Planting a Papaya tree


Papayas are tropical plants, these plants have a long single trunk that is very slender. The inside of the fruit is very beautiful. Here on the island where I live the natives take great delight in feasting on these fruits.

Thinking about growing one or several of these trees, not a problem. Following this instruction can help you to grow and care for your papaya plant as you reap the benefits that this fruit has to offer.

What I also love about this plant is that it produces fruits in abundance which mean that your tree can yield a great harvest rewarding you for all that effort and tender loving care.

Planting your Papaya tree

Papaya tree-papaya

1. The first thing you will need to do is to find a sunny location that receives about 6-8 hours of sunlight.

2. The planting hole should be cultivated with a mixture of peat moss and organic matter. Also, the planting hole should be twice the size of the root ball, for example, if the root ball is 1 foot in diameter, then the planting hole should be 2 feet in diameter. This extra space allows for easy installation and quick establishment of the plant.

3. When installing plant do not plant too deeply, only the root ball should in the ground, all of the trunks of the tree should be above ground. The reason for this is if you plant incorrectly as stated your plant will suffocate and will have a vitamin deficiency problem and this spells bad news.

4. Backfill with native soil and organic matter. Hold plant erect and firm soil around the base of the plant.

5. With a  garden hose begin to water your plant, make sure that the water is not coming out too fast. The goal is to settle the soil as your plant receives water.

6. Mulch around the tree with a layer of 3 inches of mulch. For more on mulch click link. Do not let mulch come in contact with the tree trunk.

7. Do not allow the soil to completely dry out but rather keep it moist, not waterlogged.

8. Papayas can grow as tall as 30 feet so you want to give it plenty of room to grow.

Maintenance of your Papaya tree

Fertilize your tree with an organic or slow-release fertilizer. Read and follow direction.

Insect control

Papaya webworm- injuries the stem and fruit of the Papaya plant, the key is to apply permethrin or Bt (Bacillus thuingiensis ).

Papaya white fly- Is a tiny insect that lays oval-shaped yellow eggs on the underside of the leaves. When the eggs hatch the young insects feeds on the plant causing damage. Removing infested leaves or using a pesticide label to treat this type of insect will bring control.

Papaya Fruit flies- lays their eggs in the skin of the papaya, this insect has black and yellow markings. Infected premature fruits have yellow spots and drops from the tree.

To control the spread of this insect and for a good crop yield. Cover each fruit individually with paper bags during fruit development. Also, all infected fruit should be removed and disposed of.

Final word

Papayas are very delicious and I know you will enjoy them, By following these steps will ensure that you have a good harvest as you reap the benefits these fruits have to offer.

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