Organic Sack Gardening

Organic Garden In A Bag

Organic Sack Gardening-sack-with-soy-beans
A sack with soybeans

Sack gardening is a great way to grow in small spaces, this method of gardening is not new but has been around for some time. In fact, sack gardening was first introduced in 2008 because of a crisis that took place in Mathare, Kiambu, and Kibera slums. Because of food insecurity, a plan was put in place where this garden technique was brought to 22,109 households which helped more than 110,000 people.

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Keeping A Garden Journal

Your BluePrint to Garden Success

Keeping A Garden Journal-a-note-book
A notebook

Keeping written records of your garden is a great way to keep track of how your garden is performing, overtime a garden can become so cluttered that it can be disorganized and confusing. For example, you may sow seeds but not mark or indicate what you had sown and sow the seem seeds in another part of your garden when that was not your plan.

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Winter Flower Garden Ideas

10 Winter Flowering Plants

Winter Garden Flower Garden Ideas-beautiful-pansies

The fall months are just about over as we approach the winter with their long chilly days, this is the time of the year nature takes her long-awaited rest as snow-covered garden plants fall to sleep and flower blooms in their array of beautiful colors slowly fades. The good news however is that even during the winter months your garden can still display beautiful flower blooms giving you a colorful winter during the cold season.

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Silver Buttonwood Plant Propagation

How to Propagate Silver Buttonwood

Silver Buttonwood Plant Propagation-silver-button-wood-plant
Sliver buttonwood shrub

A great way to grow your garden or to increase the number of plants is by propagation, this method of growing your garden is so simple but gives great results. The art of propagation will not only increase the number of plants but will also help to save your hard-earned dollars.

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How To Raise Baby Chipmunks

How To Raise Baby Chipmunks-a-baby-chipmunk
A baby chipmunk

Caring for Baby Chipmunks

Caring for a baby chipmunk can be quite exciting, however, there is some work that’s involved to ensure that the baby chipmunk is getting what it needs not only to survive but to be healthy. If you should ever stumble upon a baby chipmunk the first question that should arise is where is its mother?

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