root of growing healthy plants that thrive or produce a good harvest is the soil, soil really matters and it starts at ground level which will help to determine how our garden plants will respond. I have never seen a beautiful garden with lush green and shades of colors that were growing in the wrong soil type, yet there are many that overlooked this fact (soil preparation) without having much garden success because of growing plants in poor soils or the wrong soil type.

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How To Plant A Fall Garden

Tips to Plant a Fall Garden

How To Plant A Fall Garden-radishes

Sure the winter months are fast approaching but now is not the time to hang up those gloves and put away your garden tools, there are still lots of opportunities to harvest a late-season crop before the cold season sets in. Working in our fall gardens can be lots of fun along with reaping the many rewards, the weather is still warm many bird species have not taken flight yet to escape the winter chill nor are the many wildlife taken hibernation but is still up and about.

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How To Attract Beneficial Insects To Your Fall Garden

Tips to Attract Beneficial Insects to Your Garden

How-To -Attract-Beneficial-Insects-To-Your-Fall-Garden-ladybugs-on-plants
Ladybugs on plants

We can all use a little help sometimes and what I found to be so amazing about that little help is how it can pay off in huge ways, when it comes to our fall garden the seem is true. Garden insect pests are not hunkering down for the colder months at least not as yet but are very active in many home gardens getting their fill and storing up for the winter season.

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Why A Plant Does Not Bloom

7 Reasons Why Plants Fail to Bloom

Why A Plant Does Not Bloom-a-clover-plant
A clover plant

One of the highlights of planting a garden is the many beautiful flower blooms that make a statement, but what happens when your plants refuse to flower after the hard work you invested? For some, this can be both confusing and discouraging, but the good news is this issue can be resolved with the right information, in this guide we will be looking at solutions that will produce beautiful healthy flower blooms.

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How To Control Fall Garden Insects

Tips to Control Garden Pest

How To Control Fall Garden Pests-aphid-insect-pest
An aphid garden insect pest on plant

The fall months are quickly approaching and now is the right time to put a plan in place so that when the fall months arrive you will be prepared for fall bugs that can become a nuisance if control measures are not taken. With the passing of spring and summer there is the belief that garden insect pests will not be as active but what’s interesting is many of these garden pests are still active, why is the reason for this?

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How to Encourage Wildlife into Your Garden

5Ways to Encourage Wildlife into Your Garden

How To Encourage Wildlife Into Your Garden-a-butterfly-resting
A butterfly

Attracting wildlife into your garden requires the right plant species and other features that will not only get their attention but make them feel right at home. This man-made habitat (your backyard garden) can provide wildlife with the comforts they need even to raise their young. Wildlife gardening has become so popular over the years and is still on the rise.

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How To Revive Old Potting Soil

Steps to Improve Old Potting Soil

How To Revive Old Potting Soil-checking- soil
Checking soil

A key component to growing healthy plants begins at ground level, a good potting or garden soil is at the roots of plants that thrive. But after many use potting soil can lose its strength or become depleted of nutrients and therefore must be revived. But before we can determine that it is the soil that needs our attention and not other factors here are some signs to look for to make that determination.

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How to Create a Bee Friendly Garden

Tips to Create a Bee-Friendly Garden

How To Create A Bee Friendly Garden-bees-collecting-pollen
Bees collecting pollen

It’s estimated that there are “2 trillion bees worldwide, this amount of bees are divided into 20,000 species”,  of this number of bee species it’s estimated that the number of honey bee colonies amounts to 81 million. The natural habitat of honey bees is tropical evergreen forests, meadows, woodlands, orchards, and gardens. Honey bees also construct nests or hives inside of tree cavities, dead stumps, and under the edges of objects to be hidden from predators.

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How to Get Free Plants for Your Garden

12 Ways to Get Free Plants

How To Get Free Plants For Your Garden-a-butterfly-resting-on-a-plant
A butterfly resting on a plant

Gardening can become very rewarding as we allow our imagination and creativity to guide our hands to create a work of art by bringing transformation to our outdoor or indoor living space. The different plant species with their shades of colors can bring that wow as we create our garden oasis that will brighten our days, or perhaps growing an edible garden that can help us to save on our grocery bill.

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How To Attract Native Birds To Your Garden

Tips to Attract Native Birds

How To Attrcat Native Birds To Your Garden-Kingfisher
A Kingfisher resting

Different shades of green with splashes of bright colors can create a beautiful garden that’s inviting but the highlight of a garden setting is the presence of wildlife, there’s just something about wildlife that causes a garden to come alive. Besides being entertaining (singing) as we watch them in their natural habitat birds provides natural control of insects known as biological control.

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How To Protect Potted Plants From Squirrels

Squirrel Proof Your Potted Plants

How To Protect Potted Plants From Squirrels-a-squirrel-in-container
A squirrel in a container

Squirrels may be cute and cuddly but they can present problems with garden plants including container-grown plants, these frisky little critters seem to always be on the look for their next meal. It does not matter how beautiful your potted plants are growing squirrels will cause many issues by wracking havoc in search of or burying their food even in the soil of plants that are container grown.

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Why Plant Native Trees

Native Plant Benefits

Why Plant Native Trees-a-bird-eating-berries
A bird eating berries

There are thousands of tree species to choose from but despite the many choices, we should only choose trees that are native to our zone because the wrong choice of trees or plants that are non-native to our zone can become a challenge. The reason for this is trees that are adapted to their zone do not need as much maintenance or attention as trees that are being forced to thrive or adapt to an environment they are new to.

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How Much Sun Does Blue Daze Need

Blue Daze Sun Requirements

How Much Sun Does Blue Daze Need-blue-daze-flowers
A blue daze flowering plant

The blue daze evolvulus flowering plant is native to Paraguay and Brazil. This perennial beauty is evergreen and a member of the morning glory family. Another name for the blue daze is the dwarf morning glory.

Blue daze is a tropical plant that produces gray leaves that are fuzzy in appearance with bright blue flowers that bloom from mid-summer through mid-fall. The flowers of blue daze are short-lived but don’t let that give you a blue day because what’s so surprising is that though the flowers are short-lived it is replaced by other beautiful flower blooms the following day which is so unique.

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How To Start A Community Garden

How to Start A Commiunity-people-working-in-the-garden
People working in the garden

Start a Community Garden with these 7 Steps

“Great minds think alike” this is so true when it comes to a community garden, a community garden consists of a group of people with the same goal in mind which is to work together in an outdoor environment utilizing whatever space is available to either improve or create a green space that is cared for or maintained by the community. This collective effort not only foster better relationship but impacts the environment as well as our ecosystem in a positive way that encourages biodiversity.

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How To Make A Bug Terrarium

Tips for Creating a Bug Terrarium with Kids

How To Make A Bug Terrarium Garden-a-terrarium-garden
A terrarium bug garden


I remembered as a child I got the idea to fill a clear glass jar with soil, followed by adding a few ants, I punched a few holes in the top of the container lid to ensure that my ants were getting sufficient oxygen. At that time I did not know anything about a terrarium garden, I was proud of it and made sure that my ants did not run out of food.

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How To Make Wind Chimes

Making Garden Wind Chimes with Kids

How To Make Wind Chimes-heart shape-wind-chimes
Heart shape wind chimes

The sounds of wind chimes can be so comforting as the breeze blows gently, this sweet melodious sound can relieve stress as you relax and unwind. My wife loves wind chimes, these are one of her favorite garden pieces, what I love about wind chimes is that soft distance sound, I believe that nature even stops for a while and gives a bright smile at the wonderful sounds of chimes.

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How To Make A Scarecrow For The Garden

Quick and Easy Guide to Making a Scarecrow

How To Make A Scarecrow For The Garden-a-scarecrow-in-the-garden

A scarecrow in the garden

Maintaining a garden at times can present some challenges, from nutrient issues to soils that must be improved to grow healthy thriving plants and then there are many uninvited guest such as garden insect pests that can turn a dream garden into a nightmare if control measures are not taken immediately. But another problem that many home garden face including farmlands is dealing with the many wildlife seeking to make a meal out of their garden plants, especially for those of us who grow food crops.

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How To Plant A Pollinator Garden With Kids

Teaching Kids about a Pollinating Garden

How To Plant A Pollinator Garden With Kids-bees-collecting pollen
Bees collecting pollen

Kids are curious and will ask questions, their little minds are impressionable therefore it’s important to equip them with the knowledge they need by providing them with opportunities to learn and expand their knowledge which will impact their lives in a positive way. A great way to leave a lasting impression is to teach your kids about the importance of a pollinating garden.

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How To Grow And Indoor Salad Garden

Kids Growing Indoor Greens

How To Grow Indoor Salad Greens-a-boy-eating-his-salad
A boy eating his salad

A great way to get kids to eat their veggies is by not only telling them about the importance of vegetables but by getting them involved in growing their very own indoor salad greens. As your kids watch and care for their veggies will instill in them (children) a sense of pride that they are growing their own food crop with their little hands. This was my experience as a child so I am sure that your kids will be excited as well.

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How To Use Sunflower Heads To Feed Birds

Kids Feeding Birds with Sunflower Seeds

How To Use Sunflower Heads To Feed Birds-a-bird-eating-sunflower-seeds
A bird eating sunflower seeds

A great activity that’s both fun and educational is having kids feed birds with sunflower seeds, growing and harvesting sunflower seeds is an inexpensive and easy way to provide seeds for wildlife. Providing sunflower seeds will make your garden inviting getting the attention of birds and other wildlife which is a great offer they can’t refuse.

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How To Garden When Pregnant

Is it Safe to Garden When Pregnant

How To Garden When Pregnant-a-pregnant-woman
A pregnant woman

Gardening can be such a rewarding experience that can transform and impact our outdoor as well as our indoor living space in beautiful ways, no matter how big or small having a garden provides the opportunity for us to become creative and get in on some needed exercise as we work hand in hand with nature. But for that weekend worrier or garden enthusiast who can’t move as freely as before because of that little one or bundle of joy that’s on the way can still remain active in the garden although there are some dos, and don’t that should be considered to ensure the safety of both mom and her baby.

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How To Make A Healing Garden

Creating a Garden that Promotes Health

How To Make A Healing Garden-a-man-in-the -garden
A man in the garden

The world of gardening serves so many functions from edible gardens to water gardens, flower gardens, ornamental gardens, container gardens, seaside gardens, etc… it seems like there is no end to garden creativity that serves their individual purposes and brings along with them a multitude of benefits. One such garden we will be discussing is the creation of a healing garden.

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How To Make A Toad House For The Garden

Easy Steps to Creating a Toad House

How To Make A Tod House For The Garden-a toad-in-a-toad-house
A toad house

What makes a garden pretty amazing besides the many plant species is attracting wildlife along with a diversity of insects, this community is considered a biodiversity community that helps to bring balance to the ecosystem. One such amphibian that is attracted to a garden setting is toads, the natural habitats of toads are, grasslands, fields, woodlands, hedgerows, and sand dues. These little garden creatures spend the earlier part of their lives underwater as eggs and then tadpoles and the later part of their lives are spent on land.

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